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Summer is here and our newly remodeled stadium will soon be ready for the 2013 season and the return of Husky Nation! For the past 35 years, HMBAA has.

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1 Summer is here and our newly remodeled stadium will soon be ready for the 2013 season and the return of Husky Nation! For the past 35 years, HMBAA has helped officially kick off the HMB season with the Seattle Torchlight Parade. To keep this rich tradition alive, we need YOU to join the Varsity Band members to march and play in the parade! Bring a fellow alum with you to make the experience all the more memorable Details: Route: Starts at Seattle Center, winds through downtown, ends at Century Link Field. Total length is just over 2 miles, with lots of water stops and rests. We play 5 songs: Victory, Bow, Everybody’s, Louie, and Tequila (a flip folder with music can be provided). Uniform: Touch of Class polo shirt, (if you need one you may purchase it the night of our rehearsal $22.00) Khaki pants, white shoes and white socks. Rehearsal: One rehearsal the night before, Friday, July 26, at 7:00 pm in the E9 parking lot. We will run through the music with light marching around the outside of the stadium. This will be followed by a free and delicious BBQ picnic at 8:00 pm. Parade Day Schedule: Our buses depart from the north side of HecEd by the tennis courts at 5:00pm / return around 10:00pm. Public transportation is also excellent, and if you are coming from the south you can park at CenturyLink and bus to the start line. The more Husky Alumni band members the better – we need you to make the 2013 Seattle Seafair Torchlight Parade a success for another year! Please go online NOW and sign up at It’s easy – simply scroll down to Torchlight Parade and press the Torchlight Parade Sign up. Remember, our involvement in events like the Torchlight parade creates a lasting and positive influence on our young Husky Band members and future HMBAA members and scholarship fund contributors. Let’s all do what we can to help keep the HMB tradition alive and strong. Thanks for your support! Go Dawgs! Stan The Lyre Volume 47, NO. 2 July 2013 Highlighted Events : July 27 Torchlight parade Aug 18 Golf Classic Aug 31 Home opener vs. Boise ST Articles of Interest: HMBAA Logo Contest2 Brad‘s Update3 Golf Classic4 Meet the Board 5 Calendar of events 7 Husky Marching Band Alumni Association

2 HMBAA LOGO Contest Last summer we promised to bring changes to the HMBAA –this year we are rolling out some more! Introducing – the new HMBAA logo: In May we asked you, our HMBAA members, friends, & family, to help us design a new logo. The old imaging has been with us for a long time and has served us well – but the board felt now was a time to develop something that will serve us into the 21st century. We also wanted to provide an opportunity for an up-and- coming designer to get solid brand building experience. Out of dozens of submissions, we are happy to congratulate Steven Klock, a Graphic & Web Designer out of Murrieta, California, on his design of both our new logo and our new social media pages and mailing letterhead design. The competition was fierce, but the Board felt that Steven’s designs were clean, professional, and will take our HMBAA brand boldly into the future. To view more from Steven, please visit his website: We also have many new ways to communicate and connect. Have feedback? Please tell us what you think. Join us and share through any one of our new communication tools:!/hmbalumni 2

3 A Word from Brad Hello Everyone! Another busy school year has come and gone and plans are well underway for the 2013 season. What all members of the band and staff are anticipating undoubtedly more than anything else is getting back into the cozy confines of our own stadium! The 2012 HMB was a great group of students to work with and they gave some memorable performances but fundraising $30,000 just to get the band and cheer squad to its own home games is an expense I am looking forward to never having again! Now we get to focus on the bands new “digs” as well as “”duds!” That’s right! By now it’s no secret that the band will be performing during games from the west end of Husky Stadium where a space at the bottom of the center three sections is being especially designed for us. However, I received word from the administration in March that they also wanted the band in new uniforms to match our new surroundings! So after an expedited design phase, the order was placed in early May and we are looking forward to having them arrive exactly one week prior to the Huskies’ home opener against Boise State! Whew! So for all of you who have volunteered to march in the Varsity-Alumni Band for that game, you’ll not only be in the stadium for its memorable re-grand opening but you’ll also be the group that actually debuts the new uniforms! I am also happy to announce that two Husky Band traditions will continue, but both with a slightly new twist. I had initially feared that without a track that Band Day might become a thing of the past. Fortunately, since we were able to prove that it could be pulled off last season down at the CLINK without the benefit of a track to stage the bands on, the administration has approved its continuation! The number of bands will likely be a bit smaller but the 61st Band Day is on and will proudly be presented at the Idaho State game on September 21st. The other tradition I alluded to is the Helmet Car. I knew that without a track the HC would probably never make another trip around the stadium after a touchdown but wasn’t quite sure what the best alternative was. Well the perfect opportunity presented itself recently and I am thrilled to announce that in August our beloved Helmet Car will find a permanent new home at Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry! There will be an official announcement and unveiling sometime prior to the start of the season and I’ll make sure the date and time gets posted on the band and alumni band websites. As far as important dates to mark your calendars for, I look forward to hopefully seeing many of you at this year’s Torchlight Parade on Saturday, July 27th (see Stan’s letter for more information) and of course the V-A game on August 31st! Those that still wish to register their participation can do so on the band’s website at Lastly for those of you who have supported the band by attending the annual Husky Football Sneak Preview, you’ll want to pay special attention to the fact that the event for this year has been moved from August to September 18th enabling us to once again host it in the newly renovated Don James Center! A pre-registration link will once again be available at beginning August 1st. As always, my sincere thanks for your continued support of the band and cheer and I look forward to seeing many of you this fall! Go Dawgs! Brad McDavid Director 3

4 4 Announcing the 10th Annual Husky Band Alumni Golf Classic "Bringing Bad Golf and Good Friends Together for an Outstanding Band" Please join us for a fun day of golf, food and friends, as we raise funds for Husky Band Scholarships, including the Andrew Mandel Drum Major Scholarship. You can register online at Scramble Tournament Date: Sunday, August 18th, 2013 Where: Washington National Golf Club Registration & Practice: 12:30—1:25 pm Tee: 1:30 pm—Shot Gun Buffet: following conclusion of play, ~ 6:30 pm Fee: $130 or $115 w/paid HMBAA dues Registration includes range balls, cart, dinner & auction (Awards Dinner & Auction Only: $35 ) Our tournament has something for everyone: For those new to golf tournaments, we'd like to assure you that this event is not cutthroat, in fact far from it. At every hole, each member of the foursome takes a turn to hit the ball--the team takes their next shot from the position of the best hit ball. Mulligans, or "do overs" can be purchased to give your team additional help. This means that it is possible for your team to do well in the tournament with three lousy golfers and one good golfer. (Even bad golfers are bound to get lucky and have a few good shots throughout the day!) Besides, driving the golf cart is a lot of fun! For experienced golfers, we have hole-in-one prizes for all par 3 holes (including a 1-year lease on an Acura!), longest drive and closest to the pin contests, and this year, winning our event will qualify your foursome to play in the 2013 Acura College Alumni Team Championship in October. Not a golfer? Join us for our Award Dinner & Auction; the cost is $35. If you have questions about registration, would like to sponsor our tournament, or would like to donate items for our auction, please contact Kris Van Gasken (206.679.8742)

5 Meet the Board! Stan is finishing his 33rd year as a middle school band director, though it seems like just yesterday he rode to band practice by bike with his trumpet strapped on his back. Early in Stan’s marching career, Bill Bissell shouted, “Yantis, you’re sticking out like a pimple." Stan may not have been the best marcher in band…Years later Stan introduced Bissell to his daughter, Hilma, at her first game in HMB. Without missing a beat and with a twinkle in his eye, Bissell said, ”I hope you march better than your dad.” Sheri followed in her brother's footsteps to join HMB and was an Independence Day Bowl clarinet rookie. She spent only two years in band since the School of Music decided that HMB wouldn't count towards her program requirements, she is giving her time now with her 3 rd year on the board, and she loves the enthusiasm of the new board! Kristina is a proud ‘Sun Bowl Rookie’ having been in band during the notable Neuheisel/Gilbertson/Williingham years. Now a responsible adult, Kristina often misses the days when she could make a shirt out of purple saran wrap, take a swig from the famed Clarinet SOTB Bucket, and play to her heart’s content at a Friday rally. Kristina is spearheading the Lyre revamp and working to improve communications from HMBAA. Katie was a HMB Piccolo from '94-'98, and lucky enough to go to 4 bowl games. She’d like to thank the band for 2 amazing trips to Hawaii where she enjoyed drinking out of pineapples (a lot). She also credits HMB with losing her luggage, one interesting trip to Juarez, Mexico, and the best Spodie and Jell-o recipes around. PSA!! Rachelle was a member of the clarinet section from 07-10 and was section leader for her last year. (CCTB!) She suffered through the dreadful 0-12 season and also saw the Dawgs' return to the bowl scene with their victory over Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl. Memories of HMB include living in the Naked House, ridiculous rally themes and not understanding anything Brad says except "Ready to go up". Serving as the Membership Liaison, she is excited about her position on the HMBAA Board. Andrew started his HMB career auspiciously with a trumpet audition which prompted the section leader to say, "Let's just keep you on 3rd Trumpet. Forever. Actually, you should think about trying out for another section, ANY other section. Like the Cheer Squad.“ Turns out it was easier to throw chicks than hit the high notes. Andrew was a 4 yr member and 1 yr Captain of the UW Cheer program. He cofounded and coached the Seattle Sonics Pro Stunt Team and has coached all-star, high school, and collegiate cheer teams. He is honored and proud to serve on the boards for both HMBAA and Seafair, and looks forward to seeing all his former teammates at the HMBAA Homecoming Reunion. Mike was a member of the UW Drumline from 1996-2001 and Drumline Section Leader of the 2000-2001 Rose Bowl. He graduated from UW with 2 Bachelors Degrees in Percussion Performance and Arts and Sciences and recently completed his MBA from Seattle University. In 2004, he helped start the Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline and still serves as Assistant Director of that group. On July 4th, HMB claimed another marriage when Mike tied the knot with former Mellophone player, Carrie Lawson. 2013 HMBAA Board President Stan Yantis Vice President Sheri Kittay Secretary Katie Ahl Treasurer Kristina Ciari Board Members At Large Rachelle Miller Andrew Gustafson Mike Roling Outgoing President Tameem Bakkar

6 6 2013 Board Elections You’ve just met the 2013 board, but it’s already time to start nominations for the 2014Board! This is a great opportunity for those of you looking to make a difference for HMBAA. Don’t like our music? Unhappy with the set up? Have a great idea and you just want to BE HEARD? Nominate yourself or a friend to join the HMBAA board today! Meetings are scheduled monthly (occasionally a month is skipped) and run about two hours. Everyone on the board is expected to try to make all the meetings, but a majority of communication is done via email. President—runs the organization and chairs meetings, makes suggestions for changes, helps with communication to the membership, and is the go to person for pep band requests and member questions. Vice President—supports the President and assures all the events run smoothly. Treasurer—takes care of all money matters. This is a two year position open for 2014-2015 Secretary—keeps minutes at the meetings and emails minutes to all board members. Collects articles for and distributes the Lyre. Responsible for tracking membership. Board Member—attends board meetings, takes responsibility for at least one event per year (ice cream social, homecoming, band lunch, etc), and writes articles for the Lyre. A newly created Membership Chair position is filled by one of the board members. This person is responsible for updating social media and building communications with recent grads. Contact any current board member for more information, or to state your willingness to be part of the HMBAA board! Please help keep our board strong! Homecoming 2013 This years homecoming game is Saturday October 26 vs. California and we are going to kick off the weekend with another great event! Last year we had an amazing event at the Deca hotel. The silent auction was a great success, HMB varsity band came and preformed, and Barry Erickson AKA Captain Husky was the first to be named as the annual honoree of the New Cheer scholarship. Please mark your calendar for Friday October 25. This year will be even more fun now that we are back in Husky Stadium. Stay tuned to the website and email for more details as they get finalized.

7 Calendar of Events: Torchlight Practice and P5 party 7:00PM July 26 Torchlight Parade 5:00PM -10:00PM July 27 10 th Golf Classic 12:30PM – 8:00PM August 18 Husky Home Games: Boise St Husky stadium home opener 7:00PM kick off August 31 Idaho St Band Day September 21 Arizona September 28 Oregon October 12 California Homecoming Game October 26 Colorado November 9 Washington St Friday!!! 12:30PM kick off November 29 Game day sign ups As most of you already know we will have 45 free tickets per game this year. Here’s how we plan to allow people to sign up for games. All sign ups with be through our website Each game sign up will go live on the Saturday two weeks before it is scheduled. You will need to be a member of our site to have access to the sign ups, and you will need to be current on your dues to get a free seat. Due to the limited number of seats we have had to limit it to HMBAA members only. The first sign up will be for the Sept 21 game. Sign ups will go live Sept 7. In the mean time you can go to our practice sign up already up on the website. If you have any questions please contact Katie Ahl. Stay tuned to future emails with all the details and dates and times for game day fun! 7

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