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H YPE M INIGOLF Natale Letizia IT-University of Copenhagen Engine Programming.

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2 H YPE M INIGOLF Natale Letizia IT-University of Copenhagen Engine Programming

3 O UTLINE Latest improvements Original release overview Core engine description Screencasts Conclusions

4 L AST Need for a better graphics – rendering issues Impossible to perceive depth on nonplanar surfaces – need to define a different illumination setting Gravity and slopes – physics A ball with zero velocity on an inclined plane should roll down due to gravity A power bar - GUI enhancements Players need feedback for shooting

5 O VERVIEW OF THE ENGINE Core components Rendering Mathematics Physics Sound DataBase Graphical User Interface

6 R ENDERING ISSUES Old renderingNew

7 R ENDERING Improvements A different illumination setting Ambient, diffuse and specular light set Define a better shading model of the objects Basics of the original Camera and parameters setting (POV, translation, rotation)

8 M ATHEMATICS Algebra, matrices and vectors operations A vector structure is used such as to represent both vertices and vectors (norms, directions, forces, etc) Basic operations supported, main: Extract magnitude of a vector, or give me the square of it Normalize a vector Dot product Cross product Scaling (or vector per scalar product) Translation (or vectors sum) Difference between vectors

9 P HYSICS Old physicsNew

10 P HYSICS Improvements Gravity parallel force Basics of the original A simulation loop, which comprises the following Parts and features: Euler integrator Collision detection/response Contact types

11 M ORE ON PHYSICS Euler integrator Basics step: New velocity (target) = previous velocity+(current force*(deltaT/mass)) New position = previous position + (current speed*deltaT) Collision detection/response Find interpenetration NO -> check if contact/collision (distance ball-plane) collision if non resting contact, prepare for response YES -> reduce the deltaT of the integration step as the half of current time to target, Contact types (based on the coeff of restitution) Walls bump Between tiles movement


13 GUI – UIMS + HUD MFC menu + HUD

14 GUI Improvements A power bar Basics of the original Microsoft MFC UIMS On game HUD

15 S OUND Basic feedback Windows audio Success Collision

16 D ATABASE Support for the operations SELECT SHOW INSERT As to manage highscores, course loading, user profiles

17 S CREENCASTS Let’s see the game on play!!



20 C ONCLUSIONS Further enhancements GUI: Improving usability Physics: Use RK4 (a more accurate integrator - but not as fast as Euler)

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