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Education Introducing Vision ME. making connections for 30 years.

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1 Education Introducing Vision ME

2 making connections for 30 years

3 ABOUT NETOP - PHILOSOPHY Teaching with technology should be easy and effective. This philosophy has guided the development of our software for the past 15 years and has helped to make our Vision classroom management software the #1 choice of teachers around the world.

4 ABOUT NETOP - PHILOSOPHY From traditional PC-based computer labs to 1:1 tablet programs and flipped classrooms, we’ve evolved with educators as they face new challenges and embrace the latest technology in the classroom. Netop is committed to delivering solutions for teaching effectively with all platforms and devices adopted by schools.

5 EDUCATION Teaching with classroom management solutions from Netop is easier and more effective Ignite student interest Focus attention Enhance comprehension Personalize learning Increase retention Reduce failure rates Improve achievement

6 PRODUCTS FOR EDUCATORS Netop Vision – There’s a reason it’s the world’s most popular The world’s most popular classroom management software Proven to improve student achievement Essential teaching tools for PCs, Mac, iPads and smart devices.

7 PRODUCTS FOR EDUCATORS Netop Vision Pro – Powerful classroom management software with blended learning tools Best in class solution for digital learning environments Dynamic teaching tools for PCs, tablets, Mac or smart devices New features for blended learning & flipped classrooms.

8 PRODUCTS FOR EDUCATORS Netop Vision Pro Learning Center – Cloud-based learning and testing platform Ideal for flipped classroom and blended learning Create assessments anywhere, run quizzes during class time, or assign tests outside of the classroom.

9 8000+ school systems 105 countries 6 million teachers & students



12 iPad classroom workflow management

13 CHALLENGES Teaching in an iPad classroom Getting students to the right place for lessons Sharing / presenting content in groups or 1:1 Keeping student attention focused with iPad in hand Communicating as students become more mobile Assignment flow in paperless classroom

14 VISION ME Classroom workflow management for the iPad Core classroom management features New collaboration and file-sharing capabilities Basic mobile device management for the teacher

15 VISION ME Video

16 VISION ME Features (Initial release) Present lessons from anywhere in the classroom, iPad to iPad Allow students to lead class demonstrations from their iPad, or showcase any student's work to the entire class Distribute and collect files and assignments Broadcast messages to your entire classroom Chat with selected students in groups or privately Blank student iPad screens instantly Turn web browsing on or off with the touch of a button Includes a full web-based assessment tool

17 EDUCATOR FEEDBACK Trost Elementary Fantastic! Great that you can present to small groups The blank screen feature would be awesome Would love to be able to see if everyone is working, and turn Internet on or off You can’t chat in Showbie. Great way to reach students working out in the hallway. Abbey Perrin, Kathleen Jeskey and Dan Fleck take part in concept testing at Trost Elementary, in the Canby School District in Oregon. The school district has 5000 students and 4800 iOS devices..

18 “"You just wowed me. I want it." Dan Fleck Mobile Learning Lead / iOS Specialist Canby Schools

19 LAUNCH INFORMATION Pricing and availability Vision ME includes three components –Web-based learning and administration center –Teacher app and student app via app store Affordable pricing –Annual subscription per user with volume discounts Coming in multiple languages Available for back-to-school –Production release in August / September

20 SUMMARY Vision ME is the workflow management app that makes teaching in an iPad classroom easier and more effective. By combining teaching tools with MDM capabilities, Vision ME provides a unique solution to the challenges teachers face when integrating iPads into daily instruction. Teaching in an iPad classroom is about to get better.


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