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Smart Office Automation Solutions

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1 Smart Office Automation Solutions

2 About Smart Solutions Based in the city of Abu Dhabi, Smart Solutions’ focus is to design and deliver sophisticated Automation and Smart Home Solutions as well as superior audio and video systems, ensuring technology adds to the modern lifestyle experience. By integrating state-of-the-art products and equipment, Smart Solutions enhances your home and lifestyle, while adding value to your property. Smart Solutions has dedicates itself to providing solutions in which the needs and expectations of our clients and their customers are met and exceeded consistently. Achieving client satisfaction by establishing excellent working relationships from concept discussion through to project completion and beyond will be the foundation of Smart Solutions’ long-term success.

3 Commercial Solutions We provide a range of Design and Product solutions for commercial premises. From a state-of-the-art boardroom, to intuitive and automated management of your audio visual, lighting, climate control and security systems and more, Smart Solutions have the power and flexibility to create your perfect office environment. Our control systems can deliver seamless management of every aspect of your office environment and enables to manage your environment easily - even remotely.

4 Smart Office Smart Solutions can help your business’s meetings be more effective by designing a conference room with a functional layout and the necessary equipment you need, or by upgrading your existing conference room. We can help your business take advantage of the latest technology available and make your company meetings more productive, and take the frustration out of slow & outdated technology. Instead of having wires running aimlessly across tables, you can have a wireless network and cables hidden to make the room’s environment more comfortable. Instead of having several remotes, one for a projector, one for a TV and one for lighting, imagine being able to use one easy touch panel, or one remote to power all of your equipment. The possibilities are endless.

5 Smart Office Solutions
Lighting Control CCTV / Access Control Projectors Projector lifts/mounts Motorized Screens LCDs / LFDs Motorized Blinds Climate Control Power Tracks / Sockets Green Solutions

6 Our Solutions Wireless Solutions:
No more expensive rewiring! No damage to the decoration, simple retrofit. Access your office from anywhere in the world. Lighting Control:  Imagine creating lighting scenes by one touch! Select the “Meeting Scene” before you start a presentation to your clients. Climate Control: Imagine switching on the A/C before you reach the office and being able to reduce your electricity bill!


8 Audio:  Stream background music and control what is playing from one touch-screen. Video: Control Projectors, Screens, LCDs, Lifts/Mounts, Video Wall Security system / Access Control Imagine being able to watch your office from anywhere in the world and secure and monitor entry with access control!

9 Motorized Curtains and Blinds:
Imagine curtains open for you automatically in the morning and close for you by one touch during a presentation! Power Tracks / Sockets Solutions: Imagine: having power where ever you need! Green Solutions:  Saving energy helps the environment and saves you money! 

10 Benefits Green / Save Energy
Reduce your electricity bill and help save the environment. Wireless secure stable Zigbee PRO technology Wireless technology saves you the time and money for wiring. Luxury Enjoy the luxury lifestyle at your office at a very affordable cost. Convenience and Comfort Relax and let the office take care of you. Impress Enjoy the entertainment benefits and impress your business associates. Save Money and Time Enjoy having more time and less expenses Security and Peace of Mind Feel relaxed, knowing that your office is secure.

11 Zigbee PRO Technology Smart Solutions is offering only the highest wireless solutions from the Unites States. Our wireless products are based on ZigBee PRO’s smart, highly secure, reliable, cost-effective and energy-efficient mesh network. ZigBee PRO is optimized for low power consumption and to support large networks with thousands of devices.  First, the low cost allows the technology to be widely deployed in wireless control and monitoring applications. Second, the low power-usage allows longer life with smaller batteries. Third, the mesh networking provides high reliability and more extensive range.

12 Contact Us Smart Solutions P.O. Box 76302 Abu Dhabi, UAE
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