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Home Solutions Program Overview for [Utility] [Date], 2008.

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1 Home Solutions Program Overview for [Utility] [Date], 2008

2 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL 2 Executive Summary Utility Service Partners, Inc. (“USP”) is delighted to provide [Utility] with the following information about USP’s Home Solutions Program for your [gas and electric customers] in [States]. USP’s management team is uniquely qualified in the utility service industry to partner with utilities like [Utility]. We understand the importance and value of the utility’s brand name as well as the years of hard work required to develop and maintain the outstanding reputation that the brand represents. Our Company’s primary focus is to provide top quality warranty and leasing products to utility customers. From the outset, we welcome further discussion on all materials provided and will work with [Utility] to jointly develop goals and expectations that will achieve mutually desired results. USP, your valuable business partner.

3 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL 3 USP is the largest independent utility line warranty and home water heater rental provider in North America. A Leader in Utility-Oriented Products USP is a leading provider of water heater rentals and home warranties with a portfolio of over 400,000 products in the US and several existing utility partnerships. We provide the solution to unexpected repair & maintenance costs for water heaters, home utility service lines, and appliances. Leasing provides homeowners a low cost option to upgrade to energy efficient appliances and water heaters to lower energy usage and monthly bills. Our Lifetime Water Heater Plan utilizes energy efficient equipment and provides a service guarantee that supplies customers with worry free hot water. Our Solar Water Heater Program allows customers to lease an energy saving solar water heater with no up-front costs or hassles. Our warranties provide customers with 24 hour repair & replacement service for broken or damaged utility lines. USP offers exceptional quality and management of the most comprehensive products and services program in the market place today.

4 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL 4 What USP Can Offer Our Company has developed a suite of products and services specifically targeted to utility companies and their customers. Our programs allow companies such as [Utility] to expand their offerings and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. We offer affordable monthly or annual rates for peace-of-mind repair coverage on residential utility lines, water heaters, and other appliances. Customers have access to a 24/7 Repair Hotline. —USP will dispatch from our extensive network of qualified repair professionals. We embrace green initiatives that support the global movement for energy conservation while serving the corporate needs of our partners in helping them to achieve their specific environmental initiatives. Our company was founded on the philosophy of providing products that meet the needs of our customers and backing up those products with outstanding customer service. Water Heater Leasing Zero upfront costs for customers Customers avoid hassle of ongoing repair expenses High quality and efficient water heaters are provided to reduce overall operating costs and save energy Utility Line Warranties Affordable monthly and annual rates for peace-of-mind coverage Customers avoid hassle of finding qualified repair professionals Customers avoid burdensome utility line repair and replacement costs

5 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL 5 USP’s Warranty and Leasing Products In-Home Electrical Line Warranty Surge Monitoring, Suppression and Warranty Outside Water and Well Water Line Warranty Outside Sewer Line Warranty Meter-To-Home Gas Line Warranty In-Home Gas Line Warranty In-Home Plumbing Warranty Water Heater Leasing Appliance Leasing Central Cooling System Warranty Central Heating System Warranty USP also offers a complete line of warranty products designed to protect homeowners from costly repairs. Please reference detailed product line descriptions at end of document.

6 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL 6 Brand Management USP has over 60 combined years of experience working at and with public utility companies, both gas and electric, and brings a deep rooted understanding of utility brand management, customer service and integrated relationship management. USP understands the inner workings of a utility and its core values, in particular the importance of preserving and enhancing brand value, providing top quality customer service, as well as maintaining a positive relationship with the state utility commission. Each of our customer service managers, database technicians and marketing specialists, are top-line professionals with proven brand marketing track records. Our expansive repository of strategic marketing skills for targeted acquisition, retention and cross-sell marketing campaigns are built upon a thorough understanding of the applicable customer base and factors that influence the customers’ purchase decisions. We understand how to enhance the brand in terms of servicing the customer while utilizing the brand to engage customers to purchase value added products. Our senior management developed sophisticated marketing campaigns that successfully grew a portfolio from 200,000 to nearly 1,000,000 customer accounts in less than 4 years that included the management of about 1 million customers per campaign at CNG/Dominion. Currently USP conducts strategic acquisition, retention and cross-sell marketing to a customer base of approximately 2 million households. Public Utility Experience 61 Years Utility Line Marketing Experience 20 Years Customer Base Management Experience Over 4 million accounts Mailings Per Campaign Experience Over 1 million mailings Claims Managed Over 30,000 Customer Satisfaction Rating 97%

7 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL 7 Operational Excellence All of us at USP are fully committed to providing our knowledge, expertise and quality experiences to our partner’s programs to ensure they have a positive impact on customers and regulators. We recognize that each USP employee, agent and contractor is a representative of the partner brand to the customer and thus is held to the highest standards for customer service quality. Utility brand enhancement is the result of effective marketing campaigns and value-added products, as well as exceptional customer service and claims management. USP provides high quality products at a good value, delighting customers with exceptional service, including timely response to claims and quality workmanship. —Customers buy the product and remain as customers long after the initial sale, reinforcing a quality seamless partner brand experience. Customer service and claims management have always been and remain the cornerstone of USP’s product management. 97% of our customers would recommend our services to friends and family. Utility Service Partners approach is to collaborate with its partners to enrich their brand through broader service offerings and superior customer service.

8 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL 8 About USP Ownership USP is part of the Macquarie Capital Group (“Macquarie Capital”). Macquarie Capital is one of the world’s largest owners and managers of utility and infrastructure assets. Macquarie Capital’s investment portfolio sectors include regulated electric, gas, and water distribution networks and related service businesses in the United States and around the world. As of June 30, 2008, Macquarie Capital had $48 billion of equity invested in 115 infrastructure and related businesses in 25 countries around the world. Recent acquisitions include Duquesne Light Holdings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Aquarion (Water) Company in Connecticut, [Utility] in Hawaii, Puget Sound Energy (pending regulatory approval), as well as Thames Water, the largest water utility in the United Kingdom. Macquarie Capital is a division of the Macquarie Group, an Australian headquartered, global financial services organization managing $212 billion of total assets, making it the largest global owner and manager of utility and infrastructure assets. Our Commitment to Growth USP is backed by a parent company with very strong financial capabilities as well as reputation throughout the utility and infrastructure industry. Through Macquarie Capital’s ownership, USP has the commitment, capability and the financing to grow and foster private label relationships with major utilities. Macquarie Capital’s acquisition of USP directly reflects its connection to the utility services industry and its belief in the growth opportunities of this sector. The combined experience and capabilities of USP and Macquarie will translate into high quality performance in marketing, customer service, claims management, brand management, goal alignment, and financial results. Assets Under Management $212 billion Investments in Infrastructure $48 billion Infrastructure and Related Businesses 115 Businesses Countries of Invested Assets 25 USP has grown its business by providing leading provider peace of mind, one service at a time.

9 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL 9 Next Steps All of us at Utility Service Partners would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your interest in our home solutions and look forward to meeting to discuss our mutual common goals and future opportunities. Contact Information: Brad Carmichael Vice President, Business Development Utility Service Partners 480 Johnson Rd., Suite 100 Washington, PA 15301-8944 Telephone 724-749-1003 Email:

10 Product Line Descriptions

11 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL 11 Utility Line Warranty Details ProductCoverage Outside Water Line WarrantyCovers the repair or replacement of a leaking or broken water supply line outside of your home. The warranty begins at the curb box (point of connection with the utility's main line) and ends at the foundation of your home. In-Home Plumbing WarrantyCovers the repair or replacement of a leaking or broken water supply line inside your home. The warranty begins at the point of entry to the home and ends at the shut-off valve or water stop. It also covers in-home sewer lines and drain lines connected to the main sewer stack that are broken or leaking inside the home after the point of entry. In-Home Gas Line WarrantyCovers gas lines inside your home up to the shut-off valve for each indoor natural gas appliance. (e.g. furnaces, stoves, dryers). Meter-to-Home Gas Line Warranty Covers the repair or replacement of an outside gas line from the utility outlet side of the meter to the external foundation of the home when the meter is located outside. Outside Sewer Line WarrantyCovers the repair or replacement of a broken underground sewer line from the utility’s main sewer line to the home’s exterior foundation. In-Home Electric Line WarrantyCovers the repair or replacement of the electrical lines and components inside your home that fail from normal wear and tear. Central Cooling System WarrantyProvides around-the-clock coverage to service or repair central air conditioning systems. Covers the cost of all labor and most parts for A/C systems, with no service call fees. Central Heating System WarrantyProvides around-the-clock coverage to service or repair furnace or boiler heating systems. Covers the cost of all labor and most parts for heating systems, with no service call fees.

12 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL 12 Appliance Leasing Product Details ProductDescription Electric Water HeatersStandard electric water heater tanks in the following sizes: 30, 40, 50, 65 or 80 gallons, on a monthly lease basis Gas Water Heaters (Natural or Propane)‏Standard Vent Tanks and Natural Vent or Direct Vent Tanks. The following sizes are available: 30, 40, 50 or 75 gallons, on a monthly lease basis. Home AppliancesProvides residential customers with rental packages for Gas or Electric home appliances including: Washers, Dryers, Ranges and Dishwashers.

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