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12/30/99Public Forum - Sewer Lateral RESIDENTIAL SEWER LATERAL REPAIR PROGRAM Proposition 1 on the April 6, 1999 Election Ballot Ordinance 19,701-1999.

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1 12/30/99Public Forum - Sewer Lateral RESIDENTIAL SEWER LATERAL REPAIR PROGRAM Proposition 1 on the April 6, 1999 Election Ballot Ordinance 19,701-1999 passed by County Council Homeowners to pay $28.00 fee per year –$28.00 fee collected on the property tax bills –Identified by a single locator number –Assessed as residential by the Assessor of Revenue –Locator contains 6 or less dwelling units Program pays for patch or replacement of lateral lines Does not pay for landscaping WHAT IS IT?

2 12/30/99Public Forum - Sewer Lateral The portion of the sewage system that carries household waste from foundation to the sewer main. Sewer Laterals are located in a front, side or rear yard. May pass through neighbor’s yard. Includes line to septic tank and to private sewage treatment system. WHAT IS A SEWER LATERAL? Simple In-Street Cross Street Side View Foundation Line Street House Sidewalk Sewer Main

3 12/30/99Public Forum - Sewer Lateral WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM? Provide a safe and healthy environment for the citizens of St. Louis County. Defective sewer laterals can cause sanitary problems from reduced capacity to total system failure. Can cause safety hazards by eroding a street and creating a pothole or cave-ins. Can result in public health hazards Can produce reduced property values Minimize homeowners repair costs. Sewer lateral repair cost range from $2,000 to $15,000

4 12/30/99Public Forum - Sewer Lateral HOW WAS THE PROGRAM DEVELOPED? Steering Committee - members from: –St. Louis County Departments of Public Works Administration - Fiscal Management County Counselor’s Office Health Highways & Traffic Planning Procurement Revenue –Metropolitan Sewer District –Missouri Department of Transportation Reviewed other Municipalities’ Programs

5 12/30/99Public Forum - Sewer Lateral Input from the Plumbing / Drainlaying Industry Criteria for selection –Legal - proposed program must conform to the –Financially Conservative - cost conscious –Responsive - must respond to the citizen requirements –Fiscally Responsible - must live within its fees –Simplicity - program must be understandable –Comprehensive - account for all conceivable demands –Minimize the opportunity for fraud or abuse –Equal access to the public –Equal opportunity to the industry Public Meeting to discuss proposed Program Program submitted to County Council for Ordinance Ordinance passed by the council Proposed Budget passed by the council HOW WAS THE PROGRAM DEVELOPED?

6 12/30/99Public Forum - Sewer Lateral OUTLINE OF THE PROGRAM Blockage / sinkhole recognized by citizen / agency Citizen calls in “plumber” Initial Cabling performed - if blockage Adequate Cabling does not fix the problem Citizen applies to St. Louis County for repair / replacement of sewer lateral –Application must be Completed by property owner –Endorsed by a Licensed Plumber / Drain Layer –Includes verification that Adequate Cabling has been performed –Includes sufficient information to “Bid the Repair” cable attempt, location of blockage / sinkhole, location of lines, relation to the street, etc. –Includes guarantee of access to make repair –Indemnifies the County All items to this point done at citizen’s expense

7 12/30/99Public Forum - Sewer Lateral Sewer Lateral Program Funding Begins St. Louis County reviews the requests –Determines eligibility for the program –Determines any special repair requirements TV survey camera to limit repair costs Street repairs required (Direct input from Highways) Collateral damage - porch, retaining walls, etc. St. Louis County requests three bids –From all licensed drain-layers –Modified lottery - opportunity is based on interest in program, capacity in the geographic area, previous performance, etc. –Bids due in 24-48 hours - specific bid format, standard plans and specs –Award to low, responsible bidder –Bid includes application for appropriate permits OUTLINE OF THE PROGRAM - continued

8 12/30/99Public Forum - Sewer Lateral Contractor has two weeks to complete the repairs –Inspections called in by contractor - schedule by county –Inspections completed by Code Enforcement Inspectors –Liquidated damages for slow performance Contractor invoices St. Louis County –Invoice includes certification of Prevailing Wage –Invoice validated based on Code Enforcement Inspections –Payments made direct to the contractor Complaints System for citizen feedback Annual Program Review to –Validate annual fee –Assure program efficiency OUTLINE OF THE PROGRAM - continued

9 12/30/99Public Forum - Sewer Lateral EMERGENCY PROCEDURES Homeowner calls licensed Drain layer Licensed Drain layer –verifies repair is an emergency –begins repair work to point that relieves emergency –Stops ! Homeowner application first business day Plumbing Inspector verifies emergency Public Works negotiates final repair contract Repair work is completed like a non-emergency

10 12/30/99Public Forum - Sewer Lateral REPAIR STANDARDS Focus on the broken part of the sewer lateral Avoid collateral damages - as much as economically reasonable Restore to minimum occupancy standards –Landscaping - only backfill and re-seed grass No trees, shrubs, or flowers No special grass or sod No fences, dog fences, or sprinkler systems –Pavement - minimize impact, repair to make usable –Sidewalks - repair to make usable –Structures - critical facilities repaired (garage floor) Will restore for “safe occupancy”

11 12/30/99Public Forum - Sewer Lateral RETROACTIVE COVERAGE January 1, 1999 - December 31, 1999 Legal Repairs completed before program start –All required permits were obtained Requires documented application –Paid receipts from permitted contractors 315 permits issued Jan - Oct of 1999 Applicant must have paid the Fee for 1999 50% cost reimbursement

12 12/30/99Public Forum - Sewer Lateral STEPS FOR REIMBURSEMENT Will mail out applications to eligible homeowners Homeowner completes application Homeowner submits application with paid receipts Application reviewed by Public Works –verifies ownership –paid real estate taxes –proper permit issued –claimed amount actually paid –amount paid is allowable cost Reimbursement for 50% of allowable cost

13 12/30/99Public Forum - Sewer Lateral EXPECTED COSTS

14 12/30/99Public Forum - Sewer Lateral  Legal - Prevailing wage, meets contract standards for competition.  Financially Conservative - Only broken parts of sewer laterals  Responsive - emergency and routine processes, pays full cost  Fiscally Responsible - all costs funded from fee (over long haul)  Simplicity - one stop for the citizen, single point for industry  Comprehensive - accounts for all known options  Minimize fraud - licensed drain layers only, three bids, public process, annual audits, citizen’s feedback  Equal access - no deductible, no artificial limits, all systems  Equal opportunity - open competition for entire industry PROPOSED PROGRAM SUMMARY

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