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Madmen Also Kill The first part of this slide show is a reproduction of an article by Carlos Alberto Montaner, a known Cuban writer living in Spain. The.

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1 Madmen Also Kill The first part of this slide show is a reproduction of an article by Carlos Alberto Montaner, a known Cuban writer living in Spain. The original can be read at The second part (in yellow print) is by a Venezuelan anonymous author. TIA received this slide show from a reader in Brazil, where it is being broadly circulated. TIA translated it to English and asked Montaner’s permission to post it on our site, which he cordially gave.

2 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is preparing to build 20 military bases in Bolivia. These bases will be situated along the borders of its five neighboring countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Peru. They will be under the joint control of the Venezuelan, Cuban and Bolivian military. The Cubans will surely receive Venezuelan identity cards allowing them to come and go freely. Since the two peoples look similar and speak Spanish, nothing prevents them from infiltrating Venezuela.

3 The cost of new Venezuelan armaments will reach $30 billion. Venezuela has become the first in international purchasers of arms and military equipment.

4 That is, to convert Bolivia, situated in the heart of Latin America, into a subversive bastion of South America. This strategy cost the life of Che Guevara in 1967. It is the right country to destablize the whole Andes region by spreading ethnic conflicts. The plan fulfils an old dream and strategy of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. With these military bases, Bolivia can house and operate the new combat planes acquired by Chavez from Russia. I suppose that Chile will be the first target of the Bolivian military who seek passage through this country to the Pacific Ocean. The Chileans should take note of this enormous danger hovering over them.

5 Chavez, along with Bolivian President Evo Morales, are prepared to seduce and recruit Bolivians for their revolutionary venture by means of a large assistence program offering medical treatment, schools and foodstuff. This massive aid is meant to dull any patriotic suspicions. It is already appealing to the Bolivian masses, and promises to do so even more in the future since Bolivia is the poorest country on the continent.

6 Many hundreds of millions of dollars conveniently distributed in Bolivia, Chavez calculates, can raise the enthusiasm of the poor and the complicity of the radical groups for the cause of the “redemptive” conquest of Latin America for 21 st century Socialism.

7 What we are witnessing is the consequence of a certain delirious world vision of history and international politics. In December 2005, Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque set out this policy, proclaiming the Cuban Revolution victorious, and the world foolishly paid no attention to his words.

8 Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, with messianic airs and without any prudence or restraint, came to the conclusion that they are restoring Marxism after the collapse of the USSR and its satellites 18 years ago. Hence, with the enthusiasm of crusaders, they considered themselves invested with a sacred mission: to take upon their shoulders the task of redeeming humanity so cowardly abandoned by Moscow.

9 This is the terrifying picture we have before our eyes: the union of La Habana [Cuba], Caracas [Venezuela], and now La Paz [Bolivia] replacing Moscow as the major promoter of world Socialism.

10 Their self-assigned task begins with the revolutionary conquest of South America and the installation of similar governments in all its nations, to collaborate in the final battle against “Imperialism.” What is the goal of this battle? Obviously, to bring to their knees the United States and all its “despicable” European acolytes.

11 Their goal is also “to put an end to the unjust exploitation of the Third World through the creation of a grandiose collectivist and egalitarian civilization that will reign eternally for the glory of humanity.”

12 It would be an immense mistake to disregard this plan of conquest just because it seems crazy and absurd. The Third Reich of the Nazis was no less crazy and absurd, and it cost the world 40 million lives in a terrible war. Cuba is a poor Third World island, hungry and without hope. But this did not prevent its government from participating in successful coups of State in Madagascar and Yemen, or from fighting in bloody African wars for 15 years in both Angola and Ethiopia.

13 When this apparatus is up and running, Chavez will not hesitate to use it, just as Castro used his army. Once ready, Chavez will put it into operation. It doesn’t matter that he is mad. Madmen also kill. (Montaner’s article ends here) Chavez, with his petro-dollars and under the direction of Cuban experts, is building the largest Spanish-speaking army: 1,200,000 men. This army will have at their disposal the most destructive air force in all South America.

14 Are we going to let this madman and his military acolytes and cronies, traitors to the country, carry out their plan? Now, we ask you:

15 Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Evo Morales have diabolically conceived their plan. It is curious how people today simply talk and go about their affairs, and do not act.

16 We have to put a stop to this madness before it is too late and a cruel and bloody slaughter is unleashed.

17 Let’s not allow Venezuela to be used by these evil-doers. Remember, the master Fidel is a cold and calculating assasin, and his disciple follows in his footsteps.



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