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 Java EE 7 The new features of the upcoming Enterprise Edition.

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1  Java EE 7 The new features of the upcoming Enterprise Edition

2 Hello, I‘m Marcus  Diploma in Computer Science 2002 University of Tuebingen  Freelancing Software Architect specialized in Java EE  worked for serveral large companies in Germany like Daimler (Mercedes), Commerzbank and Deutsche Bahn

3 Our Agenda Overview of the new features Example application Dig into the code

4 Damn it, we need a new main theme!  Originally: PaaS (Cloud and multi-tenancy)  No Cloud  No Multi-tenancy  But Productivity and HTML5  Due date: Q2 2013

5 JSF 2.2  renders HTML5   CDI ViewScope / Managed Beans deprecated  Faces Flow How to use the new features: jsf-2-2-with-jboss-7-1 jsf-2-2-with-jboss-7-1

6 CDI 1.1, EJB 3.2 & JPA 2.1  @Transactional-Annotation  But: Still no annotations for EJB Security  CDI: Priority ordering of Interceptors and Decorators  JPA: Stored Procedures and DB-Functions in JPQL

7 Method level validation  Part of Bean Validation 1.1 @NotNull public MyObject createMyObject( @Size(min=5, max=40) String name, @DecimalMin(value="1.00") Double value, @Pattern(regexp="\\d{8}") String code) {...

8 JMS 2.0 @Inject @JMSConnectionFactory("jms/connectionFactory") private JMSContext context; @Resource(mappedName = "jms/inboundQueue") private Queue inboundQueue; public void sendMessage(String payload) { context.send(inboundQueue, payload); }

9 Some new APIs  Java API for JSON Processing (JSR 353)  Batch Applications (JSR 352)

10 Things we‘ll cover  Java API for WebSockets (JSR 356)  Bidirectional communication  Directly over TCP  No HTTP, only for Handshake via HTTP Upgrade  JAX-RS 2.0  finally a REST-Client

11 Sample app „MyAktion“ Our sample application allows organizers of nonprofit campaigns to create online fundraising forms for their projects. The organizer can embed these forms into their own website. This allows the organizer to raise money for his campaign. Each organizer can create forms for multiple campaigns. The application takes care of the generation of the forms and the management of the campaigns and donations.

12 Domain classes

13 Let‘s see...

14 But now some JEE 7 please…

15 Communication diagram

16 Questions? Please ask and don‘t hesitate to contact me  Name: Marcus Schiesser  Blog:  Email:  Code:

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