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Ipad storyboard Walden University – Leandra Lewis.

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1 Ipad storyboard Walden University – Leandra Lewis

2 What is an iPad? As small as the average paperback book, but thin and light like a pieced of cardstock; the iPad is the newest device that allows users quick access to resources via the internet or through the app store. The iPad offers touch recognition which allows for ease of use and manipulation of tools.

3 Need: what problem or need existed that gave rise to the ipad? 0 Increase student engagement and achievement for all learners. 0 Using interactive applications to help regular and special education students 0 Embrace current technology that students are exposed to outside of school. 0 Limited opportunities for students to explore and share their learning with others in the class.

4 Research: Who met these needs? Today there are many companies that have produced tablets to compete with the iPad. While most of these are less expensive, Apple’s iPad by far provides the most resources that can be used to benefit all learners in the classroom environment. Apple’s products are designed to inspire creativity and hands on learning that can be easily integrated into any curriculum to increase engagement and learning in the classroom.

5 Handy class apps 0 Coaster Physics helps high school students learn the laws of physics, such as how speed and acceleration are related, and how gravitational force changes at different points along a roller coaster track. 0 Using ABC — Magnetic Alphabet, young students learn spelling and pronunciation without sharing traditional magnetic letters. 0 iWriteWords helps small children learn to write via tracing.

6 Class apps continued 0 Now available on the iPad, Oregon Trail helps children practice problem-solving and decision-making skills while learning history 0 High school students can use SpaceTime, PocketCAS pro or Quick Graph for math calculations. 0 GoSkyWatch Planetarium helps students to easily and quickly identify and locate stars, planets and constellations.

7 Ipad as an instructional and productivity tool 0 There have been several pilot programs across the nation to determine the benefits of the iPad in education. Results of these programs have identified both strengths and weakness of using the iPad as an instructional tool. 0 Educators can immediately assess student work and provide instant feedback.

8 Ipads in action

9 Development: What problems were encountered? 0 Requires a wireless environment for use in the classroom. If schools are not currently functioning with wireless capabilities, there will be an added expense. 0 Costs per unit starts at $499. Is the iPad something that you want each student to have or one per classroom? Bundle packages are available for larger orders. 0 For whole group instruction connections to a projector or the use of a document camera is required.

10 Commercialization 0 Marketing the iPad focuses on the fact that there is an app that can be used by all learners, including those with learning disabilities. It also helps that the iPad is easy to use and manage. 0 The number of Apps available for teachers and administrators to access and manage data is an additional selling feature of the iPad. 0 The wireless capabilities allow it to function with projectors and document cameras. 0 As the iPad gains popularity amongst educators, there are more studies shared that show how student engagement and learning is increasing in the classroom.

11 Timeline

12 Knowledge Phase

13 Persuasion Phase

14 Decision Phase

15 Implementation

16 Confirmation

17 Diffusion Plan

18 Transforming learning

19 Cost Analysis

20 Conclusion

21 References

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