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Rosatom and Czech industry perspective cooperation

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1 Rosatom and Czech industry perspective cooperation
STATE ATOMIC ENERGY CORPORATION “ROSATOM” Rosatom and Czech industry perspective cooperation Rusatom Overseas Executive Vice-President Leos Tomicek October 2013 1

2 Rosatom Global Operations
Leader in key segments 5 continents. More than 40 countries. #1 Europe Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, GB, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovenia North America USA, Canada, Mexico Latin America Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil CIS Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Armenia Asia China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Mongolia MENA Turkey, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Jordan Australia in new NPPs construction #1 in uranium enrichment #2 in uranium reserves #2 in the world installed nuclear capacity 17 % of the world nuclear fuel market $70 billion portfolio The world’s only company of the complete nuclear power cycle Africa Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania Referential Gen 3+ NPPs with active & passive safety systems Providing outstanding opportunities for the local industry The content of this presentation is for discussion purposes only, shall not be considered as an offer and doesn’t lead to any obligations to Rosatom and its affiliated companies. Rosatom disclaims all responsibility for any and all mistakes, quality and completeness of the information. 

3 Rosatom NPP projects worldwide*
Baltic NPP (2) Beloyarsk NPP (1) Leningradskaya NPP (2) Novovoronejskaya NPP (2) Rostovskaya NPP (2) United Kingdom Finland 4 1 Russia Czech Republic Belorussia Ukraine 2 2 2 Kazakhstan China Slovakia 2 Armenia 1 2 1 Turkey 1 2 Hungary 4 2 2 4 India Bangladesh 4 2 Vietnam Jordan 12 2 Khmelnytsky NPP (Ukraine, 2) Ostrovets NPP (Belarus, 2) Akkuyu NPP (Turkey, 4) Metsamor NPP (Armenia, 1) Kudankulam NPP (India, 4) Tianwan NPP (China, 2) Ninh Thuan NPP (Vietnam, 2) Ruppur NPP (Bangladesh, 2) Nigeria 2 2 2 Saudi Arabia 2 Malaysia Indonesia 2 2 Brazil 4 South Africa 8 Argentina 2 32 27 28 Under way Tendering/ negotiations Potential *As of October 2013 Rosatom NPP construction perspective backlog – about 80 units

4 Rosatom’s perspective purchases for NPPs construction –
Opportunities for Rosatom suppliers: Order volume for NPP construction global projects ROSATOM Rosatom’s perspective purchases for NPPs construction – around 300 bln $ by 2030 Civil construction & engineering Nuclear steam supply system (Russian suppliers) Turbine and generator equipment Valves, pumps and piping Electrical equipment Instrumentation and control equipment Other equipment Air cooling systems ~ 15% - Russian supply ~ 30-40% - local content ~ 45-50% - global sourcing

5 Planned new build projects in Europe
ROSATOM Country Plans for new build Bulgaria 1 unit of Kozloduy NPP Czech Republic 2 units of Temelin NPP. Bid process is underway. France 1 unit of Penly NPP. Finland Bid/negotiation process for 2 new units is underway Hungary 2 units of Paks NPP. Tender TBA in Lithuania 1 unit of Visaginas NPP Poland 6GW. First tender to be announced Romania 2 units of Cernavoda NPP Slovakia 1 unit of Bohunice NPP Slovenia 1 unit Krsko NPP under consideration Sweden New units construction replacing the old ones United Kingdom 15-20 GW Finland Sweden Russia Lithuania United Kingdom Poland Germany Czech R. Slovakia Switzerland Hungary France Slovenia Romania Italy Bulgaria - Planning new build - Open tender/negotiations - Ban on new build Countries previously committed to nuclear new build remain optimistic on its development. More than 50 GW new NPPs envisaged by year 2030

6 Reactor proposed for Pyhäjoki is AES-2006:
Current projects: Finland ROSATOM Target Sign the contract for supplying Hanhikivi 1 NPP by end 2013 Reactor proposed for Pyhäjoki is AES-2006: latest evolution in VVER reactors designs corresponds with IAEA and EUR requirements will be adapted to be in accordance with Finnish national safety standards 2007 Finnish power company Fennovoima Oy founded 2010 Fennovoima was given Decision-in-Principle by Parliament 2011 Pyhäjoki site chosen February 2013 Fennovoima started mid-sized rector option assessment with ROSATOM as a potential supplier In Finland we are actively and successfully cooperating with Finnish Fennovoima aiming at construction of the Russian AES-2006 plant at Hanhikivi site in Pyhajoki. Our VVER technology has a good record in Finland – 2 VVER-440 reactors have been safely and effectively operating for decades. For Hanhikivi we also offer a reference project that corresponds with all modern safety requirements. Our target is to sign the contract for supplying a new plant by end Furthermore, we are considering an acquisition of 34 % share in the capital of Fennovoima. В Финляндии мы активно и успешно взаимодействуем с финской компанией Фенновойма, нацеливаясь на сооружение АЭС по российскому проекту АЭС на площадке Ханхикиви в регионе Пюхяйоки. Наша технология ВВЭР хорошо зарекомендовала себя в Финляндии - два энергоблока ВВЭР-440 на АЭС «Ловииза» безопасно и эффективно эксплуатируются уже десятки лет. Для АЭС «Ханхикиви» мы также предлагаем референтый проект, соотвествующий всем современным требованиям к безопасности. Мы нацеливаемся на подписание контракта на сооружение контракта на сооружение АЭС до конца 2013 г. Кроме того, мы оцениваем возможность покупки 34-проентной доли в акционерном капитале Фенновойма. April 2013 Fennovoima and ROSATOM started direct negotiations Fennovoima and ROSATOM signed Project Development Agreement aiming at NPP supply July 2013 In Finland 2 VVER-440 units have been used safely in Loviisa for decades. According to WANO it is one of the most reliable reactors in the world today September 2013 Fennovoima proposes investment decision for ROSATOM NPP to its owners 6

7 Current projects: United Kingdom
ROSATOM The UK government has announced plans aiming at 16 GWe of new nuclear capacity online by 2030 Target Complete Generic Design Assessment (GDA) for the latest VVER reactor design in the UK Memorandum on Collaboration on co-operation in the sphere of nuclear energy Collaboration Agreement to explore opportunities for joint construction and operation of nuclear power plants based on VVER reactor technology in the UK. Rolls-Royce will undertake engineering and safety assessment work for ROSATOM ahead of potential licensing of VVER reactor technology in the UK Collaboration Agreement to explore opportunities for joint construction and operation of nuclear power plants based on VVER reactor technology in the UK. Fortum will support the work by bringing on board nuclear competence in various areas such as safety and waste management on commercial terms 7

8 Project peculiarities
Project of extension of Bohunice NPP Main characteristics of the project ROSATOM Poland Czech Republic Ukraine Romania Hungary Austria Slovakia Project parameters Propose capacity: MW Proposed construction start date: 2021* Proposed commissioning date: 2028* Preliminary site seismicity: 0.34g Project peculiarities The project implementation is supposed to be carried out by JESS (which is owned 51% by JAVYS and 49% by CEZ Bohunice (100% CEZ affiliated company)) Possibility of involvement of foreign investors in the project. Proposed NPP site: Bohunice NPP, Jaslovske Bohunice, Trnava District, Slovakia We are interested in Slovak market – a market where our technologies have also proved their safety and reliability. In January 2013 Rosatom, JAVYS, JESS, CEZ and CEZ Bohunice signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the cooperation on the project of extension of Bohunice NPP. Currently the Russian and the Slovak side are jointly investigating the possibility of Rosatom participation in the project as a potential partner (by buying from CEZ its 49% shares of JESS). --- Мы заинтересованы в словацком рынке – рынке, где наши технологии также доказали свою безопасность и надежность. В январе 2013 Росатом подписал с JAVYS, JESS, CEZ и CEZ Bohunice меморандум о взаимопонимании касательно взаимодействия по проекту расширения АЭС Богунице. В настоящий момент российская и словацкая стороны совместно рассматривают возможность участия Росатома в проекте в качестве потенциального партнера (посредством покупки у CEZ ее 49-типроцентной доли в JESS). In January 2013 Rosatom (represented by Rusatom Overseas), JAVYS, JESS, CEZ and CEZ Bohunice signed MoU on the cooperation on the project of extension of Bohunice NPP. Currently the Russian and the Slovak side are jointly investigating the possibility of Rosatom participation in the project as a potential partner. * In accordance with Feasibility study carried out by the Slovak side

9 Current projects: Czech Republic
ROSATOM Win tender for Temelin 3,4 completion and implement profitable for Czech Republic project Target 2009 Project data: Power units: 2 VVER х1200 MW (basis – AES-2006 Project) General Designer: SPbAEP JSC Contract type: ЕРС Project particularities: International consortium with Skoda JS as a leader Czech project with Russian design More than 70% participation of Czech firms in the project Well known technology for the Czech industry Transfer of innovative technologies and know-how SPV Nuclear Power Alliance (NPA) created Tender announcement 2010 Pre-Bid Stage, Consultations 2011 Completion of Pre-Bid Discussion July 2012 In Czech Republic we participate in tender for completion of Temelin NPP Units 3,4. As part of Czech-Russian MIR.1200 Consortium led by Skoda JS we offer a VVER-design project based on proven solutions which are well known for Czech industry. That allows us to offer a project with an unprecedented level of localization amounting to 75%. Therefore we consider that implementation of such project will bring numerous benefits for Czech Economy. Last year in March we submitted our offer and we are ready to continue a constructive dialog with CEZ. Tender results should have been announced by 2013, but as we know that announcement was delayed. ----- В Чехии мы принимаем участие в тендере на достройку АЭС «Темелин» Блоки 3,4. В рамках чешско-российского консорциума «МИР.1200», возглавляемого Skoda JS, мы предложили проект с реактором ВВЭР, который основывается на решениях, хорошо известных чешской промышленности. Это позволило нам также предложить беспрецедентный уровень локализации – до 75%. Мы полагаем, что реализация подобного проекта принесет существенные выгоды чешской экономике. Мы подали свое предложение в июле прошлого года и нацелены на продолжение конструктивного диалога с CEZ. Объявление результатов тендера должно было состоятся до конца этого кода, но, как известно, было отложено. MIR.1200 Consortium submitted its offer to CEZ March 2013 CEZ announced preliminary assessment of bids 2014 Tender results expected

10 Czech – Russian cooperation in nuclear energy Joint projects
ROSATOM Russia-design VVER plants in Czech Republic Czech-Russian cooperation in nuclear fuel domain As a result of tender procedure TVEL Fuel Company has been chosen as a supplier of nuclear fuel for Czech NPPs No delivery failure in the supply of Russian fuel has ever been experienced Czech-Russian JV Alvel established with the focus on localization of fuel services for Czech NPPs, as well as promoting Russian high-tech goods to the European market In operation since 2000 Type of reactor: VVER (V320) Installed capacity: 2 x MW Temelin NPP In operation since 1985 Type of reactor: VVER- 440 (V213) Installed capacity: 4 x 440 MW Dukovany NPP PRG-ZPD P1C

11 Czech – Russian cooperation in nuclear energy has lasted for 50 years
ROSATOM Rosatom’s purchases of Czech equipment and services 112,6 million EUR 2008 –2011 More than 100 million EUR 2012 10 Czech companies supplied equipment for Kudankulam NPP in amount of 44,2 million EUR Czech Suppliers of Rosatom: ….and many others

12 Localization in Temelin NPP Completion Project
ROSATOM More than 250 Czech companies from all regions will participate in the Project 12

13 Temelin NPP: Social-economic impact
ROSATOM DIRECT INDIRECT Increased employment during construction New jobs for NPP operation and service SOCIAL Increased employment for local sub-contactors and suppliers Employment for local businesses serving NPP’s employees EMPLOYMENT Involvement of local engineers and researchers Development of high-tech production base Development of higher education in nuclear engineering Educational programs for workers CAPABILITIES ECONOMIC Revenue earned by national suppliers and contractors Revenue earned by local and national sub-contractors •Revenue earned by local businesses REVENUE Taxes from local and foreign contractors and suppliers and from electricity sales •Development of infrastructure Taxes from sub-contractors and local businesses •Increase of investment attractiveness of the region PUBLIC INCOME GEOPOLITICAL EXPORT OF PRODUCTS, COMPETENCES, SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE TO NPP PROJECTS WORLDWIDE, BECOMING NOT LOCAL, BUT GLOBAL SUPPLIER FOR EU REGION AND GLOBAL NUCLEAR INDUSRTY

14 Localization as a growth factor for the Czech industry and economy
ROSATOM MAIN CONDITION: Total level of localization 70% (Of total value of the project)

15 Benefits of cooperation for Czech companies
ROSATOM Czech companies Opportunities Potential Production expansion Improvement of technological competences Licenses for the production of equipment for Russian design NPPs Involvement in Rosatom Supply Chain Up to new jobs More than 80 VVER units – $300 bln up to 2030 Cooperation within innovation projects: SVBR-100 units – $300–600 bln up to 2040* 13 memorandums with Czech companies signed in 2012 MBIR research reactor (Dmitrovgrad, Ulianovsk region) Contract with EGP Invest for turbine island design signed in 2012 15 *estimated by IAEA

16 Thank You for Attention!
ROSATOM Thank You for Attention!

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