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Permit Streamlining: Architects in A Leadership Role – Robert Wible, Fiatech Senior Project Manager AIA Annual Convention, Denver, CO June 19, 2013.

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1 Permit Streamlining: Architects in A Leadership Role – Robert Wible, Fiatech Senior Project Manager AIA Annual Convention, Denver, CO June 19, 2013

2 The Streamlining Landscape from a National Perspective Robert Wible Possible video clips to be interspersed in presentation TBD

3 National Perspective Current Status The Need Traditional Barriers to Streamlining Picture Different Today Success Stories – Lessons You Can Apply Tools You Can Use

4 Copyright All rights reserved. Fiatech’s Members are united by a common goal “…….make a step change improvement in productivity and efficiency in the design, procurement, engineering, construction, and maintenance of capital assets.” Fiatech - Created by Owner Companies - Includes Members and Partners that represent broad range of industry stakeholders.

5 An Overview – State of Permit Streamlining Across the U.S. Forces at work 1990’s thru 2005 Impact of the Great Recession Development of Technologies 90’s to now: - ePermitting Software – Internal & Web-based - Mobile inspection technologies / IVR - Digital Signatures & Seals - Electronic Plan Review Technologies - U.S. Local Codes in the Cloud

6 Regulatory Streamlining & Use of IT Thru Start of Recession Nationwide, only 10% of 40,000 jurisdictions, adopting and enforcing building codes, use IT – Only 2% allow electronic submission of plans – less than 1% do reviews – Less than 4% use mobile inspection technology Near total lack of inter- operability of building data within same jurisdiction Virtually none between jurisdictions Yet even with recession IT application growing………

7 Technologies mature – Sample savings:

8 Has this ever happened to you? The Nightmare!

9 Has this ever happened to you? Clear normal zoning approval process only to get stopped by Council Member – whole new round of public hearings? Permit application process so cumbersome owner has to get extension on bank loan for project? Building completed but in final inspection have to tear down one floor of building? Etc……

10 Real Case Studies – Problems/Solutions War in Oregon Beginning and Not Beginning with the end in mind Relocate pizza parlor across the street takes 24 meetings? Who knows what the building regulations are? Et. al.

11 Testimonial – Chicago Mayor made streamlining the building permit process a priority.

12 Other Streamlining Savings Streamlining Regulations & Processes Adding IT: - Savings from ePermitting - Savings from ePlan Review –Time & Green - Savings from Mobile Field Inspection Technologies - Savings by bundling all together and spreading across multiple agencies

13 Traditional Barriers to Streamlining Top 10 Reasons Why Jurisdictions Don’t Streamline and Use IT

14 Top Ten Reasons Why #10 – Horror Stories – neighbors that have tried & failed # 9 – Lack of information on Benefits, Reliable ROI data # 8 – Lack of information on “What is available and what really works.” (e.g. – ePlan review, remote inspection tech.)

15 Top Ten Reasons # 7 – Lack of Interoperable Software keeping complexity & cost of interagency use high # 6 –“This Data is Mine!” Information is power # 5 – Lack of Support from Stakeholders / Customers for I.T. #4 – Lack of Technical Support / trained staff within jurisdiction to install & maintain

16 Top Ten Reasons #3 –“Fear Of Change” by Staff & Clients – Both perceived & real, and a history of I.T. being applied before business process has been streamlined #2 – Lack Of Funding, both perceived & real – Funds being diverted for other uses by jurisdiction’s elected/administrative officials

17 And the # 1 Reason - SHEER INERTIA Bodies at Rest Stay at Rest

18 Picture Different Today –The Perfect Storm Elected Officials paying attention as their jurisdictions are desperate to generate jobs, add to tax base, to recover Land use & building department staffs cut to bare bones Regulatory streamlining practices & technologies are proven out – No beta tests

19 Picture Different Today Disasters proving benefit of more effective & efficient regulatory systems to protect from and then speed recovery - Andrew / Loma Prieta / Katrina / SuperStorm Sandy/ & ???

20 Success Stories Have These Items In Common 1 – Collaboration – Construction & Govt Officials 2 – Jurisdiction conducts Self-Assessment 3 – Do study, gather examples, visit other jurisdictions that have successfully put in place 4 – Start with streamline regs and processes Start Small and Grow – Expanded to more complex issues 5 – Stakeholders involved from Start to Finish

21 What Successful Jurisdictions Have in Common 6 – Worked closely with internal stakeholders – affected staff to transition from old to new system 7 –Put IT in place after regs and process transformation 8 – Put IT in incrementally & expand across system & between agencies 9 – Construction Community trained along with staff in new technologies

22 Overcoming These Barriers Involving the Stakeholders from Start to Finish - The Salem Story HUD Guide – “Guide to More Effective & Efficient Building Regulatory Processes Through Information Technology” - HUDuser and

23 Other Tools You Can Use Streamlining Tool Kit – Fiatech/AIA/BOMA/…

24 Copyright All rights reserved. Fiatech Regulatory Streamlining Initiative – A Step Change Improvement in the Review Process ePlan Review DIG-SIGs AutoCodes Guideline for Replicable Buildings

25 Copyright All rights reserved. U.S. Local Codes in the Cloud Objective: Create an up to-date, cloud-based library with the local building codes and standards of U.S. States and Local Jurisdictions. Incorporate 5,000 jurisdictions in months. Reduce design errors and plan preparation and review time by making local codes, amendments, standards & other documents available from the Cloud.

26 Copyright All rights reserved. New Digital Signatures & Seals Projects - Survey & Best Practices Guide for Using Digital Signatures & Seals - Jurisdiction Guide to Adoption & Recognition of Digital Seals

27 Copyright All rights reserved. Fiatech Regulatory Streamlining Contact Bob Wible Senior Project Director, Fiatech More Information on Fiatech Web Site

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