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FAST FORWARD Building the Profession of Tomorrow The Future of Learning Anthony Pugliese, CPA, CGMA, CITP – Senior Vice President & COO Lawson Carmichael.

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1 FAST FORWARD Building the Profession of Tomorrow The Future of Learning Anthony Pugliese, CPA, CGMA, CITP – Senior Vice President & COO Lawson Carmichael – Senior Vice President – Strategy, People and Innovation Spring Council | May 18-20, 2014 ITEM #11

2 The Task Force on the Future of Learning Cindy Adams – Iowa Jeannine Birmingham – Alabama Jennifer Briggs – Indiana Jackie Brown – Maryland Sharon Bryson – North Carolina Mike Colgan – Pennsylvania Erin Pate – South Carolina Todd Shapiro – Illinois Scott Wiley – Ohio Nancy Bagranoff – Univ. of Richmond Allison Forrest – Harvard Univ. Robert Gruber – Univ. of Wisconsin Jack Wilkerson – Wake Forest Univ. State Societies Education Firms B&I Reg AICPA Eric Dingler – Deloitte Eric Hansen – BKD Kathy Johnson – CPA Forensics Plus Jason McKeever – Eide Bailly Mark Lewis – IRIS Software Group Sharon McCue – NIAS Alicia Sweeney – Kellory & Co. Bill Schneider – AT&T Jeff White – J&B Equipment Co. Maria Caldwell – NASBA Lawson Carmichael – Co-chair Anthony Pugliese – Co-chair 2

3 Topics for discussion Why now? Council engagement in new learning Future of Learning recommendations Preview of microsite Next steps 3

4 The task force guided our learning vision 4

5 Changing business and workplace evolution 5

6 Business and profession transform Disruptors emerge overnight Increased regulation Hyper-specialization Globalization adds complexity Technologies transforming business 6

7 7 An outlook on the workplace of 2020 Acute global talent shortage Corporate curriculums will use game mechanics Hiring/promotion based on reputation capital Lifelong learning becomes a business requirement Peer-to-peer learning is preferred method of learning Mobile devices - office, classroom, virtual concierge Social media literacy required Source: The 2020 Workplace

8 The learning revolution 8

9 Learner’s expectations have changed 9 Source: Future of Learning 1 st Task Force meeting Competency plus compliance Relevant and contextual Collaborative, interactive, participative Mentoring and coaching Just in time, blended, tech-enabled

10 Competency-based models reward learner outputs 10 Competency- based; rewards outputs and learner proficiency Time-based; rewards inputs and learner recallCreating Evaluating Analyzing Applying Understanding Remembering

11 Mix of formal, informal and experiential learning 11 Formal Learning event  10% Informal Learning momentum  20% Experiential Workplace integration of learning  70%

12 Blended learning environments rise in importance and prevalence 12

13 Technology enables personalized adaptive learning 13 Adaptive  Evolves in real-time  Data-driven Personalized  Onset tailoring  Intuition-driven, data- informed TECHNOLOGY

14 Mentoring and peer-to-peer learning on the rise 14

15 ® 15 Gaming and simulation improving outcomes

16 Future of Learning recommendations 16

17 Future of Learning recommendations Innovate and Experiment Ignite a Passion for Learning Make Learning Personal Measure What Matters 17

18 Innovate and Experiment Adapt and evolve learning to meet the needs of high-performing professionals Small changes to learning can have a huge impact Leverage technology to enhance learning experiences

19 Ignite a Passion for Learning Create meaningful, purposeful experiences that motivate and engage learners Make learning engaging and relevant Start with the learner Start with the learner

20 Make Learning Personal Create learning opportunities that address individuals’ knowledge and competency needs Design for desired outcome Design for desired outcome Filter content and focus resources Filter content and focus resources Deliver any topic, anywhere, any way Deliver any topic, anywhere, any way

21 Measure What Matters Learning happens everywhere and can’t always be quantified in a test result or measured in hours Create and leverage a unified, global competency framework Rethink how CPE is measured Develop one uniform, global compliance standard

22 Microsite preview 22

23 Next steps Launch Future of Learning microsite and communications campaign Pilot new learning methods and tools with State Societies Incorporate competency-based approaches to CPE into AICPA membership requirements Build Future of Learning recommendations into AICPA learning resources Collaborate with NASBA, State Boards, and State Societies on CPE requirements Update Council in October on progress to date 23

24 JOIN US. 24

25 2014 AICPA Spring Council Scottsdale, Arizona May 18-20, 2014

26 AICPA Council Proposed Resolution WHEREAS, The accounting profession’s more than 40-year commitment to lifelong learning hinges on ongoing relevancy and requires that competency development evolve with technology, generational expectations, the pace of change and complexity in the world, and WHEREAS, The AICPA's Future of Learning Task Force report, addressing the skills CPAs need to acquire as well as how they acquire them, will be available to all AICPA members in an interactive micro site in the summer of 2014, and WHEREAS, The Task Force recommendations were forged with the feedback of Council, state CPA societies, AICPA members, interested third parties and regulators NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the AICPA Council enthusiastically supports the themes of the Future of Learning Task Force’s report to evolve the way we engage, develop, deliver and measure the learning of accounting professionals and encourages all members to participate in dialogue and drive change to ensure the profession maintains its leadership position, relevancy and attractiveness, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the AICPA, engaging with state CPA societies, NASBA, state boards of accountancy, federal regulators and other stakeholders, should provide leadership to evolve the profession’s learning strategies and structure giving due consideration to change management, timeframes, and relevant measurement approaches.

27 2014 AICPA Spring Council Scottsdale, Arizona May 18-20, 2014

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