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Abra SQL Payroll – MAS 500 GL Interface Overview and Workflow.

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1 Abra SQL Payroll – MAS 500 GL Interface Overview and Workflow

2 General Ledger - 101

3 3 General Ledger 101 - General The general ledger is the main accounting record of a business which uses double-entry bookkeeping. It will usually include accounts for such items as: –Current assets –Fixed assets –Liabilities –Revenue –Expenses –Gains –Losses The general ledger is where posting to the accounts occurs.

4 4 General Ledger 101 – Chart of Accounts Peachtree Sage Sage SP Sage Pro Sage 100 MAS 90 MAS 200 Sage 200 Accpac ERP Sage Timberline MAS 500 Sage 1000

5 5 General Ledger 101 - GL Segments 7250-12-300 Main Division Department 12-7250-6984 Division Main Project 6984 - HQ - 7250 - 12 Project Location Main Division 262 - 240 - 12 - 7250 Abra Training Channel Sales Airfare Expense

6 6 General Ledger 101 The general ledger should include: Date Description Amount for each account It is usually divided into at least seven main categories. These categories generally include: Assets Liabilities Owner's equity Revenue Expenses Gains Losses

7 7 General Ledger 101

8 8 GL Setup in Abra SQL Payroll

9 9

10 10 Pitfalls of GL Journal Entries Payroll Expenses, Liabilities,…. Payroll Expenses, Liabilities,…. GL Acct s GL Acct s Manual GL Entries Generate GL Report Manual Entries to GL Errors in Data Entry GL Segments Mismatches Importing GL Entries Export File Format Report Generation Adjustments / Edits GL Segments Mismatches

11 Abra SQL Payroll Data – MAS 500 GL Workflow

12 12 GL Interface Overview The Abra / MAS 500 GL Interface automates the preparation and transfer of activity from Abra SQL Payroll to the MAS 500 general ledger, eliminating the need to manually prepare and type journal entries. The Abra / MAS 500 GL Interface additional features include the ability to assemble data, create reports, audit, and prepare data for MAS 500. This intelligent interactive interface is a “back-end” program – meaning it is used after payroll. Under operator control, this interface extracts a batch of data from the payroll history, prepares it and reports it for audit and acceptance, and transfers the assembled batch in the prescribed manner for the GL to receive.

13 13 Complete Solution Abra ESS Abra HR Abra Train Abra Payroll Abra Attendance Abra BE/LE Abra eRecruiter Accounts Payables Accounts Receivables Cash Management General Ledger Project Accounting Inventory Management Purchase Orders Abra HRMS MAS 500 GL Interface

14 14 Abra SQL Payroll History Tables Workflow Diagram Abra SQL Payroll History Tables Liabilities Expenses Liabilities Expenses Report Audits Edits Prep Report Audits Edits Prep ABRA / MAS 500 GL Interface Data Assembly Import to MAS 500 GL Interface MAS 500 GL

15 15 Data Flow Abra HRMS SQL Abra HRMS SQL BAS GL Interfac e BAS GL Interfac e MAS 500 ERP Payroll History GL Import Salary Wages FICA FICA SOC FICA MED 401(k) Insurance Disability 1099 Exp Misc Earnings Unemployment Payroll Taxes Data Assembly GL Overrides Audits Reports Data Export GL Accounts

16 16 Benefits of Using the Abra MAS 500 Interface Find errors before they reach GL Identify errors on audit reports Audits help ensure data integrity Save time and reduces errors during data entry Translation tables provide greater account creation flexibility No need to change software just to achieve integration Interface Abra Payroll system and your current MAS 500 General Ledger

17 Abra SQL Payroll – MAS 500 GL Utility Overview

18 18 GL Interface

19 19 Assemble Data

20 20 Reports

21 21 GL Account Detail By Check

22 22 GL Account Detail Report

23 23 Report to Worksheet

24 24 Report to CSV

25 25 Transfer Data

26 26 Data Export

27 27 MAS 500 GL Data Import

28 28 MAS 500 GL Data Import

29 29 MAS GL Data Import

30 Abra Payroll – MAS 500 GL In Motion Product Demonstration

31 GL Interface Product Overview

32 32 Frequently Asked Questions What version of MAS 500 and Abra do I need? MAS 500 Versions 7.05 and 7.2. Where can I install this utility? The utility may be installed on the same application server as MAS500 and/or Abra. Is there training available? Installation and Implementation Training will be available on line. Will it work with other accounting apps? No Can I customize this interface to transfer other data? It will require a customization written by BAS.

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