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Funded by / Financé par An Introduction for Newcomers Settling in Ontario Une Introduction à l’établissement en Ontario.

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1 Funded by / Financé par An Introduction for Newcomers Settling in Ontario Une Introduction à l’établissement en Ontario

2 Funded by / Financé par Orientation to Ontario (O2O) is a bilingual pilot project funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI). O2O has been designed to expedite and facilitate the settlement of newcomers to Ontario and to help them make informed choices.

3 Funded by / Financé par Project Features Consistent, relevant, and accurate information A holistic approach to settlement process with focus on clients Various delivery modes Sample settlement plan Springboard to a wider network of programs and services

4 Funded by / Financé par Objectives of the pilot project To test the effectiveness of the Orientation to Ontario (O2O) workbook content and facilitator manual To assess the standardized service delivery models Through the evaluation process, to determine the feasibility of implementing the O2O program throughout Ontario

5 Funded by / Financé par The delivery of O2O workshops to newcomers across Ontario through 10 local service delivery agencies The distribution of O2O workbooks for self-directed newcomers The launch and continued development of the O2O website Scope of the pilot project

6 Funded by / Financé par Workbook Workshop Website Standardized bilingual set of orientation tools for newly arrived newcomers: Guide to sources of information in the community Tools and support to create a practical and feasible settlement plan

7 Funded by / Financé par Project Background

8 Funded by / Financé par Curriculum Development 2009 - 2011 PHASE 2 Program Design and Pilot Testing 2012 - 2013 PHASE 3 Province-Wide Implementation 2013 and onwards (to be determined based on evaluation results) Project Development Plan PHASE 1

9 Funded by / Financé par Lead Agency Francophone Coordinator O2O Website and Facilitators’ Training Provider Transition Consultant O2O Project Partners 2. PHASE 2

10 Funded by / Financé par Thunder Bay Participating Service Delivery Agencies Toronto WoodGreen Community Services Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office of Toronto Working Women Community Centre Peel and Halton Catholic Crosscultural Services York and Simcoe Centre for Information and Community Services West Region YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford YMCAs of Cambridge & Kitchener Waterloo East Region Catholic Immigration Centre- Ottawa North Region Thunder Bay Multicultural Association Across Ontario Collège Boréal FR

11 Funded by / Financé par O2O Tools O2O Project Tools

12 Funded by / Financé par O2O Workbook

13 Funded by / Financé par O2O Workbook Six key topics will be covered: 1.Getting to Know Ontario 2.Finding Newcomer Support and Services 3.Settling in Your New Region 4.Education and Training 5.Working and Business 6.Banking and Personal Finances

14 Funded by / Financé par Clients will be able to organize their settlement information in one place The workbook will enable settlement agencies to add local community information O2O Workbook

15 Funded by / Financé par The workbook has been translated into 11 languages The PDF version of the translated workbooks will be accessible on the O2O website Limited print copies of the workbooks will be distributed through independent venues (e.g. colleges, libraries) Arabic Chinese Farsi Gujarati Hindi Punjabi Russian Spanish Tagalog Tamil Urdu O2O Workbook

16 Funded by / Financé par O2O Website

17 Funded by / Financé par O2O Website Hosted by OCASI through Settlement.Org Same content covered with all three tools Useful links Schedule of workshops List of locations where workbooks are available Public Website

18 Funded by / Financé par Newcomer’s Space O2O Website Creation of a user/login functionality Pre-populated settlement plan Interactive check lists Discussion forum on

19 Funded by / Financé par O2O Workshop

20 Funded by / Financé par Broad overview of the settlement process Referrals can be made to other workshops or to settlement counsellors for participants who are interested in exploring other topics O2O Workshop Workshop Outline

21 Funded by / Financé par O2O Workshop Length of a workshop: 12-15 hours Number of participants : 7-15 Service delivery models: One and half consecutive days Three mornings/evenings within a week Three consecutive weeks Workshop Outline

22 Funded by / Financé par O2O Workshop Process Session 1 After session 1 Subsequent Session(s) Outreach Online Registration Local customization Introduction Collection of Demographic Information Needs Assessment Delivery of a minimum of 3 selected topics Settlement Plan Evaluation O2O PowerPoint Customization Data Entry of Demographic Information Reports: Startup Mid Term Final

23 Funded by / Financé par O2O Support

24 Funded by / Financé par Facilitator Manual Overview of the workshop Detailed agenda for facilitators’ use, which includes step- by-step delivery suggestions for each agenda item Six information topics and three interactive topics Activity ideas and handouts Cultural references PowerPoint slides Samples of settlement plans

25 Funded by / Financé par To provide support to workshop facilitators To assess and review the key points of the project’s implementation To set out a number of recommendations for future action To generate a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Online Discussion Forum Objectives

26 Funded by / Financé par 1-855-626-0002 For information & referrals related to O2O products & services To register for workshops, find a location for the workbook Service available in English & French Staffed from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday to Friday For newcomers

27 Funded by / Financé par The Registration Process 1. O2O Website 1-855-626-0002 LINE In-person at an agency Agency – Facilitator Registration Form Enter Information on the O2O Database

28 Funded by / Financé par If none of these tools are appropriate, please refer the newcomer to other tools, programs and services in your community. What if O2O workshops are not the right fit for a newcomer? When newcomers are not able to commit to attending the entire workshop: O2O English/French Workbook or O2O Website When there are significant language barriers: Translated version of the O2O workbook

29 Funded by / Financé par Throughout the delivery of the O2O workshops, an external consultant, PinPoint Research will be evaluating the project materials and service delivery models by: Making on site observations during some workshops Conducting surveys with participants, facilitators and management staff Facilitating focus groups and individual interviews The Evaluation Process

30 Funded by / Financé par Outreach O2O Workshop Process Before Offset Printing Material Electronic Versions In-house Printing

31 Funded by / Financé par Josie Di Zio Senior Director of Planning and Program Development COSTI Immigrant Services Rahila Mushtaq Orientation to Ontario Project Manager COSTI Immigrant Services Masha Hall O2O Project Coordinator (English) COSTI Immigrant Services Maria Delgado O2O Project Coordinator (French) Collège Boréal

32 Funded by / Financé par Merci Thank you

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