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Impact of Low Self-Esteem Presented by: James J. Messina, Ph.D.

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1 Impact of Low Self-Esteem Presented by: James J. Messina, Ph.D.

2 What is Low Self-Esteem? Insecurity Closed to Others Poor Decision Maker Anxious Fear of Intimacy Not able to have fun Black and White Thinker Poor Anger Control High Need for Approval Lots of Guilt Lots of Depression

3 What is Healthy Self-Esteem? Sense of Productivity Sense of Autonomy Sense of Uniqueness Altruistic Leadership Ability Sense of Competence Self-Confidence Healthy Self-Concept Independent Thinker Self-Accepting & Loving Good Decision Maker

4 What Contributes to Low Self-Esteem Dysfunctional Environments Bad relationships Codependent Has Disability Non -supportive school, work Abused Conditional acceptance and love

5 What causes Dysfunction? Things more important than people Mental illness Major Losses Abuse Rigid feelings Ice Boxes Addiction Disability Big Pay Off

6 Looking -Good Hero High Achiever Over-responsible Driven Approval Seeker Looks together Goal: Denial of Problems

7 Acting Out Scapegoat Irresponsible Trouble-Maker Rebellious Poor - Under Achiever Anti-authority Self-destructive Caustic Goal: Divert focus

8 Pulling In Invisible Loner Bookish Quiet - Recluse Hard to know Aloof Avoid problems Protect self -overweight Goal: withdraws to survive

9 ENTERTAINER Clown Mascot Comic Relief Immature Hyperactive Not taken seriously Distracter Attention getting Talks a lot Goal: Divert attention

10 Troubled Person Irresponsible Addict Unstable Blame others Out of control Broken Con artist Denial of problems Problem for others Goal: Self-serving

11 Enabling Protect & Save others Over-responsible Co-dependent Nagger Covers up Controlling Demanding Goal: get troubled people to change

12 Rescuing Helper Motivated Victimized Stuck Irrational Loyalty Burdened-down Self-Negated Unassertive Goal: reduce tension, hurt & pain

13 People Pleasing Easily liked Placator Always smiling Outgoing Friendly Courteous Generous Fits in Works hard to please Goal: get approval

14 Non-Feeling Stoic Nothing bothers Intense thinker Low-Key Steady even-tempered No strong feelings Black & White Goal: deny feelings to survive

15 Impact of Low Self-Esteem

16 Healthy Adult Self-Esteem

17 Self-Esteem Recovery Model

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