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Next topic of Physiological Culture TECHNOLOGY OF CONTINUOUS HEALTH RENOVATION BY SLEEPING Patients and Trainees who come to know skills of Physiological.

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1 Next topic of Physiological Culture TECHNOLOGY OF CONTINUOUS HEALTH RENOVATION BY SLEEPING Patients and Trainees who come to know skills of Physiological Culture all the time ask me - “How should one sleep?". I inform you about the following: Homo Sensus mastering Physiological Culture as Technology of Continuous Health Renovation DOES NOT SLEEP AT ALL! He goes to work – to Another Reality.

2 Body of Execution of Your Own Mission on the Earth (Organism of Homo Sensus) is the element of Nature namely of Earth, and Vegetative component (from food) and Water (Factors of Physical Circulations of Internal Environment) are dominant in its structure. But Plants and Water depend on Light and by themselves make Human to some extent to depend on (Azeotropizm effect and Water cycle).

3 You as Homo Sensus also Know that You Personally are not the Body-Organism, but it is just an Instrument for Execution of Your Mission. And that is why You as Homo Sensus are simply obliged to prepare the Body of Your Mission Implementation on the Earth for Sleeping (this is how people call Work in Other Worlds). Before entering Hyper Space – putting Its Body of Implementation for special renovation ( Regain of Ideality of Mobile Vertical System ) in order to (metaphorically) «recharge batteries», «to lubricate», «for mechanics to check»...

4 All this is similar to preparation Airplanes for Flight at the Airport (Flight is actually Dream of Homo Sensus) I want inform You that during this important as Preparation of Body of Implementation for Sleeping - You should fulfill main revision of Efficiency of Protruding Parts.

5 In order to prepare Yourself Ideally for transition to another Reality for Work (Dream) You need : Move all Foot Fingers’ Tips Foot separately (but not Fingers); Tips of Heels (but not Heel itself); then move Ankle-Joint (but inside); later move Shines (Shin-bones not muscles), after that move Knee-joint (also inside)… I call this Process of Continuous Health Renovation Technology not literally – «move», but rather «Entering your body» due to the essence of the process. Attention! You do not lay your Pelvic joint as it is rather complicated and different by its Function (Vacuum-Spin Fluctuation) and complexity of vision of its real movement range, but if You are able to make micromovement in this Joint - ideally just behind Tip of Big toe of Foot then just do it. Then Move Hand Fingers’ Tips (but not fingers), then move Wrist Joint (only inside), Bones but not Muscles of Forearm, Shoulder and Elbow Joint (also inside)…Attention! Shoulder Joint does not lay down because of complexity and that his Function is different (Antigravity sensitivity). But if You are able to make minimal movement – ideally towards outside part of Forefinger Nail then do it. Then make micromovement with You Hair (but not with head), adjust Nose Bones and Neck Bones (everything inside!)… Though Neck Bones are not Protruding Part of Implementation Body…but Head is on them. And the main thing – instead of USUAL (ROLE) FACIAL EXPRESSION – must change it For Happy Internal Smile (without special Face muscles contractions!).

6 After such detailed «revision of Protruding Parts of Body of Implementation» a wish for Stretching and Yawning arises or it arises during the Procedure of Putting Body of Implementation to Sleep… But when the wish for Stretching and Yawning has arisen You do not stretch and do not yawn as you have always been doing before. You are not disturbing “remedial" Rest of Internal because Your Internal Organs also prepare themselves for Work concerning the Repair of Movements of Protruding Parts of Body of Your Mission Implementation… Stretch Protruding Parts of the Body but not the Body, stretch them at the moment of Yawning but you should Yawn with closed mouth. In principle this process is brightly and clearly demonstrated by “funeral“ Egyptian frescos!

7 The Final moment concerning Preparation of Your Body of Implementation for Renovation will be “checking" Outer and Inner surfaces of Lips with tip of Tongue - as Brain-Cortex has 90% of receptors on them!

8 Latter will be the Process of «putting Salivary to sleep» - their importance for Organism’s Functions is underlined even by the Fact that they (the same as Eyes moving Muscles and Salivary Glands) are innervated by special and separate Nerves!

9 And after all draw “8" in air with Your Eyes – in such a way implementing the Action of Law of Infinity of Sensphysiology and ancient Egyptian symbol Udiet that is the Message for us from Ancient Egyptians. Symbol Udiet and Symbol of Infinity of Sensephysiology Science (in the bottom) Images structural Process of Interaction of Eyes, Lachrymal Gland, Cerebral Hemispheres and Process of Air Inhalation and Eyes Ventilation.

10 You can now when entering Supreme Space (fall asleep) not worry about Your Body of Implementation. You always “keep in touch with it” – let the fly just land on It and You already inside it. You have checked that there is no Danger, then have given a command for Organism to swat a fly with Hand...and further – all over Worlds. LET FLY JUST LAND ON THE BODY !..

11 Attention! If you wake up with some Idea – immediately Get up Vertically! (or you can sit down) And Implement this derived Idea! – or Do something in order to keep this Idea, Wright it Down, - whatever moment of Dream or Night it has happened! You think that You uselessly returned from Your Dream into Your Body of Implementation – No, It is not so! And namely WHAT FOR – for Implementation of that You have received THERE! After Implementation of that You have brought with you from there You should not worry about the Quality of preparation for New Dream (either you went to sleep again, or already not). Night keeps Human from Realization of Yourself (fresco of Ancient Egypt)

12 As we know due to science, It takes 26 minutes of Ideal Sleeping for Human’s Body to recreate its capabilities and that is why after You Have Implemented this Received idea by Action, and do not “chew" it as psychological chewing gum in Head You can continue this Action without any doubts and do not worry about Sleeping – «I can get not enough sleep»… You can if the Implementation of Brought Idea is over put the Body to sleep in similar way – by Preparation Procedure or you can do without it. (besides it is not necessary to do all the set of procedures when falling asleep and now!) As Homo Sensus’ Body of Implementation is always ready for New Flight on Way of Mission! And You Will sympathize with these ones!

13 If after Renovation (Sleeping) of Your Body of Implementation during the day You will feel yourself tired, suppressed, or «sick»… then it does not mean that «slept not enough» or «slept not well», it means that You did not realize Who You Are, What Your Mission is and What Technological Process of Health and Sense Renovation «Putting the Body of Implementation to Sleep» exists for. The matter is not «that You slept not Enough» or «that you for some reason slept today not well»... Besides – It is possible to change putting the Body to Sleep for «To stand into sleep» (for men), or «To sit into sleep» (more common for women) He always gets such enough sleep! Besides man must fall asleep in tensed state – ALWAYS! It means in State of Readiness for Start! As for Process of Continuous Health and Sense Renovation by Sleeping the Position of Your Body does not matter – whether you sleep standing (men), or sleep sitting (women). What important here is Renovation of Freedom of Movement and Sensitivity of Protruding Parts of the Body of Mission Implementation.

14 BUT MAY BE You really “slept not well”! – even after preparation of Body of Implementation. It happened because You…either have read such stupid thing that “it is forbidden to eat for the night, because it is “detrimental" … And by this did not provide Organism any opportunity to receive from food elements which he needs for Renovation....or because have put Body of Implementation to too hot and soft bed. If to put Diver’s Suit on You and without Air – No Air in the bottom, no Air at sides, no Air at top. If only Survive! (Organism thinks) What a Renovation are you talking about?! It is wrong time for Renovations!

15 BUT MAY BE You really “slept not well”!... Because You have put the Body of Implementation in such a way, “owing to" Pillow, - that It was forced to fit Itself into Position suggested by You – NOT STRAIGHTEN POSITION!!! That is the Position of Underdeveloped Human at Embryo stage of some certain Stage of Development – who later will need (after waking up) to learn Walking over again, not to do Number one and Number two right and left, and learn not to make harm for people… and the main thingи, again to learn How to Have control over Fingers!!! After waling up – TAKE CONTROL over them, and Everything else in Organism will take up!

16 CONCERNING PILLOW, Who used to it as to drugs then according to its Sensephysiology and as contrasted with и orient nations which use wood log instead of Pillow Roll the Towel that is Ideal Alternative Solution. It is softer than log and hygienically – Towel is east to wash. For Your Information: Even despite Lack of “trend" for instruments in Skills of Physiological Culture You can some time to lay the Body of Implementation onto this Roll made of Towel with Shoulder blades. Or You can do it with Sacrum. Or with Breast. Or with Pubis…. This is such a sort of Your Sensephysiological Game – exactly such sort of Games Organism likes to play before Sleeping. professor Alexander Kharchenko Lutsk, phone: 80508760217 E-mail:

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