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Chapter 9/19 Sacrum/Coccyx. Sacrum 5 fused vertebrae 4 sets of ________________ –Pelvic (Anterior) & Posterior.

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1 Chapter 9/19 Sacrum/Coccyx

2 Sacrum 5 fused vertebrae 4 sets of ________________ –Pelvic (Anterior) & Posterior

3 Sacrum _________ – Wings of sacrum Superior articulating process –______________formed with 5 th l-spine vertebra inferior articulating process

4 Sacrum _____________ –Anterior protrusion _____________ –Continuation of vertebral Foramen

5 Sacrum ________________ –Fused spinous processes _______________ –Joint surface of SI joint ______________ –Inferior articulating process

6 Coccyx Tailbone ___________coccyx segments Most distal aspect of spinal column

7 Coccyx Transverse process _________ Larger at the base and cones toward apex

8 Imaging the sacrum Routine AP Lateral 80 kVp

9 AP Sacrum Pt supine _____________tube angle Between _________________ CR mid sagittal and _________to ASIS

10 Lateral Sacrum Pt in true lateral Flex knees CR at the __________and __________to posterior sacral surface Or _____________to ASIS

11 Imaging the Coccyx Routine AP Lateral 75 kVp

12 AP Coccyx Pt supine ___________angle _____________to Symphysis Pubis CR Mid sagittal and ______________

13 Lateral Coccyx Pt in true lateral Knees flexed ______________to ASIS Collimate Close all 4 sides

14 Chapter 22 Myelogram

15 Study to look at spinal cord and nerves root branches Indications –_____________ –____________________

16 Myelogram Requires an injection into the ________________ Menenges –Dura Mater –_________ –Pia Mater

17 Contraindications Sensitivity to Iodine Blood in ___________ Arachnoiditis Increased _____________ Recent _________

18 Equipment Myelogram tray X-ray table that can ______________ –Foot board –Shoulder holder X-table cassette holder

19 Equipment _______ X-table holder Pillow for abdomen ______________________

20 Contrast Water Soluble – ___________ Marked for ____________ Use

21 Injection X-table and AP scout Done by radiologist Lumbar –________ –Through ______________

22 Injection Cervical –_______________bone Injected _____________to avoid excessive mixing of contrast and _____

23 Lumbar injection Generally ___________ –Spinal cord branches and not solid Pt prone –Pillow ____________to open disc spaces Lt Lateral with spine __________ Sterile

24 Cervical Injection Done if Lumbar is contraindicated Pt sitting ________ with neck _________ Or pt __________ with neck flexed Contrast should not enter _________ –___________the neck

25 What happens A ___________is done first –Evaluates appearance of CSF (blood present) Contrast injected –Make sure it is __________use

26 What Happens Needle is removed Pt is tilted _________________________ –By gravity contrast is spread through the spinal canal

27 Imaging __________ has taken over Cervical –X-Table, X-table swimmers Thoracic –Lateral, X-Table, AP/PA Lumbar –Semierect X-Table, X-table lateral, AP/PA, Obliques

28 Post Exam Care Bandage the injection site Place pt semi erect _______________. Restricted to the bed.

29 Complications Air into the ____________ of the brain Spinal needle irritating nerves Excessive ______________ bleeding Contrast into ventricular areas –Can cause _______________ Reaction to contrast

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