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Text A My Daughter, My Friend Patricia Lorenz Unit 4 The Generation Gap.

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1 Text A My Daughter, My Friend Patricia Lorenz Unit 4 The Generation Gap

2 My Daughter, My Friend  Useful expressions  Text interpretation  Word family  Sentence structure  Translation  Homework

3 Useful expressions  机器故障  仙境  重新温习  繁体中文  股票交易所  文化交流  交换意见  Machine failure  Fairy land  Brush up  Traditional Chinese  Stock Exchange  Cultural exchange  Exchange views

4 Useful expressions  道歉信  棋逢对手  不可挽回的损失  有点发烧  亲密的关系  挪用公款  对 … 负责  A letter of apology  Meet one’s match  Spilt milk  A touch of fever  Close relationship  Appropriate public funds  Be responsible for

5 Useful expressions  涂化妆品  申请一份工作  一盒香烟  一项艰巨的任务  一场激烈的讨论  试用期  不用说  Apply makeup  Apply for a job  A package of cigarettes  A tremendous task  A heated discussion  Trial period  Needless to say

6 Text interpretation  Warm-up questions 1. Have you ever written letters to your family? 2. How have you tried to bridge the generation gap? 3. What will you do if your parent forbids you to do something?

7 Text interpretation  Answer the questions Speaking Activity 3 on p.48  What type is the text? A. narration B. exposition C. description D. argumentation 记叙文 说明文 描述文 议论文

8 Text interpretation  This story is generally organized in order of. A. time B. space C. logic  Find out signal words of time. Then put sentences containing the signal words together, and try to work out the main idea and structure. (Next page)

9 Text interpretation  When my daughter Julie was six years old,…  By the time Julie was in fourth grade,…  Over the next few years,…  On Julie’s first day of high school,  My daughter left home for college a few years ago.

10 Text interpretation  Main idea This text tells us about a mother and her daughter who have managed to bridge the gap by writing to each other about the problems they faced.  How would you organize a text of this type? See Part Division (next page)

11  Part division Main IdeasParasParts 1 1 22-9 3 10-14 The tradition started Julie learned the power of written notes. We exchanged notes on various topics. 4 15-23A fight was solved in this way. Text interpretation 5 24 Our tradition has pulled us through again.

12 Text interpretation  What can we learn from the mother and daughter? Your answers: 1. 2. 3.

13 Text interpretation 1. I wrote back, telling her… 2. By the time …, she had figured out that handwritten notes could do more than welcome the tooth fairy. 3. Once, after a heated discussion we’d had about why she couldn’t buy a pair of clogs… 4. Here are the reasons (why) I want clogs… 5. Over the next few years, Julie and I exchanged notes about… 6. Others are just happy thoughts spilling onto paper.

14 Text interpretation 7. …no matter what kind of mood I’m in. 8. P.S. writing down my feelings to you is … 9. …put makeup on in ways that both you and I... 10. I don’t put too much on like some of my friends do… 11. I want to add to my looks and bring out my eyes. 12. Needless to say, my daughter wore makeup… 13. Her whole face seemed to light up, not only from a touch of makeup, but from the sense of freedom… 14. …our tradition has pulled us through again.

15 Word family  Failure, succeed, traditional, exchange, apologize, apologetic, contest, competition, let out, reveal, response, responsive, responsibility, moody, argumentation, proper, inappropriate, parcel, pack, packet, applicant, application, applied, appliance, etc.  Compounding on Page 49

16 Sentence structure  Not only … but also  He is a very good singer.  He is also very good at writing lyrics.  He is not only a very good singer but also good at writing lyrics. Do the exercise on p.50

17 Translation 1. Mr. Bruce made an apology for his disrespect for the local traditions. 2. At the meeting the two parties exchanged their opinions on the relationship between the two countries 3. He is in such a bad mood that it is not appropriate for him to appear in public.

18 Translation 4. You should at least try not to spill the water when carrying it. 5. The argument of this scientist received tremendous support from academic circles. 6. No matter what difficulties you may come across, we will pull you through.

19 Homework  Other exercises  Recitation  Text B  Fast reading  Review  Preview  Translation Don ’ t forget your plan & promise.

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