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“I came that you might have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10 Love, Jesus.

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4 “I came that you might have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10 Love, Jesus


6 As followers of the One who gave this promise, we are called to STEWARDSHIP of this good news. What does this mean?

7 Once there was a church where the people took the offering back home with them. First, they collected and brought it to the altar. After they asked God to bless it, they put it back in their pockets.

8 They mixed it up with all the other money they had, so that they couldn’t tell what was blessed and what wasn’t. All week they spent as though each piece was blessed, and was to be used lovingly.

9  It’s seeing our whole life (our time, our skills, our money) as blessed and to be used lovingly  It’s everything we do after we say “I believe”  It’s partnering with God to be a blessing to our world

10 Bible Studies

11  Congregational Stewardship Programs

12 Articles for your Newsletters

13 “Turning the Church Right Side Up” May 24-26, 2007 with Dr. Bill Avery

14 Powerpoint presentation available on the MNO website


16 Oil Spills Clear cutting Smog

17  God calls us to be caretakers, not owners of the Earth  How are we called to respond as individuals and as a congregation?  What can we do to reduce our negative impact on creation?

18  Synod Committee for Church and Society is working on this initiative  Stewardship of Creation Resources from our National Church

19 Check your packet for the resources from our National Church

20 Lutheran Planned Giving Presentations for your congregation - how do I include the church in my will ? - estate planning seminars - the advantages of giving a gift annuity

21 Personal Reasons ▪ “I’ve always given to the church – why stop?” ▪To honour the memory of a special person ▪As an expression of thanks- giving for God’s many blessings ▪Few other heirs

22 Institutional Reasons ▪ Passion for a particular ministry ▪Concern for future generations ▪Belief in the mission

23 Practical Reasons You can’t take it with you.

24 What you can do with the wealth you leave behind: Give it to heirs; OR Donate it to charity; OR Let Revenue Canada have it.


26 Focus ▪Encouraging and enabling gifts from members ▪Benefitting all expressions of the church ▸ your congregations ▸ Synods ▸ ELCIC (including Global Hunger) ▸ Institutions  Lutheran Theological Seminary, Camps, ELW, etc.

27 Rev. Larry Ulrich Assistant to the Bishop 204.889.3760

28 FALL STEWARDSHIP CONFERENCE November 14-15, 2008 Who should definitely plan to come? - rostered leaders - existing stewardship committee *** YOUR 2009 STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE

29  For your partnership in the MNO Synod Ministries and in the ELCIC nationally, sharing your time, your skills, and your benevolence dollars TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER AND TOGETHER WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE

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