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BY: CELESTE ANDERSON History of Video Production.

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1 BY: CELESTE ANDERSON History of Video Production

2 First Color Photograph (1861) 1861 – James Clerk Maxwell makes the first color photograph in Scotland photography-and-videography.html photography-and-videography.html

3 First Photographs of Motion (1878) Eadweard Muybridge takes the first pictures of nature, which show how people and animals move _chron.cfm#photography _chron.cfm#photography

4 First Kodak Camera (1888) 1888- George Eastman creates the first Kodak Camera, which used film wound onto rollers m_chron.cfm#photography m_chron.cfm#photography

5 The Kodak Camera was Placed on the Market (1888) 1888 - The name "Kodak" was created and the camera was placed on the market. History_of_Kodak/Milestones_-_chronology/1878- 1929.htm History_of_Kodak/Milestones_-_chronology/1878- 1929.htm

6 Kinetoscope is Produced (1889) Thomas Edison and W.K. Dickson make the Kinetoscope, which was a peep-show device where film is moved past a light _chron.cfm#photography _chron.cfm#photography

7 First Motion Picture Device (1891) 1891 – Thomas Edison invents the first motion picture device. Movies were photographed by quick stop-and-go movements showing the appearance of flowing movement photography-and-videography.html photography-and-videography.html

8 Thomas Edison Patents His Movie Camera (1893) 1893- Thomas Edison displays his Kinetoscope at the World's Columbian Exhibition in Chicago and patents his movie camera, the Kinetograph, and his peepshow machine. chron.cfm#photography

9 Pocket Kodak was Revealed (1895) 1895 - The Pocket KODAK Camera was revealed. It used roll film and combined a small window. History_of_Kodak/Milestones_-_chronology/1878- 1929.htm History_of_Kodak/Milestones_-_chronology/1878- 1929.htm

10 First Movie Camera and Projector Combination (1895) 1895- Two French brothers, Louis and August Lumiere, patent a movie camera and projector combination which projected an image that could be seen by many people. They presented the first exhibition in Paris. _chron.cfm#photography _chron.cfm#photography

11 First Color Film (1905) 1905- The first film with color is produced film-and-video-production film-and-video-production

12 Phonovision (1927) Phonovision was the first ever video format It was used as an experiment for better video formats to develop It used a record and a stylus to record and then play back the video history.htm history.htm

13 First Full-color Movie (1932) 1932 – Disney creates the first full-color movie cartoon in Technicolor photography-and-videography.html photography-and-videography.html

14 Kodaslide Projector (1937) 1937- Kodak makes the Kodaslide Projector, the first slide projector that showed 2 x 2” glass-mounted slides.

15 2 Inch Quadruplex (1956) The first professional broadcast video format

16 First Image on a Computer (1957) 1957 – Russell Kirsch produces the first digital image on a computer photography-and-videography.html photography-and-videography.html

17 1 Inch Sony EV Format (1964) It was the first portable video camera that was intended for general use In the 1960’s “portable” meant it had handles, but it was not even close to being small and compact (around 90 pounds) history.htm history.htm

18 1/2" Skip Field Recording (1964) It was the first video camera to reel It was first meant for home use, but it made its way into being used commercially Whatever was recorded on the camera was not meant to be moved to another device history.htm history.htm

19 First photo of Earth taken from Space (1968) 1968 – A photograph of the Earth is taken from the moon for the first time photography-and-videography.html photography-and-videography.html

20 3/4 U-matic (1971) 1971- The ¾ U-matic became the standard for early news gathering because it had great image quality. It is said to be the most successful format of all time. history.htm history.htm

21 Home-made Videos (1978) 1978- Polaroid introduces Polavision, an instant color motion picture system, which makes 2 ½ minute home-made videos

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