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 Is it possible to create a world where everyone is treated equally?

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2  Is it possible to create a world where everyone is treated equally?

3  Why do people hate one another?  What role does economics play in how we view others?  Why would people believe the things Hitler said about the Jews? Or other groups?  What would make people go along when they had never held those beliefs before?  Why did some resist? Is there something different about their personality?  How has your racial, ethnic or religious group been affected by an –ism? How?

4  What is a memoir? How is it different from an autobiography?  What kind of lives did Jews have prior to the rise of Hitler?  Vocabulary specific to World War II.  What are the literary devices used in Night? What is the role those devices play?  What is the main theme of the story? Secondary themes?  Historical timeline of World War II?  Definition of Freedom of Speech?  Definition of Freedom of Religion?  What are the three types of imagery? How are these used in the story?  How does Elie Wiesel use imagery to evoke images? Olfactory? Tactile? What is the effect?

5 Before UnitDuring UnitAfter Unit Concept MapPersonal JournalChoice Research Project BlogCurrent EventPartner Current Event Presentation Introduce your partner Pillow Case Activity Final Personal Blog MI SurveyBlogWikis Page Technology Survey Peer Conferences and Reviews Assessment of Unit/Teacher Personal HistoryClass DebateSelf-Assessment Wikis for group work

6  Whole class K-W-L  Survey Monkey: Views and opinions  Small group: Introduce your partner; culture, ethnicity, religion, country of origin, and language.  Individual Concept Map

7 Pre-assessment Concept Map Exercise

8  Current Event: written or verbal summary  Weekly individualized vocabulary quizzes  Whole class, small group and partner discussions on literary devices and techniques  Jeopardy Game  Class debate (Devil’s Advocate)  Weekly personal Blog  Partner or group wikis

9 Post-assessment Concept Map

10 Through investigation of Night by Elie Wiesel, students will learn about human dignity, respect, the power of silence, faith and family. Students will investigate their own ancestors and current conflicts raging in the world concerning religious freedom, anti-Semitism, prejudice, discrimination and develop possible solutions to the problems the world faces.

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