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Vocabulary Unit 5.

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1 Vocabulary Unit 5

2 anecdote (an ec dote) Definition – (n) a short account of an incident in someone’s life Most anecdotes are funny.

3 consolidate (con sol i date)
Definition – (v) to combine, unite; to make solid or firm It might be a good idea to consolidate your loans.

4 counterfeit (coun ter feit)
Definition – (n) an imitation designed to deceive; (adj) not genuine, fake; (v) to make an illegal copy It can be very difficult to tell if you have a counterfeit bill.

5 docile (doc ile) Definition – (adj) easily taught, led or managed; obedient Oreo, the dog, is a good pet because he is very docile.

6 dominate (dom i nate) Definition – (v) to rule over by strength or power, control; to tower over She can dominate at table tennis.

7 entreat (en treat) Definition – (v) to beg, ask earnestly, implore
I entreat you to stay.

8 fallible (fal li ble) Definition – (adj) capable of being wrong, mistaken or inaccurate Human beings are fallible.

9 fickle (fick le) Definition – (adj) liable to change very rapidly, inconsistent They say this dog is as fickle as the weather, but you would not guess it by looking at him.

10 fugitive (fu gi tive) Definition – (n) one who flees or runs away (adj) lasting a very short time; wandering Richard Kimble starred in the series, “The Fugitive”.

11 Grimy (gri my) Definition – (adj) very dirty, covered with dirt or soot How did Mario get so grimy?

12 iota ( i o ta) Definition – (n) a very small part or quantity
There is not an iota of truth in your story.

13 maul Definition – (v) to beat or knock about; (n) a heavy hammer
The bear will soon maul the man.

14 potential (po ten tial)
Definition – (adj) possible, able to happen; (n) something that can develop or become reality Hard workers have great potential.

15 radiant (ra di ant) Definition – (adj) shining, bright, giving forth light or energy The radiant sun gave a warmth to the cold waters below.

16 rural (rur al) Definition – (adj) relating to farm areas and life in the country Some rural roads have very little traffic.

17 substantial (sub stan tial)
Definition – (adj) large, important; prosperous; A substantial reward was offered for finding the missing horse.

18 tactful (tact ful) Definition – (adj) skilled in handling difficult situations or people; polite The employee at the clinic was tactful with the clients.

19 tamper (tam per) Definition – (v) to interfere with; to handle in a secret or improper way This bag is tamper proof for child safety.

20 ultimate (ul ti mate) Definition – (adj) last, final; most important or extreme basic, They entered the ultimate Frisbee contest.

21 uncertainty (un cer tain ty)
Definition – (n) doubt, the state of being unsure It was with uncertainty that he entered the maze.

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