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Overview of the Environmental Immigrant Bridging Pilot Program.

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1 Overview of the Environmental Immigrant Bridging Pilot Program

2 Presentation Overview Environmental Immigrant Bridging Program Purpose Design Details Who is it for? Application Funding Next Steps ECO Canada products and services for newcomers

3 Environmental Immigrant Bridging Program: Why? For Internationally Trained Immigrants: To use their environmental skills and expertise in Canada To learn the missing skills and knowledge to ‘bridge’ the gap towards a successful environmental career To use skills learned in the course to conduct a successful job search in a supported environment

4 How was the program designed? Over 60 environmental employers, internationally trained professionals, and employment counselors participated Identified “missing gaps” skilled immigrants face in the environmental sector Focuses on employment and retention barriers

5 Program Details: Part 1— Classroom Training 180 hours Module Topics: – Professional Verbal Communication – Professional Written Communication – Technical Writing – The Canadian Professional and Cultural Context – The Canadian Environmental Context – Critical Thinking and Judgment – Leading and Influencing Others – Learning and Creativity – Planning and Organizing Projects – Work Ethics – Computer Proficiency – Building Your Career

6 Program Details: Part 2—Work Exposure Opportunities Could include a number of activities: 8 week work placement or internship (paid or unpaid) Industry guest speaker lectures Career and networking event Job shadowing Mentorship opportunities Full-time, part-time job The work exposure opportunities are organized through the partner organization’s efforts

7 Who is it for? The program is for Internationally Trained Professionals who meet the following criteria: Over 5 years of environmental work experience* A degree or diploma in environmental field** Language Proficiency – minimum CLB 7 (Or Equivalent) Under or unemployed Eligible to work in Canada *Work experience must relate to an area within the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for environmental employment **Foreign Credential Evaluation Preferred

8 Who works in the environment?

9 Example:

10 Who works in the environment? Example: Conducting environmental impact assessments Prepares environmental impact assessment report(s) that may include mitigation, environmental protection, and recovery plans. Statements at:

11 How to Apply: Application Details Apply online at 1.Answer the survey about your background: Education, Experience, Language skills 2.Email your updated resume to Proof of Qualifications (Education and CLB Level) will be required as part of the application Generally, 12-15 participants are accepted per program Program coordinator at the partner organization must conduct in-person interviews with all finalists to assess their suitability for the program NB. There is a $75 registration fee charged to each student of the program to cover ECO’s administration costs associated with this program

12 Where is the program being offered? Will be offered through Immigrant Agency delivery partners across Canada – Pilot programs in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto are completed 2010-2011 – Additional partners in Vancouver, Saskatoon, Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, and Montreal are awaiting funding in order to implement their programs

13 Program Details: Funding Immigrant Serving Agency Partners are responsible for obtaining funding to cover the operational costs of the program. This includes: – Instructor Professional Fees – 1 full-time Program Coordinator – 1 full-time Career Coach – Licensing Fee to ECO – Facilities – Printing of Curriculum ECO Canada can assist with funding proposals through providing labour market research, support letters, and curriculum information

14 Program Details: Licensing Fee Includes: – Instructor Guide – Trainer Materials – Student Guide – Support from ECO Canada with: Application system Marketing the program to prospective students Template documents for certificates, student communication, etc. Student follow-up and survey creation $225/student/delivery

15 Next Steps Validation of program fit Signed Partnership Agreement – Outlines responsibilities of immigrant agency and ECO Seek funding opportunities Market and Deliver program

16 Career Services for Skilled Immigrants Visit the Immigrant Career Centre and understand the sector Consider professional development courses through the Canadian Centre for Environmental Education ( Join a network of regional environmental professionals and get a head start on your competency assessment through ECO Canada’s Environmental Professional (EP) certification ( Look at the ECO Job Board EP

17 Stay Informed about the Program: ECO Canada Communications ECO Newsletters Stay in the know about industry issues Sign up at ECO Blogs Engage with other environmental professionals about environmental careers Social Media Connect with ECO and practitioners across Canada through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and More!

18 Questions?

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