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Stewardship and You “What you need to know”. Ideas Stewardship and –Christianity –The Church –Your Life –The Parish –The Committee.

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1 Stewardship and You “What you need to know”

2 Ideas Stewardship and –Christianity –The Church –Your Life –The Parish –The Committee

3 Stewardship and Christianity A Christian Steward is one who receives God’s gifts gratefully, cherishes and tends them in a responsibly and accountable manner, shares them in justice and love with others, and returns them with increase to the Lord. “National Conference of Catholic Bishops”; Stewardship A Disciples Response

4 Stewardship and Christianity A Good Christian Steward is one who: –Does God’s will –Follows Jesus example WWJD –Is selfless –Balances life –Gives time –Applies Talent –Shares Treasure

5 Stewardship and Christianity Everything we have is a gift from God! (1 Peter 4:10) As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace

6 Stewardship the Church We must find our vocation, talent, “calling” Apply our talents Give due time to the task Pay attention to your guide, the Holy Spirit

7 Stewardship the Church Stewardship starts with individuals Stewardship sustains Parishes and the Church Balance God’s Gifts –Time –Talent –Treasure

8 Stewardship the Church We should give of our time, talent and treasure in his service, the Church teaches… –50% to the Parish –50% to other charities and the Diocese Be involved in the church and the community Tithe what you can afford Share treasure from earthly efforts.

9 Stewardship in your Life We are “all” great stewards “In some part(s) of our lives” Where can you improve Can you find balance Do you realize God wants to use you

10 Stewardship in your Life Life is demanding Families, schools, PTA, sports teams, boy scouts, alma mater, employer, civic groups, church. We make it to the games, drive kids, work late, vacation little, plan functions and volunteer time. Those community and life needs that squeak the loudest get our attention.

11 Stewardship in your Life Where do I fit in the needs of my Church? What ministries need me? What ministries do I need? Where is the Holy Spirit trying to lead me? Am I a doer or a leader? What am I doing in my community? Where, What and Why! Why! Why!

12 Why? God gave us these great gifts So we could prosper together Talents are to be shared Use your gifts to serve one another (St. Peter) You might realize the Holy Spirit

13 Stewardship in your Life Pray for Guidance Be open to God’s direction for you Live as an example to others Look for the Holy Spirit working in your life!

14 Stewardship in your Life You may already be involved and didn’t know it. Have you ever had this happen! example

15 Stewardship in your Life Getting involved Someone asked you to. You feeling responsible Not getting involved Ringing the door bell A fear not easily overcome example

16 Stewardship in your Life Balance or burnout is eminent Parent, Employee/Employer, Christian, Volunteer Work, Committees, Parish Council, REin RE Teacher, Kids in School, Time for Self Friends, Time for Self

17 Stewardship in your Life Do something to get started Church Home Work Self

18 Stewardship in the Parish Starts with the Parish Priest Bring in the Parish Council / leaders Recognize all current ministries and efforts Teach the basics to the congregation A deep understanding is a long term goal

19 Stewardship in the Parish People feel “needed” People have needs “fulfilled” They become “stakeholders” of the Parish “Gaps” appear and people fill them

20 Stewardship in the Parish People involved in their parish give more time talent and treasure 80/20 to 90/40 to 100/100

21 The Stewardship Committee Form a Stewardship Committee –Report to the Parish Council Evaluate all current ministries –Identify people that make them happen –Give them credit

22 The Stewardship Committee Recruit and train good leaders –Educate the people –People will feel threatened by change –Diversity in membership to represent the Parish –Adapt

23 The Stewardship Committee Develop people resources On the job training…RE and CCD It’s not about tasks, it is about a way of life

24 Seek it! Pastoral Stewardship Office Area Stewardship Council Members Regional Stewardship Conferences National and International Stewardship Conferences Other Parishes Other Christians

25 Live it! Stewardship and –Christianity –The Church –Your Life –The Parish –The Committee –In Life

26 Use your “God given” talents for the benefit of others Thank you and God Bless!

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