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Pinkg Joy of Odds and Ends Web Media Tender Pinkg. New medium. Free chewing gum disposal paper.

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2 Pinkg Joy of Odds and Ends Web Media Tender

3 Pinkg. New medium. Free chewing gum disposal paper.

4 Ping. Specialties. Free, interactive, environmental-friendly, multifunctional, coolture product. The Pinkg is a unique product due to its fantastic design, trendy, provocative or even lyric appearance. It is a multifunctional, environmental-friendly and interactive cooltural media product. It already has a wide circulation; printed in 50.000 copies a week!!! Our acceptance, the satisfaction index surpasses the data of every market research. Pinkg is already a cult object, an aesthetic, multifunctional product collected and exchanged by youngsters. A pure idea thus has become a post- postmodern icon, consumer goods and excellent advertising media.

5 Thematic advertising surface: Pinkg. Small. Smart. Steadfast. - It does not leave anything to chance. It radiates the joy of odds and ends which always comes from a great idea. Pinkg is a folding designated cardboard consisting of three parts. Inside it is made up of ten small pages in which you can wrap your useless and needless chewing gum in a discreet, cultural way plus you can do it stick free. The pages inside are made from recyclable paper and can be torn out.

6 Pinkg is the first and the only European advertising media to protect nature and create a positive demand with its high quality. Pinkg is original and unique due to its constantly expanding service network, its special design, and its trendy provocative or lyric look. Pinkg is multifunctional, interactive, cooltural, environmental friendly and entertaining and what is more; it is free for the consumers. Pinkg has invented itself; it meets an old requirement to give a chance for intelligently placing the used chewing gum. And it does it by being interactive, cooltural, environmental friendly and entertaining. The surface, the cover of Pinkg has a unique design, and its special bearer wall bars provide excellent opportunities for the advertiser who wishes to call the attention of a target group between 5-50 years old belonging to the AB groups of society.

7 New medium: Recycled pleasure Most significant features: It is primarily a visual draw; any kind of advertisement can be put on its surface. It takes very little time for the message to achieve its target. You can easily check the message, while the consumer cannot rewind the TV advert for specifying the information they can take out Pinkg any time. Besides providing aesthetic experience Pinkg has an environment protection function as well. Thus who choose us are given the opportunity of sponsorship to support culture and protect environment. Every giant step starts with a small step: if the spit chewing gum is put in a good place after a while litter will not be scattered around us either. Pinkg will not redeem the world but can create high standards and reflects positive qualities of life. By using Pinkg information sharing is possible anywhere, be at home, in shops, at work, at schoolor in the street; EVERYWHERE. It does not require activity from the recipient of the message Pinkg can any time raise attention of people.

8 Secondary effect: Pinkg influences consumers with its passive visualization and not with the annoying effect of the over-repeated TV adverts which are more frightening than convincing. Pinkg transmits information in the subconscious hiding in the periphery of the field of vision which in the decision making process bursts into as a DÉJA~VU experience. ‘Gee, I have already seen it somewhere’. As Pinkg is useful, popular and environmental friendly the positive feelings associated with it motivates people to do shopping. Pinkg is always at hand, it is personalized advertising medium.

9 Price: It attracts crowds of people owing to its low cost, and being an individual it is able to captivate any kind of target group. There is no risk, no loss. You do not need to shoot an advertising film, just bring your logo on a CD and that is it. Our visual art and design staff can also give you a hand and can offer new experience with their creativity. There is no running time, no transmitter failure, no misunderstanding. Everything is clear, clean and evident.

10 Structuralism: It is up to you what is put on Pinkg. No matter whether it is discreet, provocative, classic, blue, red, grey or pink, you can easily raise attention. Target group: Pinkg is not choosy, it catches your eyes. The consumer is helpless; he has already been captured by the brand-new style of the Pinkg. I want Pinkg!!! Besides the design Pinkg has another advantage. It aims to share the information placed on its surface by creating a more positive recipient situation. Pinkg does not require neon signs, the target group takes this lovely product voluntarily and freely so the group accepts the advert more favorably. If you still choose to use traditional marketing means, you will surely find your target group among the Pinkg’s adventure hunters. Multifunctional: Pinkg – after the taste of the chewing gum boorishness can be pocketed. Pinkg can represent a unique, effective advertising idea in case of different brands. Pinkg tries to transmit not only the products of multinational companies but also information, life feelings connecting to retailers and private persons.

11 Parameters: It is up to YOU! Size: 5.2cm X 16.2 cm Number of copies: it depends on the individual, but the weekly 120.000 copies of the own Pinkg is given which does not contain advertisements. Printing: 4+1 color offset printing on 250g recyclable paper, inner pages are 28 g and recyclable as well. Distribution: Pinkg is distributed in prominent places of restaurants, institutions, universities, colleges, movies, foundations, etc. freely joined to Pinkg Service Points.

12 Size: The basic tool of fan advertising campaign: 1. recipe: take 100.000 pieces Pinkg multiply it ten times as its owner will take it tat least that many times (there are 10 pages inside) and multiply it five times since not only the owner has eyes. Has everyone seen that something strange in the guy’s hand? What can it be? I also want one. Do you like counting? 2. recipe: take 100.000 pieces Pinkg, well, how many m²is it? 0,09 x 100.000 = 9000 m²!! You would not be able to surpass this advertising surface even if you cover all the giant posters of the city.

13 Media diagnosis EfficacyControllabilityPriceSelectionApplicability TV advert Was it measured? Of course. So were the elections. Big wasteI have never seen so much money together! Who on earth is watching these boring TV adverts? Switch it over. Quickly applicable Radio advert „ Verba volant scripta manent” Big wasteThe price too much depends on the success. Shock! Have you heard anything? I could only understand that … Quickly applicable Press Is it absolutely sure that everyone has seen B/2? Medium wasteMedium. Are you satisfied with it? The reader is hesitating whether to skim read or neglect the page. Medium Quickly applicable Giant poster Is the guy over there just counting how many people have looked at the poster? Huge wasteYes, we know design, paint and paper, but it is also the cost of printing and what about the cost of renting? Hey dad, calm down I haven’t seen what was on sale at T*SC*! Or was it*CH*N? Very slowly applicable Pinkg It is no prediction, failure is impossible Waste? What does it mean? The best of. 10-29 HUF, /0.12- 0.18Euro/ if nothing else is needed It does not pick and choose but plays a sure game Quickly applicable Leaflets Did the guys really throw everything in the dustbin? Big wasteWell, if the paper is even colorful and shiny... Why is it creased at once?Sorry, printing is ready The following table presents a comparison to ease the strategy of decision makers. Pinkg has achieved really good results.

14 Prices:items 10˙000 20˙000 30˙000 50˙000 100˙000 Euro/pieces 0,16 0,14 0,12 0,09 0,07 The prices are contains the printing / graphical charges. More then 100˙000 pieces we could get you individuel / discount price.

15 CONTACTS: Pinkg Hungary Ltd. +36 70 310 86 38+36 70 334 14 45 tel/fax: +36 1 788 4283

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