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LouisianaConnect Overview College and Career Readiness Summit: December 1 st, 2011.

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1 LouisianaConnect Overview College and Career Readiness Summit: December 1 st, 2011

2 Introduction: Brian Dennis, State Director, LA  Based in Baton Rouge, LA  Over the last two years, developed and implemented a workforce development plan for East Central Kansas.  Prior to Kansas, worked as the Executive Director of the Children’s Coalition: Managed a grant from the White House Office of Faith Based Administration's Compassion Capitol Grant. Grant awarded to aid the rebuilding of education and children’s services following Hurricane Katrina. While with the Coalition, also managed a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration where anti-drug and anti-gang programs were built and implemented in schools throughout Louisiana.  Comes from a family that served the education system in Louisiana for decades. His father was a professor of History at Nicholls State University for 35 years and his mother served in several key roles within Louisiana education. SLIDE 2

3 A Word on Student Data SLIDE 3 OctoberNovemberDecemberJanuaryFebruary Current year STS data made available by DOE (Publics & Non- Publics) Current year SIS data made available by DOE (Only Publics) SIS DataSTS Data (Option 1)(Option 2) Goal: Load the broadest amount of current demographic, enrollment and academic performance data into LouisianaConnect at the earliest possible date. What’s Next: ACT Data, Standardized Test Scores from DOE (EOC, LEAP, etc.), ??? LDOE

4 Important Next Steps  Automated Account Activation  Counselors are signing up now for access to the portal  Student & Parent Account Activation  LOSFA will send a follow-up email indicating that student & parent account activation is available beginning in the next few weeks  The web portal needs student data to be tested and loaded for student/parent account activation to commence  LDOE has finalized an agreement to share data with the web portal  Non-Public School Student & Parent Account Activation  If school does not submit “SIS” data, enrollment data will not be current until LDOE February “STS” data harvest  LOSFA to circulate workaround for schools that would like to refresh enrollment data by extracting directly from their own student information system and loading directly into LouisianaConnect SLIDE 4

5 Student Perspective SLIDE 5

6 SLIDE 6 Student Perspective

7  Where can I go to school to do this? (College Search, List, Compare list tools) SLIDE 7

8 SLIDE 8 Student Perspective

9  How can I pay for school? (Financial Aid piece/Talent Connect/Scholarship Match) SLIDE 9 Student Perspective

10 SLIDE 10 Student Perspective

11 SLIDE 11 Student Perspective

12 SLIDE 12 Student Perspective

13 SLIDE 13 Student Perspective

14  Can I get help with the application process? (Essay tool, Common Application, FAFSA tool- school deadlines) SLIDE 14

15 Counselor Perspective  So many students, so little time! (Tracking tools that show student progress) SLIDE 15

16 SLIDE 16 Counselor Perspective

17 SLIDE 17 Counselor Perspective

18  How can I keep students informed? (Newsfeed tool, blast messaging that can be targeted) SLIDE 18

19 SLIDE 19 Counselor Perspective

20 SLIDE 20 Counselor Perspective

21 SLIDE 21 Counselor Perspective

22 Parent Perspective  How can I stay in the loop? (Parent 'dashboard'-shot that shows what parents can see) SLIDE 22

23 SLIDE 23 Parent Perspective

24 Questions?

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