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Migratory Bird Program Conserving America’s Birds.

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1 Migratory Bird Program Conserving America’s Birds

2 Migratory Bird Program Goals Protect, restore, and manage migratory bird populations to ensure: long-term ecological sustainability of all migratory bird populations, increase socioeconomic benefits, improve hunting and birdwatching, other outdoor bird-related experiences, increase awareness of the value of migratory birds and their habitats for their intrinsic, ecological, recreational and economic significance. Wood Duck Birdwatcher

3 Migratory Bird Program Responsible for maintaining healthy migratory bird populations for the benefit of the American people through: Population Monitoring, Assessment, and Management Habitat Conservation Permits and Regulations Consultation Communication and Outreach Recreation

4 Migratory Bird Program Migratory Bird Management Providing global leadership in the conservation and management of migratory birds for present and future generations. Bird Habitat Conservation Providing leadership in the conservation of migratory bird habitat through partnerships, grants, and outreach for present and future generations.

5 Species Management/Planning/Implementation Hunting Regulations (migratory game birds ) List of Birds Covered Under Treaties Bird Initiatives Focal Species Birds of Conservation Concern Research and Data Applied Research Surveys Population & Habitat Data, Harvest Data Regulatory Permits “Take” Issues Outreach & Education/Communication International Migratory Bird Day, Urban Bird Treaties, State of the Birds, PIF Migratory Bird Management Eaglets

6 PACIFICCENTRALMISSISSIPPIATLANTIC Pilots Portland, OR Denver, CO Minneapolis, MN Laurel, MD Portland, OR Golden, CO Lafayette, LA Bismarck, ND Laurel, MD Sacramento, CA Old Town, ME Flyway Reps DMBM Staff Arlington, VA Laurel, MD Denver, CO Minneapolis, MN Boise, ID Migratory Bird Management Regional Offices Portland, OR Albuquerque, NM Minneapolis, MN Atlanta, GA Hadley, MA Denver, CO Washington, DC Anchorage, AK Sacramento, CA 1 2 4 5 6 3 8

7 PACIFICCENTRALMISSISSIPPIATLANTIC 1 2 4 5 6 3 8 In your region who is your contact in the Migratory Bird Program? Individual Work Migratory Bird Program

8 Bird Habitat Conservation Migratory Bird Habitat Grant Programs: North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act (NMBCA) Joint Ventures - Fostering partnerships to improve bird conservation strategies and activities across the continent. Federal Duck Stamp Program Junior Duck Stamp Program Outreach and Education

9 Fosters partnerships to carry out wetland conservation across North America 22-year history, more than 2,000 projects and nearly 4,500 partners funded North American Wetlands Conservation Act Redhead Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act Golden-winged Warbler Includes habitat protection and restoration, research and monitoring of bird populations, law enforcement, and outreach and education throughout the Western Hemisphere. More than $39 million in grants in more than 36 countries. Bird Habitat Conservation

10 More than 5.3 million acres conserved/protected on National Wildlife Refuges. Federal Duck Stamp Program Junior Duck Stamp Program Youth arts curriculum teaching wetlands and waterfowl conservation with 27,000+ participants each year. “Connecting children with nature through science and art ” “ “Conservation through the Arts” Bird Habitat Conservation

11 Migratory Bird Initiatives North American Waterfowl Management Plan U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan Waterbird Conservation for the Americas North American Landbird Conservation Plan (Partners in Flight)

12 State of the Birds Unprecedented partnership Looks at how birds are faring Shows conservation works

13 National Wildlife Refuge System Endangered Species Fisheries and Habitat Conservation Office of Law Enforcement International Affairs External Affairs Additionally - NGOs Cross-Program Interactions

14 Current Migratory Bird Issues Overabundant migratory game birds (Snow Geese, resident Canada Geese) Declining migratory game birds (pintails, scaup, sea ducks) Overabundant fish-eating birds (Double-crested Cormorants) Avian mortality (collisions with power lines and wind turbines, fisheries by-catch) Eagle Permit issues Reauthorization of Grant Programs

15 With your group, list grant programs designed to conserve migratory birds and their habitat. Discuss scenarios where each of these grant programs would apply. Group Work Migratory Bird Program

16 Conserving America’s Birds

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