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The All-Flash Array for the Next Generation Data Center SOLUTION OVERVIEW.

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1 The All-Flash Array for the Next Generation Data Center SOLUTION OVERVIEW

2 The SolidFire Solution Scale-out high performance storage systems designed for large scale infrastructure  Largest and Fastest all-SSD storage system  4 - 100 nodes, 35TB - 3.4PB, 200K - 7.5M IOPS  Industry-standard hardware, 10 GigE iSCSI  20X performance of traditional SANs  Best-in-Class Quality of Service (QoS) Architecture  10x reduction in operational cost  Delivered near/below the cost of traditional 15K spinning disk SAN

3 Flash for the Next Generation Data Center

4 Scale-Out Architecture  New nodes are added as demand dictates  Performance and capacity instantly available to all volumes  Nodes added on the fly without down time 174 TB 207 TB 241 TB 275 TB 375,000 IOPS 450,000 IOPS 525,000 IOPS 600,000 IOPS Performance Capacity Linear Scalability Starter 5 node SF9010 configuration 5, SF9010 Nodes  174 TB  375,000 IOPS Allan Leinwand, ServiceNow CTO: “If your cloud has maintenance windows, you're doing it wrong.”

5 Performance Virtualization: Independent global pools of capacity and performance  Allocate: Storage performance independent of capacity  Manage: Performance real-time without impacting other volumes  Guarantee: Performance to every volume with fine-grain QoS settings Deliver Guaranteed Storage Performance and Firm Performance SLAs Guaranteed Performance - QoS

6 Eliminating Noisy Neighbors with QoS The Noisy Neighbor Effect  Individual tenant impacts other applications  Unsuitable for performance sensitive apps SolidFire QoS in Practice  Create fine-grained tiers of performance  Application performance is isolated  Performance SLAs enforced Noisy Neighbor Performance 0 Performance 1 Performance 2 Performance 3 Decreased Performance

7  Cluster wide RAID-less data protection - SolidFire Helix™  No single points of failure  Automatic self-healing – restores redundancy after failure  Maintains all QoS settings regardless of failure condition  Non-disruptive hardware and software upgrades  Real-Time Replication  Integrated Backup and Restore  Encryption at Rest Shared Nothing High Availability H H F F C C F F D D B B G G C C E E H H B B A A D D G G A A E E

8 In-Line Efficiency  Always-on, in-line data reduction  Deduplication  Compression  Thin provisioning  Executed across entire data store without performance impact  Space efficient snapshots and clones  Delivers drastic reduction in power, cooling, and floor space

9 User Error - Storage Complexity Others Design Initial size (GB or IOPS) Anticipated growth over lifecycle of array IOPS required lifetime of product Node size selection RAID type, RAID grouping Drive type (FC, NL, SSD) Drive quantities and ratio Cache requirements Drive Sparing Aggregate/CPG MetaLUN and Bin file layout Installation Bin File/RAID Layout Aggregate/MetaLUN creation Snapshot spare spacing Vol0/quorum drive layout Aggregate snapshot frequency Snapshot growth limits Operating GB required IOPs required Account Creation Host to HBA assignment and tracking Host initiator count limits RAID type required Primary Control Node assignment IOP limitation concerns Snapshot growth policy Thin Provisioning (or not) Aggregate/CPG assignment 40% CPU limit considerations Scaling IOPS needed GB needed Drive Shelves required Power/floor space restrictions Control node limitations (CPU storage) Upgrade HBA compatibility list CPU utilization on control nodes Maintenance window Mitigate risk during node outage

10 User Error - Storage Complexity SolidFire Design Initial size (GB or IOPS) Installation None Operating GB required IOPs required Account Creation Scaling IOPS needed GB needed Upgrade None “Where SolidFire differs, though, is in its focus. It has made decisions with its product to reduce what I like to call “mental friction,” or the ongoing drag on IT staff from operational complexity.”– Bob Plankers, The Virtualization Practice

11 Automated Management Integrated REST-based API  Enables complete automation of any SolidFire function  Supports development of user-facing storage controls  Seamless integration into current billing/charge-back systems and management stacks  API Integration Support from SolidFire

12 Not all flash is created equal… Scale beyond 100TB In-line Data Reduction Native Remote Replication Guaranteed Performance Automated Management High Performance Shared Nothing HA All Flash Array Type A All Flash Array Type B All Flash Array Type C All Flash Array Type D

13 SolidFire Ranks #1 Overall in Gartner Critical Capabilities Study ▪Report analyzes 13 SSAs across six high-impact use cases ▪Quantifies product attractiveness against seven critical capabilities that are important to IT leaders. ▪Overall Use Case ▪Online Transaction Processing ▪Server Virtualization ▪Virtual Desktop Infrastructure ▪High Performance Computing ▪Analytics

14 Validated in the most demanding Enterprise and Service Provider data centers

15 15 VDI Success Story – Large Global Telco 3000 user VDI POD – 200K+ Deployment 2YR Selected solution after having analyzed and completed Proof of Concepts of(18) Hybrid, Traditional Raid, and Flash Array vendors Power savings key business driver SolidFire and Dell Networking helped cut this in ½ compared to competitive solution. Replaced existing standard POD which took up 2 44U Racks Inline efficiency was key benefit achieved greater than 10X API integration with custom management tool easily achieved with REST API

16 The All-Flash Array for the Next Generation Data Center For more information visit or SolidFire Solutions are in the Dell Solutions Center for POC’s and Demo’s. Contact us for a solutions discussion and demo! Contact your Dell sales team for a quote today!

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