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Integrating Service Learning into the Meramec Classroom “The seeds of knowledge may be planted in solitude, but must be cultivated in public” - Samuel.

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1 Integrating Service Learning into the Meramec Classroom “The seeds of knowledge may be planted in solitude, but must be cultivated in public” - Samuel Johnson Biology students plant a “learning lab” garden at Sumner High School

2 W HAT I S S ERVICE L EARNING ? Service-Learning Is … Doing community service connected to academic courses Assisting with community needs and acquiring skills along the way Developing a sense of civic responsibility Brain Waldrop teaches students the proper procedure for cleaning local streams during the SCUEC Stream Clean Meramec students construct a wall for a non-profit office they remodeled Chemistry students performed various demonstrations for middle school science classes

3 Myth #2- Service learning is the addition Myth #2- Service learning is the addition of community service to a traditional course Myths about Service Learning Myth #1- Service learning is the same as student community service Community Service Service Learning

4 W HY S ERVICE L EARNING ? It provides experiential learning opportunities connected to course content Allows students to explore career options and build their resumes Helps students develop leadership and communication skills Increases students’ sense of community inside and outside of the classroom IDS: Do-It-Yourself students make cookies to donate to the Ronald McDonald House

5 What the Students Say… "We have an exciting opportunity to teach other students, and as a result, we teach ourselves.” - Biology student “It gave me real experience with hands on archeology, using proper forms and procedures, not to mention methods and tools.” - Anthropology student “It helped me realize myself as a member of the community and remind me of a necessity to give to others in need.” - Communications student

6 Accounting Anthropology Architectural Technology Art Biology Business Chemistry College Orientation Communication Early Care & Education English As A Second Language English Comp History Interior Design Physical Therapy Assistant Political Science Psychology Legal Studies Nursing Sociology Spanish 75 faculty members in the following disciplines use Service Learning in their classes: Students use their accounting skills to help others by doing taxes for community members free of charge

7 I.Preparation : Students and teachers identify community need, conduct research, and make preparations for the service activity II.Service : Meaningful service which addresses a real community need and enhances the student’s educational experience III.Reflection : Provides opportunity for the students to develop new understanding, skills and knowledge from their service experience IV.Recognition/Demonstration : Students share their knowledge and accomplishments through papers, presentations or documentaries Service Learning Has Four Steps... Communications student reads to a senior at Sarah Care Adult Daycare

8 P REPARATION B EFORE S EMESTER B EGINS Define course learning objectives, and brainstorm how a Service Learning project will help students meet those objectives Find a community partner whose mission statement fits your course content by browsing the Community Partner Catalog ( or by contacting Donna Halsband, the Service Learning Community partner, Theresia Metz, and instructor, Julie High, make plans for next semester’s occupational therapy SL project

9 Community Partners

10 P REPARATION D URING THE S EMESTER P REPARATION D URING THE S EMESTER Show students the narrated Intro to Service Learning PowerPointIntro to Service Learning Print the Release Form (two pages); have students complete and send to the Service Learning Coordinator along with your class listRelease Form Give students Volunteer Hours Report FormVolunteer Hours Report Form Make sure every student is able to access the service opportunity (reserve vans, etc. if necessary) Volunteers sign release forms for Make a Difference Day

11 S ERVICE D URING S EMESTER Facilitate on-going reflections relating service to course content including group discussions, journals, essays, art, or poster presentations Monitor student participation Select written reflections to submit for the Service Learning Journal to be published online at the end of the year (send to Pam Garvey at ESL students prepare bags for needy families at Circle of Concern

12 R EFLECTION AND D EMONSTRATION E ND OF SEMESTER o Demonstration/Final Reflection - optional SL coordinator visit o Students complete online evaluation on our website 1 or 2 weeks before the end of the semesteronline evaluation o Indicators of civic engagement are available to assess the project's effect on students o Faculty completes End of Semester Report and returns to the Service Learning coordinatorEnd of Semester Report Instructor, Jan Sago, students, and St. John’s patients conclude the Photo II SL project with a reception to view the pictures produced by cancer survivors

13 Find all the resources mentioned in this presentation at the Service Learning website!

14 Contact: Donna Halsband Service-Learning Coordinator Linda Krull Assistant to Donna Halsband BA219J, Ext. 7893 or visit the Service Learning website at : Ready to Get Started?

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