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BY: CAMERON TARPLEY Timeline of the History of Video Production.

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1 BY: CAMERON TARPLEY Timeline of the History of Video Production

2 1824- First Permanent Photograph Joseph Niepce is known for creating the first permanent photograph. He had been experimenting with silver as a light source to capture an image. Then he started using bitumen for it. ts/0071791361/0071791361_chap01.pdf

3 1840- The First Camera Invented Thee first camera was invented by Alexander Wolcott. His invention made it where photos could be taken without fading away with time. He also is known for opening the first photography shop. _Invented

4 1927- Phonovision Phonovision was the earliest video format. It was never widely adopted. It was only used for practical use. Uses basic video production abilities such as recording video and playing it back. _Invented

5 1938-First TV Games Show The show was called the spelling bee. It was first broadcast on May 31, 1938 game-show/

6 First Video Recorder- 1956 The Ampex Corporation used magnetic tape technology used by German scientists during World War II. They used that to take the first video from the first tape recorder. The tape recorder was called the Ampex VRX-1000. video-production-equipment.html

7 1964-Sony EV format CLP-1B It was the first portable recording device. It was used for industry and education. production/

8 1965- 1” Type A Made Ampex introduced this, It had a full wrap and a single head design and was the predecessor 1” Type C. It was marketed for people in homes. history.htm

9 1967- IVC- 600 700 800 and 900 Format IVC made this to compete with the 1” Type A Format It was single headed with an Alpha Wrap. history.htm

10 1968- Phillips LDL- 1000 It was the predecessor to the N1500. The LDL- 1000 was a ½” b/w helical reel to reel machine. history.htm

11 1973- Capacitance Electronic Disc (CED) This was the first time video was stored on a disc. It could only store 6 minutes of video on it. 6 years later, they released it with more storage. It was developed by RCA. production/

12 1974- Vcord I & II This was the first commercially successful video cassette format. The I type machines could record and play 30 & 60 minute cassettes. They II type machines could record and play 120 minute cassettes. history.htm

13 Sony Betamax-1975 The Sony Betamax was the first commercially available video cassette recorder. It was first introduced in 1975. video-production-equipment.html

14 1976-VHS This could store a few hours of storage and it was used for movies after they were shown in theaters. This was also used for home videos and recording television shows. This was developed by RCA. production/

15 1977-Laser Disc It was an early DVD format. Laser Discs were actually better than DVD’s. The laser disc’s image and sound quality was actually better. production/

16 1981- Sony Unveiled the First Video Camera The Sony Mavica (magnetic video camera) It had a fast rotating magnetic disc approximately 2 inches in diameter. production.html

17 1985- M-11 This was introduced in 1985 by Panasonic Broadcast systems. It was made to go head to head with Sony in the professional broadcast market place. It used a ½ inch metal participle tape. It used the same size tape as we use today. history.htm

18 1986- First Still Digital Video Camera The first digital still digital camera was the Canon RC-701.

19 1987- S-VHS JVC produced this format. It offered increased bandwidth both by expanding the FM carrier frequency and through the use of metal participle tape. history.htm

20 1995- DVD This was like the laser disc but could hold more storage. It was used for home videos. It was developed by Toshiba, Phillips, and Panasonic production/

21 1999- Digital8 This will hold up to and hour of video. It records the same data stream as MiniDV and DVCAM. history.htm

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