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Interact of Royal Oak Alternative February Break VI North Carolina 2012!!

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1 Interact of Royal Oak Alternative February Break VI North Carolina 2012!!

2 Key Dates Dec. 7: $50 Deposit and Forms Due Jan. 18: Final Payments Due ($525) Jan. 25: Traveler Meeting, 7:00 pm Feb. 12: Departure

3 Fundraising Sponsorships Tax-Deductible Approaches Letter-writing “National Relief Network”

4 Duties At Work Site: Dirty work Cleaning Demolition Salvage/Rescue Site Prep Construction Listening At Living Site: Cleaning Cooking/Dishes Packing/Sorting

5 Work Assignments Teams of students with chaperones All supervised work; few to no power tools Most common assignments: debris clean- up, demolition, salvage, relief center work

6 Equipment to Bring Disposable Clothing Work gloves Steel-soled work shoes/boots Hard hat Safety glasses; masks Sleeping bag, pillow Towel Normal toiletries

7 RhinoTuff sold online $23 each from McFeely’s puncture/xm7CRXVKSluKglA2sz4 mXw==/info Or o-Tuff-reg-Puncture-Resistant- Insoles/?srccode=cii_13736960&cpncode=21- 118369577-2

8 Meals  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Menus Summer 2011  Breakfast Every day: Cereal, Bagels, Cream Cheese, PB and Jelly, Pop Tarts, Bananas, Oranges, Apple juice, Cranberry Juice, Milk, Orange juice. Coffee and Tea  Lunches Every day: White and Wheat Bread, Ham, Turkey, Cheese slices, Mayo, Mustard, PB and Jelly, Chips, Granola Bars, Carrots, Cookies, and Apples.  2-3 Cases of water for each group. For EACH work day.

9 Typical Dinners Day 1 : Dinner: Spaghetti Dinner Day 2 Picnic Day!: Dinner: Hot Dogs, Hamburg’s, Ketchup, Mustard, Day 3: Dinner: Taco Bar Day 4: Dinner: Lasagna, pulled pork or BBQ sandwiches Day 5: Dinner: Pizza and salad Day 6 (Friday night): Dinner Out: Bring cash for this ($15?)

10 Entertainment Provided: Some basic games, balls, etc. Needed: Someone to organize some games/events (i.e. talent show, euchre tournament, dance-off, etc.) DVDs for bus. We can’t play everything, but we will choose the most lame films provided!

11 Other Events Event/Tour: included in price Dinner on coast: price varies Evening games, rec: free Terrible DVDs on bus ride: free

12 Other Costs Meals on bus trip. Fast food, mostly. Nice group meal. $20? Souvenirs

13 Confirmed Adults Mr. Chisnell Mr. Morgan Ms. Pollis Ms. Lukezich Mr. Conrad Mr. Hartman Mr. Valdez Meryn McLelland Others...

14 Next Steps Fundraise! Recruit Friends – Only 10-12 seats left! After Dec. 7, first come, first-served on remaining seats Final Payment January 18!

15 Interact of Royal Oak

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