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Sixty Years of Child Nutrition A Look Back – A Look Ahead.

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1 Sixty Years of Child Nutrition A Look Back – A Look Ahead

2 1946 – A Momentous Year The National School Lunch Act Passed The American School Food Service Association Formed

3 Thelma Flanagan Leader, Visionary, Practitioner and Philosopher, Strategic Thinker and Planner, Collaborator, Partner, Mentor, Educator

4 Thelma Flanagan Leader, Visionary, practitioner and philosopher, strategic thinker and planner, collaborator, partner, mentor, educator

5 President Harry Truman signs The National School Lunch Act, June 4, 1946

6 Declaration of Policy Sec. 2 It is hereby declared to be the policy of Congress, as a matter of national security to safeguard the health and well- being of the Nation’s children AND to encourage the domestic consumption of nutritious agricultural commodities and other food – for the establishment, maintenance, operation and expansion of nonprofit school lunch programs

7 First Major Amendments to the National School Lunch Act – 1962 Changed allocation to states from enrollment to student participation Section 11 added to provide financial assistance to needy schools – Special Commodity Assistance Program

8 Hunger in America – A Turning Point for CNPs

9 Child Nutrition 1965-1968 1965: First appropriation for Section 11 1966: The Child Nutrition Act – Pilot Programs for School Breakfast in needy schools – Special Milk Program – Non-food assistance 1968: Pilot Program for summer and child care

10 White House Conference on Food, Nutrition, Health – 1969 Now is the time to put an end to hunger in America President Richard Nixon

11 Champion: Cong. Carl Perkins Chairman Education and Labor Committee SNA (ASFSA) testifies! First major Section 11 funds – $100,000,000 for free and reduced price meals Poor People’s March on Washington

12 P.L. 91-248 Amendments to NSLA and CNA reformed child nutrition programs … Senator Herman Talmadge

13 Amendments to NSLA P.L. 91-248 Clarified Congressional intent that every needy child receive free or reduced price meals Gave Secretary of Agriculture authority to issue competitive food regulations Expanded – Breakfast Program – Section 11 to reach all schools – Non-food assistance Established – Uniform eligibility standards – Minimum and maximum Section 11 rates

14 Amendments to NSLA 92-153: 1971 Established Performance Funding – Guaranteed levels of reimbursement for lunches – National Average Payments based on meal category

15 Lesson Don’t Ask Why…Ask Why Not? Some look at things that are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not? George Bernard Shaw

16 1970-1974 Child Nutrition Reformed Performance funding for lunches, breakfasts and commodities Uniform income eligibility guidelines WIC, Child Care and Summer Food National Average Payments with Semi- Annual Adjustments Non-Food Assistance National Advisory Council

17 P.L. 94-105 1975 NSLA/CAN Amendments Made Breakfast and CACFP permanent Created Offer vs. Serve Increased reduced price to 95% above poverty level Extended Summer Food Program

18 1975-SNA Lobbies to Override Presidential Veto President Ford vetoes school lunch bill P.L. 94-105 SNA fly members in to lobby to override veto Congress overrides veto October 7, 1975

19 Add humphrey photo SNA Honors Senator Hubert Humphrey

20 Teaching by Doing! “Eat it…it will make you pretty!” “But you haven’t been eating it, have you?”

21 Teaching by Doing! “Eat it……it will make you pretty!” “ But you haven’t been eating it, have you?”

22 The Eighties…. The shadows darken for Child Nutrition

23 The Nifty Nineties…the good Education goals – Healthy children ready to learn The Food Guide Pyramid Healthy Meals for Americans Act School lunches to meet Dietary Guidelines for Americans Flexibility in menu planning allowed

24 And Then…its déjà vu! Contract with America…1994 Don’t get School Lunched! House of Representatives votes to repeal all child nutrition programs – Congress approves a pilot block grant program – SNA and partners mobilize for action President Clinton vetoes pilot block grant bill

25 From 1946-2006 Sixty Years The CNP has grown from One meal a day to breakfast, lunch and after school snacks and summer programs School age students to all children – infants, preschool, after school, adults in daycare, and children with special needs

26 Sixty Years..From Meals focused on deficiency diseases to meals that promote a quality life Commodity program that uses surplus to one that supports nutrition goals One reimbursement for all lunches to rates by meal category Appropriation to entitlement to ensure funding, and Assurance that all children have access to meals without discrimination

27 Sixty Years… Pilot universal lunch and breakfast programs Wellness Policy Food Safety Plans Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Program National Food Service Management Institute: research, education and training

28 WIC Food Stamps CACFP Wellness EFNEP NFSMI NPE SFSP School lunch breakfast snacks Child Nutrition Programs A Continuum of Nutrition Services EducationDelivery

29 Customers Generation Tech Characterized by Diversity – Ages and Stages – Gender – Cultural, ethnic – Health – Lifestyle

30 A NEW BEGINNING Maintain the vision that underlies the values embedded in the past. They have lighted our way to sixty years of success.

31 A Partnership Since 1946 The Child Nutrition Programs The School Nutrition Association

32 CNP – A New Beginning I believe if an organization is to meet the challenge of a changing world, it must be prepared to change everything about itself except its basic beliefs. Thomas Watson, Former CEO, IBM

33 Our vision is to live up to the best in our past and to reach for goals we have yet to achieve Paraphrased from John Garner on Leadership

34 Then and Now…a matter of national security

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