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New-Hire Orientation An Employee Communication Presentation Reviewed July 2013.

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1 New-Hire Orientation An Employee Communication Presentation Reviewed July 2013

2 ©SHRM 20082 Introduction Starting a new job can be an exciting and sometimes nerve- wracking experience, filled with questions and uncertainties of about how things are done in the new organization. Simple questions such as “When do I get paid?” and “Where is the break room?” can be addressed in new-hire orientation. This is the time to introduce the new employee to the organization’s mission, vision, culture, policies, benefits and, sometimes, even the company’s executive team.

3 ©SHRM 2008 Introduction Note to Presenter: This sample presentation is intended for presentation to newly hired employees who have limited knowledge of the organization. This is a sample presentation that must be customized to include the employer’s own culture, programs and orientation experience. The suggested length of this program is a ½ day to ¾ day session with a mid-morning break and/or a lunch break. You may also want to seek the assistance of your Benefits, Payroll, Office and/or IT managers for particular sections of the presentation.

4 ©SHRM 20084 Agenda The agenda for our meeting today is: New-hire paperwork Welcome Introductions of participants: Name, department, position History of company

5 ©SHRM 20085 Agenda Vision statement Mission statement Organizational structure Values of our company Code of ethics

6 ©SHRM 20086 Agenda Benefits and payroll Policies and procedures Building and administrative information IT information Summary and conclusion

7 ©SHRM 2008 New-Hire Paperwork Note to Presenter: This is a list of commonly used new-hire forms. You may need to add or remove items to fit your organization. Review the following Items for completion: I-9 verification > Be sure to check documentation Signed Offer and Acknowledgement Letter Employee Data Form W-4 and State Tax Withholding Form(s) Direct Deposit Form Benefit Enrollment Form(s) > Medical, dental, vision, 401(k), etc. Conflict of Interest Statement/Confidentiality Agreement Non-Disclosure Agreement Note to Presenter: If you use a web-based self-service new-hire module, you can direct employees to the appropriate web site.

8 ©SHRM 2008 Welcome Note to Presenter: Have someone from your executive team, i.e., CEO or COO, or your HR staff do a brief five-minute welcome speech. Encourage questions throughout the day.

9 ©SHRM 2008 Introduction of Participants Note to Presenter: Have the new hires introduce themselves to the group. What is your name? What department will you be in? What is your position? Anything else you would like to share with us?

10 ©SHRM 200810 History of [Company Name] [Company Name] was founded in [Year] by [Founder’s name]…. Note to Presenter: This is where you will introduce new employees to the history of the organization. You’ll want to tell the story of the organization so that new employees know how the organization began and where it is now. You can communicate this information in a narrative format, a timeline format detailing the key milestones or even video/multimedia format.

11 ©SHRM 2008 Vision Statement Our company vision is… Sample Vision Statement: At [Company Name], we believe that quality service requires superior customer-oriented thinkers, agents and business partners. Together, our people focus on our customers' needs and provide outstanding service to achieve results.

12 ©SHRM 200812 Mission Statement Our company mission is…. Sample mission statement: [Company Name]’s mission is to provide superior, personalized service through our staff of dedicated people. To fulfill this mission, we are committed to: > Partnering with our agents > Providing competitively priced products and quality claims service > Taking advantage of technology > Rewarding employee achievement > Profitability Talking points: Discuss some key organizational goals for the year.

13 ©SHRM 2008 Organizational Structure [Insert Organization Chart Here] Sample Chart

14 ©SHRM 2008 Values of Our Company Our Values for Doing Good Business Sample Values: > We focus on our Customers > We focus on our People > We focus on our Stakeholders Talking points: There are no unimportant jobs! Each job brings something to the table and helps contribute to the company’s overall mission!

15 ©SHRM 2008 Code of Ethics [Insert Code of Ethics here] Sample: [Company Name] maintains certain policies to guide its employees with respect to standards of conduct expected in areas where improper activities could damage [Company Name] reputation and otherwise result in serious adverse consequences to the company and to employees involved. The purpose of this policy is to affirm, in a comprehensive statement, required standards of conduct and practices with respect to certain type of payments and political contributions.* * Reproduced with permission from Steven Sack’s “The Complete Collection of Legal Forms for Employers. All inclusive Sample Contracts, Forms, and Checklists for Hiring, Firing and Day-to-day Employment” (Legal Strategies Publications, copyright 1996).

16 ©SHRM 2008 Break Time 15 Minute Break

17 ©SHRM 200817 Statutory Benefits (Note to presenter: Customize in accordance with your state) Legally provided or mandated benefits are those required by federal and state laws. These include contributions for: Social Security and Medicare:  These are federally mandated and administered benefits. Workers’ Compensation Unemployment Disability > Some states also have disability programs that require contributions from the employer and employee.

18 ©SHRM 200818 Questions? Comments?

19 ©SHRM 2008 Payroll Note to Presenter: Have your payroll manager speak here. Biweekly payroll Pay day – every other Friday Time sheets/record-keeping system Direct deposit: up to five accounts (savings or checking)

20 ©SHRM 200820 Voluntary Benefits (Note to Presenter: Have you benefits manager speak here. Customize for your company.) The benefits that [Company Name] provides voluntarily and that the company and employees share in the cost are: Health insurance Prescription drug insurance Dental insurance Vision insurance Commuter benefits (parking, van pools, mass transit tokens)

21 ©SHRM 200821 Voluntary Benefits The benefits that [Company Name] provides voluntarily and that the company pays 100% of the cost are: Retirement/pension plan (a defined benefit plan) Employer match to employee 401(k) contributions Term life insurance Accidental death and dismemberment insurance Short-term disability insurance Long-term disability insurance Long-term care insurance

22 ©SHRM 200822 Voluntary Benefits Other benefits that [Company Name] provides voluntarily and that the company pays 100% of the cost are: Incentive bonuses Paid time off:  Vacation leave  Sick leave  Holidays  Personal days  Bereavement leave  Paid weather-related emergency closing leave

23 ©SHRM 200823 Voluntary Benefits Additional benefits that [Company Name] provides voluntarily and that the company pays 100% of the cost are: Tuition assistance (up to $5,250 tax-free per year) Employee assistance program (EAP) On-site fitness center On-site child care Computer purchase assistance Scholarships for children of employees Paid sabbaticals Direct deposit of pay Social gatherings (holiday party, summer picnic)

24 ©SHRM 200824 Voluntary Benefits In addition, [Company Name] sponsors and pays the administration fees for the following benefits plans that employees may participate in by making contributions: 401(k) savings and retirement plan Health savings account Health flexible spending account Dependent care flexible spending account

25 ©SHRM 200825 Questions? Comments?

26 ©SHRM 2008 Policies and Procedures Note to Presenter: Have a discussion of some key policies and procedures. Distribute Employee Handbooks and have employees sign acknowledgement of receipt. Attendance policy PTO/holiday/leave policy Anti-harassment policy Complaint procedure policy Health, safety and security policies Flextime and telecommuting policy Performance management policy

27 ©SHRM 2008 Building and Administrative Services (Note to Presenter: Have your office manager speak here.) Department contacts: names and information Severe weather closing hotline Operations emergency hotline Forgot your office key/badge? Parking issue? Reserving conference rooms Other service requests

28 ©SHRM 2008 Information Technology Services (Note to Presenter: Have your IT manager speak here.) Equipment and Usage Policy [Company Name] recognizes that the use of the Internet has many benefits for [Company Name] and its employees, such as making communication more efficient and effective. Therefore, employees are encouraged to use the Internet appropriately. Unacceptable use of the Internet can place [Company Name] and others at risk. This policy discusses acceptable usage of the Internet. (Please refer to the Employee Handbook for information.)

29 ©SHRM 2008 Information Technology Services Software Network and drives Help desk information: > Submitting a help desk ticket > Whom to contact

30 ©SHRM 200830 Summary In this meeting, we reviewed: History of the company Vision and mission statements Organizational structure Company values Code of ethics Payroll information Benefits information Policies and procedures Frequently access departments: > Administrative services > IT

31 ©SHRM 200831 Questions? Comments? Further questions can be directed to the Human Resources Department

32 ©SHRM 200832 New-Hire Orientation Evaluation Please be sure to complete and leave the evaluation sheet you received with your handouts Thank you for your attention and welcome!

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