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Grolier Online Kids/ Explorers Unit Beth Haraldsen

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1 Grolier Online Kids/ Explorers Unit Beth Haraldsen

2 Grolier Online Kids/Explorers Unit : Overview In this unit, students will be: introduced to Grolier Online utilize this resource to research an explorer selected from the fourth grade social studies curriculum. design a MS PowerPoint slide about that explorer. review concepts such as charts and graphs

3 Grolier Online Kids: Goals Overall Goal: These lessons are designed to introduce Grolier Online Kids database and to support the classroom social studies curriculum. Teacher/Student Goals: The students will be able to continue learning about reference resources, learn how to utilize technology, continue to explore ways to synthesize and share information with others. Students will also make connections between classroom learning and library class.

4 Grolier Online Kids : Objectives Tennessee Curriculum Standards from the Knox County School Information Literacy Curriculum Research strand 4.1.09 a. Goal 4, Obj. 8 - Use and discern appropriate reference sources in various formats 4.1.09 b. Goal 4, Obj. 8 - Use media to view, read, and represent information 4.1.09 g. Goal 4. Obj. 8 - Retrieve, organize, and represent information Technology Strand 4.1.09 c. Goal 4, Obj. 8 - Use current technology as research and communication tool 4.1.09 l. Goal 7, Obj. 2 - Locate materials in available electronic databases * Other objective3 can be found in the Tennessee Technology curriculum at the TN State Dept.of Ed.

5 Grolier Online Kids: Audience Audience: Fourth graders with varying academic abilities. Class size can range could be anywhere from eighteen to twenty-four students. Audience background knowledge: Students are already familiar with print encyclopedias and how to utilize them for information gathering purposes.

6 Grolier Online Kids : Materials LCD projector – 1 * Teacher computer with Internet connection - 1 Overhead screen - 1 Computers/laptops with Internet connection – 1 per pair of students Explorer research worksheets – 1 per student Pencils – 1 per student *If LCD projector isn’t available, a computer hookup to a large screen TV is also an option

7 Grolier Online Kids : Timeline Two thirty-five minute periods First session : Teaching/Exploration –25 minutes teaching –10 minutes exploration Second session : Research - 5 minute explanation - 20 minute research/information gathering - 10 minute citation/picture download

8 Grolier Online Kids :Teaching Strategies First session : –Demonstration/Lecture –Student exploration Second session : Research - Hands on practice - Handouts Both sessions: - Partners

9 Grolier Online Kids : Setup Before students come into the library for both sessions: -have computers/laptops turned on and Grolier Online Kids screen open -bookmark Grolier Online and/or drag link to desktop -link up and test teacher computer and LCD projector

10 Grolier Online Kids: Session 1 Introduction: -explain the project -review the term “encyclopedia” with class. -show Grolier Online Kids homepage -discuss the difference between an online and print encyclopedia

11 Grolier Online Kids: Session 1 Searching: Use basic term such as “cat” or “dog” for example search

12 Grolier Online Kids: Session 1 Search Results

13 Grolier Online Kids : Session 1 Cat Article

14 Grolier Online Kids: Session 1 Atlas / Dictionary Options

15 Grolier Online Kids: Session 1 Atlas

16 Grolier Online Kids: Session 1 Dictionary

17 Grolier Online Kids: Session 1 Encyclopedias Grades 3-5 New Book Grolier Grades 5-8 Americana

18 Grolier Online Kids: Session 1 Encyclopedias The New Book of Knowledge Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

19 Grolier Online Kids: Session 1 Special Features: Today is… NewsNow Feature Showcase

20 Grolier Online Kids: Session 1 Special Features: Feature Showcase – information about a specific monthly topic Today is…. – events this day in history News Now – Current event articles and topics of student interest

21 Grolier Online Kids: Session 1 Closing: Have students verbally review the different features from presentation Allow students to explore for about ten minutes on their own Walk around to monitor student exploration

22 Grolier Online Kids: Session 2 Preparation: Have papers with names and explorer names ready and placed at computers with pencils Introduction: Review Grolier Online Kids and how to search. Discuss the worksheet and the information students will need to locate Information needed include: -Date and place of birth -Date and place of death -Country(ies) or organizations they worked for -Major discovery(ies)

23 Grolier Online Kids: Session 2 Sample of worksheet

24 Grolier Online Kids: Session 2 Download picture – this will depend upon your computer -Be sure the mouse is overtop of the picture and then either right click or hold down the option key and click the mouse -Rename the picture with the explorer’s last name and keep the ending (.jpeg or.gif) -Make sure picture is saved to desk top

25 Grolier Online Kids: Session 2 Students will click on the “Cite this article” hyperlink. This will take you to the screen below. Students will copy down the MLA citation to use for the MS PowerPoint slide

26 Grolier Online Kids/Explorers Unit : Materials Materials for Explorers Unit Explorer graph/chart worksheets –1 per student Poster board size pictograph of number of sailors for explorers - 1 Pencils – 1 per student Computers/laptops with MS PowerPoint – 1 per pair of students (number depends on class size) Computer with MS PowerPoint

27 Grolier Online Kids/Explorers Unit : Remainder of Unit Lesson 3: Creation of PowerPoint slide Students will create a PowerPoint slide using the information and picture they found from Grolier Online Kids. Students will be allowed to explore font style, size and color, background designs and templates. Lesson 4: Graphs and Charts Students will utilize charts and graphs to answer questions about both. Graphs include bar and pictograph. Students will also review the important parts such as title, key and labels.

28 Grolier Online Kids/Explorers Unit : Power Point Examples


30 Grolier Online Kids/Explorers Unit : Follow up - PowerPoint can be evaluated by students – look at parts like color, font choice and size - PowerPoint show is a good review for TCAP tests – classroom teachers can create a companion worksheet for students - Chart and Graph lesson about explorers – see handouts and picture

31 Grolier Online Kids/Explorers Unit : Evaluation Immediate: - Teacher observation - Research Worksheets - PowerPoint slides - Student observation/evaluation - Graph/Chart worksheets Long-term: - Social Studies Explorers Unit test results - TCAP tests results - Student usage in future projects

32 Final Observations and Questions

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