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SNIPSA’s Big Fix January 23, 2010 by For Paws Co-Directors.

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1 SNIPSA’s Big Fix January 23, 2010 by For Paws Co-Directors

2 SNIPSA held a Big Fix spay/neuter event to benefit the dogs and cats in the 78228 zip code area.

3 A big thanks to Fr. Chris Janson, S.M. of Holy Rosary Catholic Church for allowing the event to be held on church grounds.

4 Residents began lining up with their animals at 7 AM for the free spay/neuter/vaccinations/microchips.

5 Two check-in stations served preregistered owners.

6 There were dogs of all shapes and sizes, from small…

7 to extra large.

8 Cats arrived in a variety of carriers, including pillow cases, bags, and a hamster cage.

9 Dogs were placed in the pre- surgery room with identifying paperwork.

10 Cats were on the opposite side of the room.

11 A complete veterinary surgery suite was set up in a separate room.

12 And surgery began.

13 To accommodate the cats, another surgery site was created in the recovery room.

14 And cat surgery began…

15 And continued until all cats were fixed.

16 After a brief recovery, the cats…

17 and dogs were sent home with their happy owners.

18 And a new generation learns about responsible pet ownership.

19 Not the end, but the beginning of a new life for 150 pets.

20 To learn more about SNIPSA and how you can help, click in the link below.

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