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What are computer security threats

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1 What are computer security threats
Unit 7 p one and m one

2 Physical attack Note some if the sides contain some spelling errors due to them coming from a early version

3 Theft Computer theft what do we mean by it
It could be a number of things from files such as bank-statement’s to hardware like screens or hard drives which are highly impotent for any originations Why would some-one wont to steal from an origination It could be a personal attack against some one or some of your polices What would happen if some-one stole from your origination The intruder if he was able to abtane impotent documents such as finaclie or customer details he/she could disable your company for along period of time in which could result in loss of revenue in which could become fatal for the origination thouse documents could be obtained on hard disk drive in computer in which could be taken out or copied How do you prevent this from happening? The solution is to have a lock on the computers so un-auterised access can’t be gained in which could be a safeguarded against thieves , however if you wont to prevent people from copying dater you can disable usb hubs in the bios.

4 Fraud hat is computer fraud
Fraud is when misrepresentation or alteration of data in-order to obtain something of value from some-one or some think How could computer fraud happen to your origination This could happen in two ways physical and cyber Physical computer fraud could occur with people bugging your pc they can be small devices which attaches to cables or physical hardware without the company knowing and the details of what your typing are stored on the device or sent to a remote device . Cyber-fraud is when someone hacks into the computer systems and takes all the dater or watches you with key logging tactics What effects could fraud have on your origination? The effects from both could apocalyptic for the company due to all the passwords accounts bank details and client details could all of been taken and sold to other company’s such as rivals however the crimales would have access to your bank accounts they would be able to transfer money to fake accounts or could make the company suffer by transporting money to illegal places or buying illegal goods under the company in which would be apocalyptic for the origination Solutions to combat computer fraud The solutions to combat this is to install firewalls whichs block inbound and outbound traffic it also works with anti-virrus software however some pcs will contradict more than one anti virus software anti virus software coast around £50.00 for a good one.

5 Terrorism Terrorism Terrorist effects you computer serutiy in both cyber and physical acttcks due to the large risk are involed when moving data to new loctaions Physical acttckes on your origintaionale seruity could be done by ied or a ramping wilde acttck by a terrorist which will try to halt you orignatsional at all coast to coast you and you government money Solution Have armed gurds when transporting pshycali datar to new locations Terrorist cyber acttack They will try to attack your origernation at all coast to get data which there deem imporent to slow down you and to coast you money by hacking sabertarging or hijacking you termailes to get your datar Solutions In order to stop the terrorist from steeling your datar you must encode it with alpharitherms such as 128bit to make sure they cant crack or get there hands on the datar

6 Black mail Black mail How does blackmail effect your orignastion
Black mail will play a big role in your orignatsion if an origniatsion was being blackedmailed about something it shows that your orignatsion is week however the other compeny will be able to capitalise on that fact Blackmail could also be giving up your secrets which kept your rivals at bay most compenys operate in Russia on a need to know basics however this keeps certain files whith certain people so the innocent will not break or given to your rivals The solution is to keep files on a need to know bases

7 Human error Is when the human performs an error. This error could perform and result in a file or something more important being compromised which could or will jeopdise something important. Human errors will comprise the company or government How do you not do this You can make sure that it does not happen by making forcing and enslaving your workforce, and punishing them if they do it by termination or irradercation of the human who makes the error human errors could result in large scale fines or closer of certain departments if the human makes to many errors

8 Identity theft ID theft happens when the human specimen “loses” or shows off some interesting data which other human specimens may want to have or to destroy that other human or make that other human get panelized somehow. How could this happen to you It could happen if you levee or delibaltly show something that shouldn’t be shown to another human What could you do to resolve this if that was to happen In-order to resolve this you would consulte your local-law-enforcement agency, they should be able combat this issue if they are any good.

9 Information security: confidentiality; data integrity; data completeness; access to data
When performing confidentiality you must protect the data and user who uses it. the data integrity is how the data is protected and how the data will and should be stored the data also must be protected, the data must also have data completeness which is the data being protected and fully filed out. The data must also have people who check on the data every so-ofthern the data must be protected at all cost so the data can and will be used again without fears of it being lost the data should have its own logs and other documentation on whom has seen and what was looked at on it

10 Cyberattack Cyber acttck What is a cyber actteck
It is when a forien government or terroisrt acttack your originstion by disabling or currpting key systerms like power or comuntalison lines Why would it happen It could happen for many reasons like a dercation of war or rival compeney trying to disable you to get the bussines however some compeneys or sleeper cells will try to ruin you in order to the dommenit patry Solutions Have fairwalls proteacting you have no unauterzsied acces to you computer mainframe block all terminals deemd a threaft check all computers at reguler time intervals

11 Trojan Horse What is it A Trojan Horse is an virus usually released by an attachment and stills your dater by broadcasting it to someone Why and how By opening an which could be infected with an number of Trojan horses which could be keylogging you to find intel on what it is looking for then it acttaks and takes the information by crashing your pc however it could also invite adware also allows some low level of fraud to take place Solution Stay up to date with updates for anti-virus software only download s from trusted people or corporations if you were acttacked by one you can recover depending on what it was by resting windows to a previous date

12 Virus What is a virus It is a self-relocating bug (which can produce more) which it can infiltrate and attack your computer with deadly accuracy Why does it acttcek you It acttacks you for a number of resons like to anoyne you or to still your data however they can be delt with by programs called anti virus programs how ever some progjames will be fake and could have more of thouse or the program it self gives you a false reading in which could turn out to be a con Solution The safesit way of removing virus is by irradercateing the source from were they came from however some aspest of removing the file may not work for any reason, other way is to use an anti virus program such as one which isn’t free most anti-virus software coast around £

13 Hacking What is hacking
Hacking is when you are attacked by a person or another computer gains entry to your pc illegally in which will also download and upload files to you they also will have the abitly to take control of your pc What does hacking do Hacking will infiltrate your pc and will be able to download your files and upload files if they wonted to frame you however they are three diffent types of hacking which are White Hat Hacking is to tackle Black Hat Hacking which will try to stop black hats from hacking you white hats maintain your security levels and also run tests in order keep black hats away but grey hat hacking (evolution of white and black ) is to let the people know that there computer can be hacked they will hack your computer and will demand a fee to unlock your pc this is most common with corporations such as Microsoft and many others and black hat is fraud the hacker will use your personal information in order to crack your pc and also to Jain access to your work this person will not allow you to recover your work he will try to destroy you by takeing your information and selling it to other people or rivials Solutions The solution is to encrypt all of your information with alpharithms this will slow down the hacker or hacker will not be able to read the documents after he has hacked you however this can be broken but it will take along time in which you would be able to trace the location and seize the information before it broken

14 Grey hat Grey hat hacking (evolution of white and black ) is to let the people know that there computer can be hacked they will hack your computer and will demand a fee to unlock your pc this is most common with corporations such as Microsoft and many others

15 White Hat White Hat Hacking is to tackle Black Hat Hacking which will try to stop black hats from hacking you white hats maintain your security levels and also run tests in order keep black hats away

16 black hat black hat is fraud the hacker will use your personal information in order to crack your pc and also to Jain access to your work this person will not allow you to recover your work he will try to destroy you by takeing your information and selling it to other people or rivials

17 Ad-ware Ad-ware What is ad-ware
It is a form of adverstmoent it can come in a form of a pop up or download which turns out to false and in which will not go-away What does it do Ad-ware does what it says it send ads to you in forms of web browsing or downloads it also a type of pop up which can crash pcs it also demands that you buy the item in order to get rid of the ad this they also can contain virus’s which can also infect your pc Solutions The solution is you can cooperate with the ad which will be futile because it will spam you again another solution is to wipe your o.s. this will format every think but will get rid of the ads this will save you time in the long run but you have to consider the consqerses of that action however there is another way around with will be the most effective if you are able to gain entry into windows you should be able to enter system restore which will allow you change and roll back to the last time windows work correctly they are the solutions

18 denial of service attacks
denial of service attacks is when a group or person aka lulz group inc, which been known for causing Cyberterosim Sony, and all the other corporations and most of the U.S. Government agency's and putting filed agents by at risk by using denial of service attacks against websites and governments. denial of service attacks happen when a person or a group like lulz ‘group inc’ gets board and trys to heck a website which they claim to protect. denial of service attacks is when a group of computers or when a person has orignized an attack on this site from getting a large amount of people or computer applications to acttck the site, the normal human begins will be unable to get on the website

19 website defacement website defacement is when the client has the website defaced and not taken down, website defacement is when a website is defaced so like when china had the ‘hostallieal’ website defaced and the logo being replaced with the communist stat and Chinese wording. Also the site did no-longer link to other pages but to other chines sites like chines sites

20 control of access to data via third party suppliers
control of access to data via third party suppliers is important because your stock and pricing come from them only selected personal must see it if the information falls into the wrong hands it will be imperative that you recover the data at-all-cost or you will lose. So selecting data and viewing selected members are important

21 Counterfeit goods: products at risk eg software, DVDs, games, music
This shows what counterfeit software does and why and what is at-risk. If you where to download counterfeit products like dvds or software you are likely that you will get a virus or worse like a program which turns-out to be malware or a pop-up also if you where caught to be using them in work you will penalized by your local-law-enforment or local-internet provider by fines and or imprisonment of you up to 20-years-behined-bars in some countries pending what you download

22 distribution mechanisms eg boot sales, peer-to-peer networks
Distribution mechanisms are when the counterfeit-product can be brought also the goods can and will be purchased from unaware human beings, that there are in-fact selling counterfeit-products. You can and will find many of the products which are counterfeited can be found in a garage sale or on the internet. Peer-to-peer networks are usually warez sites or file-hosting-sites, these sites give you access to files which people have “stolen” and can be given to anyone who wants them

23 Organizational impact: loss of service; loss of business or income eg through loss of customer records; increased costs; poor image Organizational impact of loss of service is when the site has been attacked or has been taken of line, or the users can no-longer gain legitimate access to the site. when this is or was to happen this will resulting in loss and termination of business income in which could result in termination or deletion of the company and all assist if the company was to lose any customer records it could be fined heavy and could be thrown in jail for incomperdence or would have to compensate the customer. This should result in higher-cost for the company in which could also result in an poor image for the company in which will result in failure

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