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10 Yard Line Overtime Prepared by Linc Pauley July 31, 2013.

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1 10 Yard Line Overtime Prepared by Linc Pauley July 31, 2013

2 OVERTIME An overtime period is untimed play after a regulation game has ended, the score tied. During an overtime period each team has an opportunity for an offensive series of downs, However, an overtime perod may include only one offensive series of downs if the defensive team scores a safety or touchdown.

3 3-1 Three minute intermission Each team may confer with coaches All officials will assemble at the 50 yard line Discuss Overtime Procedures Discuss how penalties, if any, including any carry over penalties from regulation time will be assed to start the overtime Linesman and Line Judge will go to their team sideline and inform their coach of any special penalty enforcements After the intermission teams meet at 50 yard line for coin toss

4 3-2-1 Coin toss (Only one) – Visitor’s shall call the toss before the coin is tossed – Winner of the toss Offense Defense End of field – Loser of the toss Remaining options – Referee will have winner of toss Place hand on shoulder of winning captain The team on offense shall face the goal referee will give first down signal The team on defense will have back to goal they defend

5 3-5-1 One time out per half per team per overtime period – Period shall be a series by A and a series by B – Team with most total points will be the winner 5-1-1 1st and goal on the 10 yard line or – Succeeding spot if any carry over penalties are administered – Series will terminated by score by offensive team or Touchdown to be followed by extra point unless it would not affect the outcome of the game or playoff qualifying Field goal attempt permitted on any down – Defensive team has possession of the ball and the ball becomes dead immediately The defensive team will become the offensive team and have 4 downs from the 10 yard line on same end of field

6 If the score remains tied after the period There will be a two minute intermission The loser of the coin toss will be given first options: – Offense – Defense – End of Field If additional periods are required the options will be alternated – Offense – Defense – End of Field

7 5-2-1 The offensive team shall be awarded a new series of downs when any one of the following occurs: – Offensive team recovers a scrimmage kick (field goal attempt) between the goal lines after it has been touched first by the defensive team beyond the neutral zone. – Defensive team is guilty of roughing the kicker, place-kick holder, snapper or passer.

8 5-3-1 The line to gain is always the goal line regardless of whether or not a penalty enforcement places the ball more than 10 yards from the goal line to start a new series. 8-1 If the defensive teams sores a safety or touchdown, the game is ended. 8-3 No try will be attempted if the winner of the game has been determined. 10-4-3 Post scrimmage kick enforcement is not applicable in this procedure

9 1 50 2 3 4 51 52 53 R U L FJ BJ

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