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Aaron Thomas Blackhall Stephen David Cronin THE OAK TREE ECOSYSTEM.

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1 Aaron Thomas Blackhall Stephen David Cronin THE OAK TREE ECOSYSTEM

2  The oak tree can live up to hundreds of years. An oak tree can grow to 40 metres. Oak trees do not produce seed until it is 35 years old. INTERESTING FACTS

3  The seed of the oak tree is an acorn. Each tree will produce over 50,000 acorns but only 1 or 2 will grow into oak trees. ACORNS

4  Many animals, plants, insects and fungi depend on the oak. ECOSYSTEM

5  The oak is a deciduous hard wood tree. It loses it’s leaves every Autumn. DECIDUOUS

6  The Irish word for oak tree is Dair. Several Irish cities are named after Dair Like Doire (Derry) Cill Dara (Kildare) DAIR

7  There are many type’s of oak  English Oak  Cork Oak  White Oak TYPE’S OF OAK

8  Oak tree’s need:  Water (Ground)  Minerals (Ground)  Sugar (Ground)  Sunlight (Sun)  Carbon Dioxide (Air) OAK TREE GROWS

9  The Oak roots spread for many metre’s underground. Their main task is to gather water and mineral’s. Many minerals come from the dead leave’s. ROOTS

10  The oak leaf is one of the easiest to recognise. It has a serrated edge. OAK LEAF

11  The oak leaf is a factory which turn’s water, minerals and carbon dioxide into sugar to feed the tree. This happens once the sun is warm enough. The leaf must have green chlorophyll for this to work. PHOTOSYNTHESIS

12  The oak tree supports  Insects  Beetles  Ladybirds  Wasps  Ants ECOSYSTEM

13  The oak tree supports many birds who eat the insects and nest in the tree.  Owl  Sparrow  Hawk ECOSYSTEM

14  The oak tree supports small animals such as:  Wood mouse  Hedgehog  rat ECOSYSTEM

15  The oak tree supports larger animals such as:  Squirrel  Badger  Fox ECOSYSTEM

16  Lichen grow at the oak tree. Lichen is a living fungi. The fungi helps rot the dead leave’s ECOSYSTEM

17  Insects build homes on the oak tree. Animals and insects eat the fruit, the bark and the leave’s.  Birds eat the insects  Birds build nests. ECOSYSTEM

18  Wild flowers grow near the tree such as :  Cowslips  Primroses  Daffodils ECOSYSTEM

19  The leave’s provide a wonderful place for insects to lay their eggs. Such as the butterfly. ECOSYSTEM

20  The two types of squirrel (Red Squirrel and the Grey Squirrel) use the tree to build their homes (drey). They eat and store thousands of acorns. ECOSYSTEM

21  The fox uses the tree to catch other smaller animals. ECOSYSTEM

22  We use the oak to build ships, furniture and pot handles. MAN

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