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Replacing Staff Officers National Training Department RG Modification Dec/2011.

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1 Replacing Staff Officers National Training Department RG Modification Dec/2011

2 Replacing Staff Officers What is the difference between leadership and management? You can’t do it alone and we all need help, get the best staff you can! That being said don’t change for the sake of change, lead and manage!

3 Replacing Staff Officers Staff serve for one year and at the direction of the elected officers. Consider not reappointing the person at the end of the year. No explanation need be given. Make sure you tell your officers of your plans work close with your VFC/ COS

4 Replacing Staff Officers Consider asking all staff officers if they are interested in doing the job next year. Avoids looking at the individual. DANGER….many don’t reapply so be carful here. 4

5 Think before you act? Have you talked to the person about what is expected and what you are considering? Does the person need training or help? Were there prior personality conflicts? Do you have a person to take the job? 5

6 Replacing Staff Officers Ask person to consider another staff job if you think that would work. Some people may agree to step down voluntarily if they know they are burned out. 6

7 Replacing Staff Officers What will be the impact on other members of the Flotilla? Can the staff officer do something else in the Flotilla? Consider other Options Not all Positions have to be filled but best they are, worst case is a position filled but not doing the work! Your COS has to fill in!

8 Replacing Staff Officers 8 DOING IT may get ugly!

9 Replacing Staff Officers Make sure you as the FC and your VFC are on the same page. Other staff officers could help…example the FSO- PA has not supported the PE efforts adequately, the FSO-PE might be an asset. Thank them for what they have done in the past. 9

10 Replacing Staff Officers Explain in clear terms what the problem was and why you are making the change. Sometimes you can make it about new needs as opposed to a problem…such as internet skills. Try to refrain from telling others….WHY? 10

11 Replacing Staff Officers Maybe you do tell someone…a last resort of delivering a message. Do not discuss your reasons at a meeting 11

12 Replacing Staff Officers Be pointed if someone asks you why you made a change…very few people need to hear the story. “I needed to make a change” Praise in Public…Criticize in Private! Better to take the necessary steps at the outset of a problem. Try to act without emotion

13 Replacing Staff Officers IT IS NEVER EASY Remember your very first action as an FC and VFC is the building of the staff, it’s often telling about your leadership style. 13

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