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Deferred Annuities vs. Bank CDs: Which plan is right for you?

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2 Deferred Annuities vs. Bank CDs: Which plan is right for you?

3 Comparing The Plans Both deferred annuities and bank CDs are wealth accumulation plans. However, these two products offer very different benefits. The plan that’s right for you depends on your personal financial goals.

4 Comparing The Plans A wealth accumulation plan should meet some or all of the following goals:  Strong accumulation—For maximum interest growth  Tax savings—To strengthen the plan performance  Liquidity—Just in case access to funds is needed  Guaranteed income—For security  Avoid probate—To minimize potential settlement costs

5 Comparing The Plans Based on these goals, let’s see how the two plans add up!

6 Financial Goal #1 Strong Accumulation Annuities generally pay higher rates than CDs, plus annuities offer tax deferred growth!

7 Financial Goal #2 Tax Savings  Annuities offer tax-deferred growth—No current taxes due on the interest accumulation!  CD interest is taxable each year— Reducing the overall accumulation power of the plan.

8 Financial Goal #3 Liquidity  Harleysville annuities offer penalty-free access* to account values after the first policy year, cumulative up to 50% of account value.  No access to funds is generally available without a penalty in a CD. * Please consult with a tax advisor for withdrawals prior to age 59-1/2

9 Financial Goal #3 (cont.) Liquidity  The plan penalties on a Harleysville annuity are phased out over short five- or seven-year periods—After that, the plan penalties are gone!  Penalties on CD access never go away, no matter how many times you renew!

10 Financial Goal #4 Guaranteed Lifetime Income  Harleysville annuities offer a pay out option that provides guaranteed lifetime income—No matter how long you live!  CDs do not offer a guaranteed lifetime income option.

11 Financial Goal #5 Avoid Probate  Annuities can pass outside the probate process to a named beneficiary of your choosing, avoiding settlement costs and delays!  CD funds will be tied up in the probate process.

12 How Do The Plans Add Up? Annuities  Tax-deferred growth  Access to funds after first year  Guaranteed lifetime income option  Avoids probate CDs  Fully taxable  Never-ending withdrawal penalties  No guaranteed income feature  Subject to probate

13 Choose The Right Plan If you’re looking for a plan that offers …  Guaranteed lifetime income  Rate guarantees  Tax-deferred growth  Access to funds Talk to your Harleysville agent about an annuity!

14 Harleysville Annuities Harleysville now offers the: Accumulator Annuity Ask your Harleysville agent for current interest rates and the special benefits offered by each contract. Your agent will show you the right annuity plan to meet your personal financial goals!


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