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“ It’s like I know that I am free, but more than that I fully understand that no one can stand in my way or stop me once I am on a mission. Too long I.

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1 “ It’s like I know that I am free, but more than that I fully understand that no one can stand in my way or stop me once I am on a mission. Too long I have waited for others to right wrongs that I may see, but, through a civic program, I realize that I am free to act on the issue at my own will... I have the freedom to ask questions and expect them to be answered. ” Listening to the Students’ Voices Michael Kuhne, 2001

2 Parteners : No. 28 Gymnasium School, Galaţi, Romania Başak İlköğretim Okulu School Konya Turkey The topics:  Active citizenship (TOPIC-1)  European citizenship and European dimension  Civics The motivation for this project All persons that work with young people or for the young people declare that those young people are the leaders of tomorrow. According to a survey among 200 students, aged 14-18, from Galati it appeared that young people considered they have a very important role today (70%). The survey also showed :

3  Lack of active-participation learning model at the school level, that implies a civic involvement of the youth  Disrespect, at school, of the youth’s right of opinion and participation  Insufficient practice of specific situations which will involve the young people in school and community problem identification T he suggested project starts from the firm belief that the ordinary people, no matter how old they are, have the potential to resolve problems that directly affect them and through special programs as that one can also be developed the ability to resolve the community problems.

4 The concrete objectives of the partnership to gain an understanding and awareness of the culture and traditions of partners' country to identify and compare European and national values to identify the specific competence of civic education to stimulate students’ involvement in solving school community problems to educate minimum 40 potential community students coaches( aged 10-14 years) in innovative methods in civic field to create minimum four youth working groups (civic intervention team) that address local civic problems to improve students motivations for learning different languages to establish and strengthening the links between students, organizations and communities and to increase knowledge about community development to improve students and teachers usage of digital equipment( computers, webcams, video-projector)

5 The expected results, including products The drawing competition in both school:,,Civic Skills Academy"- making a logo of the project Presentations about each school and country ; Agenda and methodology of the workshop; Podcasts exchange Reports from visit to Romania. Methodology and students' portfolios of workshop ” Action and Interaction:,, Essential skills in Civic work"; Leaflets about Comenius project A teachers' methodology, students' portfolios and CDs films of a Informing session in both country( The Theme:,,Engagement without borders") Forming the Civic Intervention Teams ( minimum four teams per country)-name, logo, rules for each team Creating a framework,, Civic Plus Group for the acquaintance and dissemination of the civic intervention team activities, through a virtual cooperation

6 The Civic Plus Group’s Decadal. Exchange information by Website The Civic concepts in our community” Survey- conception, application and interpretation of a questionnaire in order to investigate the manifestation grade in the community of the concepts of active citizenships; DVDs film Photos and report of Turkey visit; Calendar of civic core concepts; Press communicate, in the local press The Civic Core Concept Top,,Civic skill instruction in the real life"- workshop methodology, students portfolios Action Strategy Competition Achievement of “The Civic Life Copybook”-essay,,Let’s built a community for learning active citizenship!”, poster to illustrate this active citizen concept and the positive way of manifestation in the community/ DVDs) Achievement of the,, Sack Civic Stories”( a brochure with all action strategies, bilingual English/ Romanian; English/ Turkey/DVDs The Core Concept Crossword(DVDs film)

7 the relevance of the project The Civic Plus Group network should provide information on how people live abroad. This influences not only the quality of understanding of the initiative aims and activities, but also understanding of international youth engagement, problems and actions. This project to help will improve the quality and to increase the volume of mobility involving pupils and their teachers. Evaluation 1. Questioning participants’ opinion about the civic work 2. Elaborating of a framework which will ensure the monitoring of the experimenting of activities 3. The public evaluation 4. Questioning students’ opinion about the partner country 5.The website using 6. Opinion survey 7.Analyzing the results from the project team 8.The number of web blog’s accesses as well as the opinions in the forum is an indicator of monitoring and ulterior it will be an indicator of project evaluation

8 “I like to live, and with all the problems in my life I look forward to another new year.” The State of the World’s Children 2002 UNICEF Publication

9 This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which maybe made of the information contained therein.

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