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An Experiential Forum to Explore Excellence in Blended Learning Workshop Summary.

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1 An Experiential Forum to Explore Excellence in Blended Learning Workshop Summary

2 TABLE OF CONTENTS The Genius Forum™ Overview The Law of Two Feet and Four Principles Your Hosts The Question Featured Topics 01 Role Playing 02 Experiential Learning 03 eLearning 04 Mobile/Tablet 05 Virtual Classroom 06 Assessment Tools 07 Coaching/Mentoring 08 Other September 23, 20142

3 The Genius Forum™ The Genius Forum is an innovative, dynamic and results-rich facilitation method for successful high-participation, system wide brainstorming, issue processing and transformational change. The spirit of the experience is to identify what you are passionate about and what are they willing to do about it. A simple, but very powerful framework create the right conditions to generate authentic human connections across business units and among diverse demographics. This is the central strength of effective group change. Everyone contributes their knowledge and experience to influence the outcome. Because everyone participates actively, regardless of function or background, the Forum creates a high level of commitment among participants and networking across boundaries. The net effect is a much deeper understanding of the issues at stake, the people involved, the barriers to overcome, and new ideas about the way forward. The Forum ran on three principles: Purpose, Passion and Responsibility. Without purpose, there is no direction, without passion, nobody is interested and without responsibility, nothing will get done. The Genius ForumOctober 7, 20143

4 The Law of Two Feet AND Four Principles The Forum runs on three values: Purpose, Passion and Responsibility. Without purpose, there is no direction, without passion, nobody is interested and without responsibility, nothing will get done. 4 There is a foot of passion and a foot self responsibility. When you are neither learning nor contributing, use your two feet and move somewhere else. The FOUR Principles Whoever comes are the right people Whatever happens is all that could have Whenever it starts is the right time When it’s over, it’s over

5 Your Hosts Gregg Fasbinder Gregg has a passion for leadership strategy, team performance, innovation and unleashing human potential. He is motivated by guiding strategic change initiatives that drive performance and results as we will experience today during the Genius Forum. His executive career spans 20 years of leadership and development of award-winning sales, marketing and training departments in biotech, medical device and pharma where he won 9 presidents clubs and launched over 35 products. He is the co-founder of Sagatica, an internationally recognized leadership and executive development firm in San Diego and Mobi-Mindlab, a mobile learning and engagement platform. 5 Nancy McMonigal Nancy McMonigal has designed and delivered training programs over 17 years, focusing on digital learning and producing training & marketing materials for the healthcare industry. She has worked with many medical ad agencies and directly with pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostics companies. In 2001, Nancy created Locus Media to enhance Sales Rep education through the melding of learning and technology. She is passionate about learning and continues to grow through her involvement with the Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers, ISPI, the Healthcare Business Women’s Association and ASTD. She is currently serving as President of the ASTD San Diego chapter.

6 WHAT DOES EXCELLENCE IN BLENED LEARNING LOOK LIKE ? The Question 6 Role Playing Experiential Learning eLearning Mobile/Tablet Virtual Classroom Assessment Tools Coaching/Mentoring Other TOPICS

7 TOPIC ONE Role Playing Participants are excited to take the course because they believe it will improve their performance. Courses use real life scenarios.

8 Role Playing Best Ideas: Provide “Role Play” scenario prior to execution What good looks like? Objectives and goals to be provided Scenarios first to prepare Show demo of good/bad role play first, then group discuss. Role play 1 agent 1 customer. Customer gets a mini script so as not to throw the role play off completely. Using branching in storyline. – show good, bad and ugly – Provide scenarios – Group construction – “real plays” > using skills in relevant way Best Practices: Scenarios provided before Goals & Objectives 8

9 TOPIC TWO Experiential Learning Learn through failure and feedback more effectively than through hearing something. Excellence in online learning is an ongoing process; it goes beyond initial training to continuous training for customized rep development. It must involve the combination of the learner and their manager. Custimized to current knowledge level.

10 Experiential Learning Best Ideas: Use scenario-based lessons Storyline, Practice Mode Storyline - simulations, practice/test mode, show me Practice labs,simulations – interact with virtual patients What Are You Willing to do About it: Willing to share what I know Show me video clips – Camtasia Use storyline advanced features, show me (telling a story) – movie file, critique others Best Practices: Use stories 10

11 TOPIC THREE eLearning Utilizing emerging technology in the development of our courses to keep them engaged and motivating. Audience taking ownership of the learning process and responsibility for the results. Engaging, relevant and appropriate.

12 eLearning Best Ideas: Use existing content in addition to new Written Rules – download Character based – story – videos Marketing to sell the course Storyline to walk learners through demonstration Create eLearning where you will be able to reuse assets Materials re-use across media worksheets/templates to make doing east Additional Comments: Sultan of Sucrose Pre-Test It is applicable and relevant to current job – Sales Simulation as assessment – Digital Library 4 door approach – Dr. Thiagi Compartmentalize eLearning Relevant training Ability for Just in Time Learning Modular and Ad Hoc 12

13 TOPIC FOUR Mobile/Tablet Excellence in online learning. Learners can find that they need, when they need it. Learners also get exposed to they need, even when they don’t know they need it.

14 Mobile/Tablet Best Ideas: Bring your own device Scan code for reference guides and examples (videos/tutorials) Flipped classroom Provide device to keep secure platform Learners to use their own device, no IT support needed QR codes to supplement print material with animations and video Personal device – Provide digital manuals – Use square code (QR) – Video clips Best Practices: Create videos as reference guides Create device requirements/capacity for personal devices Incorporate more by sharing best practices with other team members 14

15 TOPIC FIVE Virtual Classroom Participant engagement, transfer of learning and fun.

16 Virtual Classroom Best Ideas: Pre-work is a pre-requisite (Participant buy-in) Better leadership for virtual implementation What Are You Willing to do About it: Set up a pilot Best Practices: More responsibility on participant to lead sessions within workshop 16

17 TOPIC SIX Assessment Tools Assess both knowledge and confidence in the answer. A correct answer by chance isn’t really “right”.

18 Assessment Tools Best Ideas: Testing without looking like a test Personalize the learning. Call them by name. Make the “test” feel like a scenario, not an assessment 18

19 TOPIC SEVEN Coaching/Mentoring Excellence is achieved when learners are excited about learning, continue learning after the formal training ends, apply what they learn, and share what they learned with others.

20 TOPIC EIGHT Other Where a learner isn’t tempted to use his foot of self responsibility. “Engaging”

21 The Genius Forum™ Application 21 Sales Meetings Corporate-wide events Committee Meetings Board Meetings Strategy Sessions Gregg Fasbinder: Nancy McMonigal:

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