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VESSEL BIOFOULING Obsolete Vessels Commercial Ships Recreational Boats.

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1 VESSEL BIOFOULING Obsolete Vessels Commercial Ships Recreational Boats

2 Obsolete Vessels 2 studies:effect of transit effect of in-water cleaning Commercial Ships Vessel sampling Research overview Recreational Boats Pilot study in San Francisco Bay VESSEL BIOFOULING

3 Obsolete Vessels brackish marine FW The effect of transit on biofouling POINT LOMA & FLORENCE

4 Obsolete Vessels Before After

5 Obsolete Vessels before transit after transit images

6 Obsolete Vessels pre-transit Conopeum chesapeakensis Balanus improvisus Corbula amurensis Gnorisphaeroma oregonense Gammarus daiberi Uromunna sp post-transit Conopeum chesapeakensis Balanus improvisus Gnorisphaeroma oregonense 6 ‘new’ hydroids 22 pre-transit species 57 post-transit species At least 7 NIS arrived in Texas biological samples

7 Obsolete Vessels Scamping the hull of the ORION S.C.A.M.P. = submersible cleaning and maintenance platform sampling (images and biological samples) before and after scamping

8 Obsolete Vessels bare space biofouling before scamping after scamping images biofouling categories

9 Obsolete Vessels ORION: average spp richness per sample before scamping after scamping biological samples

10 Obsolete Vessels ORION: species prevalence in samples before scamping after scamping biological samples

11 Obsolete Vessels ORION: variation among organism types in response to scamping biological samples

12 Obsolete Vessels Obsolete Vessels: Summary substantial decrease in organism abundance/percent cover (image analysis) high prevalence of species in samples after transit/cleaning (biological samples analysis) live specimens observed for all common species after transit/scamping vessel colonization by ‘new’ species can be substantial during transit further study could determine the risk of invasion after transit (or scamping + transit) for obsolete vessels across space & time

13 Obsolete Vessels Obsolete vessels: current status OR Senate Bill 432 VERSAR/MARAD sampling hull biofouling at 3 sites Further evaluation of SCAMPING Louisiana state officials allowing entry only after hull surveys of a ship in Beaumont (Texas)

14 Commercial Vessels Commercial vessel biofouling 1. Variation in traffic patterns (number of arrivals, source ports, port connectivity) 2. Variation among ship types (WSA, speed, port duration) 3. Vessel maintenance (most recent dry-docking, paint types, in-water cleaning) 4. Variation in biofouling (niche areas, organism diversity, quantity & quality)

15 Commercial ships >1001 101 - 1000 11 - 1001 - 10 Number of vessels donated Ca, Or & Wa arrivals for 2 yrs = 29,282

16 Commercial ships 29,282 vessels = 265 million m 2 WSA

17 Commercial ships Vessel sampling: containerships (n=22)

18 Commercial ships West Coast containerships

19 Commercial ships containerships (black squares, solid line) other ship types (white triangles, dashed line) dry docking and biofouling

20 Commercial ships Commercial ships current status ABRPI future studies sampling different vessel types experimental studies (organism condition) NZ: major study 2008 (n = 270 commercial vessels) California assembly bill 740 remove fouling on a “regular basis” adopt regulations governing management of hull fouling by Jan 2012 IMO ban on TBT (Jan 1 st 2008)

21 Recreational boats Recreational vessel biofouling Pilot study based in San Francisco Bay Questionnaires (n = 214) Vessel maintenance & usage, voyage locations Level of Fouling (n = >1000) scale 0 – 5 Hull sampling (n = 72)* underwater pole-cam

22 Recreational boats


24 boat trips within the Bay in the last 12 months

25 Recreational boats analysis and report in 2008

26 Funding Acknowledgements California State Lands Commission Maritime Administration US Fish & Wildlife (through WRP)

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