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Constellation Energy Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Presented by: Paula Amos, Director Performance Improvement.

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1 Constellation Energy Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Presented by: Paula Amos, Director Performance Improvement

2 o Interactive Discussion o Share experience to maximize learning 2June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

3 o Why is trending important? o What are some key elements of a good trending program? 3June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

4 o Bins are defined that provide a logical way of sorting performance information. Keep the number of bins small enough to facilitate decision-making, and the bins are modified when necessary to reflect changes in priority or activities. o Look for the trends or prevailing tendencies in department, station, and fleet performance data. Previously identified trends and additional areas for which the data shows that performance is improving, is deteriorating, or has stagnated. 4June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

5 o A limited number of individuals, such as trend analysts, apply trend codes. o Establish Management Standard Limits or Averages by using fixed limit analysis or average limit analysis. o Display data using control charts. The charts include a baseline average line and control limits. The control limits act as alarm values. 5June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

6 o Real-time tool to initiate interventions targeted at improving behavior / performance real time. o Daily review by Station Management o Focus Areas Selected o The goal is to identify adverse or potential trends immediately such that compensatory measures can be taken to reduce / prevent events and event pre- cursors. 6June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

7 o Condition Reports o Observations o HOST Briefing Sheets o Prompt Investigations o QPA Daily Summary Reports 7June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

8 o The Performance Improvement Unit developed reports that lists observation and condition report data that was generated within a given timeframe. o Categories were developed based on previous trend categories in 2009 as well as current RFO data. o Condition Reports and Observations were read and binned accordingly into categories. 8June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

9 o New categories are added to provide a more finite analysis of the data. These categories will be carried into future outages. New categories added as need arises. o Analysis results are incorporated into the RFO Trending Document which is a combination of written analysis and graphical presentations. 9June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

10 o Trend condition reports are generated at a low threshold. o The report captures the following for each trend identified: o CR numbers o Category o Owner o Description o Invention Measures Taken to Improve Behavior / Performance o Results 10June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

11 11June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

12 o Comparisons were developed to show improved performance or declining performance during outages. 12June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

13 o Graphical charts were developed for each identified trend bin. Previous outage data was plotted where available for comparison. o Graphs were color coded to illustrate performance. o Green for improved performance, yellow for neutral performance, and red for decreased in performance compared to previous outage. o Newly identified categories were not color coded. o Best Fit lines were embedded within each chart to monitor improving or declining performance once trend CRs were written. These lines were also used as a trigger point to declare trends. 13June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

14 14June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

15 o Condition reports were also displayed under each binned category. o Condition reports that were included under a trend condition were noted. 15June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

16 o Observations were also binned by category based on applied trend codes. o Graphical presentation was included in the daily trending report. o 2010 RFO trend CRs and 2009 RFO trend CRs were displayed on the chart. 16June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

17 17June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

18 18June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

19 o The RFO Trending Report Summary was developed at the conclusion of the outage. o Report included: o All data reported daily o Prompt Investigation Summary o QPA Observation Data Roll-up o Example of Host Briefing Sheet 19June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

20 20June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

21 21June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

22 22June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

23 o A structured Rapid Trending Process can make an impact on Outage Performance. o You need to start somewhere. INPO 07- 007 has defined the baseline. o Use all available data sources. o You can’t get to where you want to be with performance until you know where you are at!! 23June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

24 ? 24June 22, 2010 / HPRCT

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