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Y EAR 11 H EALTH AND H UMAN D EVELOPMENT Orientation for 2012.

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1 Y EAR 11 H EALTH AND H UMAN D EVELOPMENT Orientation for 2012

2 R ESOURCES Textbook by Beaumont. Publisher- Jacaranda Folder with loose leaf paper and dividers for each Area of Study. Plastic sheets for Worksheets. Workbook if preferred- but still in folder as above.

3 G UIDELINES Subject resources need to be bought to every class- including textbook, folder and workbook. Detentions will be given to those who fail to do so. Notes and hand-outs need to be in order and stuck into workbooks or in folder, not loose. Homework to be completed on time- VCE requirement! A rubric will be provided at the start of each Area of Study- workbook check after each SAC. Class-time needs to be used effectively. Within the unit, there has been time allocated for excursions and guest speakers to extend learning, but if class time is wasted there will be ‘less room to move’ in terms of certain activities.

4 A SSESSMENT 3 SACs (School Assessed Coursework) each Unit. Students must be present at all assessment tasks, unless a medical certificate provided and an alternate date arranged in order to meet the VCE outcomes.

5 S TUDY D ESIGN Show students the study design and explain that all key knowledge is being addressed through the syllabus, but students can also access the design at - VCE- VCE Studies and Resources- Health and Human Development- Study Each Area of Study has Key Knowledge that must be taught and assessed. Key Knowledge will be copied down at the start of each AOS/Topic.

6 U NIT 1- T HE HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF A USTRALIA ' S YOUTH. Area of Study (AOS) 1: Understanding Health and Development. AOS 2: Youth Health and Development. AOS 3: Health Issues for Australia’s Youth.

7 U NIT 2- INDIVIDUAL HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND HEALTH ISSUES Area of Study (AOS) 1: The health and development of Australia’s children. AOS 2: Adult Health and Development. AOS 3: Health Issues


9 U NIT 1 Definitions of health What is Health? (PMS- Physical, Mental and Social). How do we measure health status? Eg; Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs), Mortality, Morbidity.

10 U NIT 1 What is Development? (PIES- Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social). Determinants of the health and development of Australia’s Youth.  What makes some people healthier than others? Nutrition  What foods affect growth and energy?  The impact of skipping meals.  Energy Drinks

11 U NIT 1 Health Issues facing Australia’s Youth.  Mental Health  Illicit substance use  Sexual and Reproductive Health  Cyber Safety


13 U NIT 2 Development from conception to late childhood. Determinants of the health and development of Australia’s children.

14 U NIT 2 Development during the stages of Adulthood  Including-physiological changes that occur with ageing. Determinants of the health and development of Adults.

15 U NIT 2 Australia’s Health System Issues facing Australia’s Health System  Alternative Health Services (chinese medicine)  Human rights and ethics.

16 Capacity of an individual to experience regular mental functioning, in terms of being able to cope with change and adversity as well as establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships. M ENTAL H EALTH

17 Brainstorm of Mental Illness Hand-Out. Charmanies Dark Secret

18 P OST BOX A CTIVITY Students are to respond to the statements on the hand-out anonymously by posting their answer in the corresponding envelope: Students are then divided up into 4 groups. Each group will then be given an envelope to sort.(piles of most common response, etc). Groups then report to the class the responses and whether their responses were correct or based on a myth regarding mental illnesses. Teacher feedback on each response.

19 H OMEWORK You will need to read and summarise Chapter 1 of the textbook by the first day of Term. GLOSSARY WORDS- (glossary should be in the back of your workbook): Physical HealthP Mental HealthM Social HealthS Join the lalor HHD WIKI page (will have all the powerpoints, revision, chapter tests, resources & allows for discussion/help when studying)

20 GOALS Each student is to write down on the card given: Why they chose this subject? Their 3 goals for the subject

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