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BCFOA High School Playoff Clinic 2012 Walter Becker, BCFOA, Vice President Holy Cross Secondary October 23 rd, 2012.

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1 BCFOA High School Playoff Clinic 2012 Walter Becker, BCFOA, Vice President Holy Cross Secondary October 23 rd, 2012

2 Agenda Officials Eligibility Criteria for Advancement Playoff Key Information Grade 8 - Playoff Structure Overtime Procedure

3 Officials Eligibility Officials in their first year of service will not be eligible to officiate in Subway Bowl games as they are not eligible for membership in the BCFOA until after they have completed their first season. An on-field official shall not officiate the Subway Bowl Senior AAA Final in consecutive years.

4 Criteria for Advancement a)Officiated a minimum of 10 high school games during the season beginning September 1. b)Completion of the NHSF exam with an above 75% standing. c)Attendance at a minimum of 3 education clinics during the year. d)Evaluations conducted during the season, if any. e)Observations by the assigned game observer and the play-off committee.

5 Playoff Key Information 1.Please update your Arbiter and block off times you are not available as otherwise you might not get more games. 2.Play-off Committee members are: Walter Becker (Chair), Greg Barnes, Robert Kozak, and Bill Watson. President Mark Newlove will observe. 3.Round 1 Varsity games will be played at BC Place November 9 & 10. Rounds 2 and 3 at Burnaby Lakes on Fridays and Saturdays. JV games Wednesdays beginning November 7 and Thursdays at Burnaby Lakes unless the home team has an artificial turf playing surface, Grade 8s on Tuesdays at Burnaby Lakes unless they have an artificial turf playing surface. Varsity Tier 2 and Grade 8 Finals will be played on Friday November 30 th at Burnaby Lakes.

6 Playoff Key Information, continued 4.Parking will be the West Airlock Parking Lot. Please show ID. 5.Officials Room will be open – Enter through Media Entrance. At Burnaby Lakes the officials room is in the main floor of the Complex. 6.Black Pants will be worn for all games. 7.Officials should be at all Varsity games, Evening JV Games, and JV Weekend games at least 1 hour before game time. Mid-week afternoon games at least a half hour before game time.

7 Playoff Key Information, continued 8.Baden Balls are now the official game balls for ALL levels. Larry Reda will have a composite, leather, and rubber ball at varsity games. Teams may use their own as long as they are properly inflated and pebbles are in good condition. 9.Home Team will supply the stick crew. 10.Ties – Overtime will be played on the scoreboard (west) side of the field at Burnaby Lakes. At BC Place we will use the west side. Teams will then only have to choose offense or defense first.

8 Playoff Key Information, continued 11.Teams will be on opposite sides of the field. Visitors on the stands (fans) side. At Burnaby Lakes they will be on the same side. Cones placed in the end zone will be used for the hash marks. 12.Half-time will be 15 minutes unless games are behind schedule or teams have ferries to catch. Larry Reda will notify us. 13.If a player is to be ejected do not signal the thumbs up ejection signal. Just escort them to the sideline and inform the coach that the player is not to return to the field.

9 Playoff Key Information, continued 14.There is no official mercy rule but if the score is excessive we will run the clock. 15.The Finals will be played at BC Place on December 1. (4 games). 16.BCFOA will supply the Stick crews for the Finals. 17.Please vacate the dressing rooms at half-time for the working crew to have their meeting. As a general rule we do not use the dressing room until the working officials have vacated at half-time.

10 Grade 8 - Playoff Structure AAA League – The top team from the AA division will move up as the # 8 Seed in the AAA division. The 8 teams in the AAA playoff bracket will play for the Grade 8 Championship and will be seeded off in order of league finish. After the quarter final round the top 4 teams will play for the Tier 1 AAA Championship and the bottom four teams will play for the Tier 2 AAA Championship. AA League – The top two teams will receive a bye in week 1 of the playoffs while the bottom 4 teams will play with the winning teams advancing to play one of the top 2 teams and the winners of those two semi final games will play for the AA League Championship.

11 Grade 8 - Playoff Structure, continued Round 1 Playoffs - Start times and location of all games to be determined AA Playdowns Game 1 – 3 rd vs. 6 th Game 2 – 4 th vs. 5 th AAA Playdowns Game 3 – 1 st vs. 8 th Game 4 – 2 nd vs. 7 th Game 5 – 3 rd vs. 6 th Game 6 – 4 th vs. 5 th

12 Grade 8 - Playoff Structure, continued Round 2 Playoffs - Start times and location of all games to be determined AA Playoffs Round 2 Game #7#1 vs. Winner of Game #2 Game #8#2 vs. Winner of Game #1 AAA Playoffs Round 2 Game #9 – Winner Game #3 vs. Winner Game # 6 (playing for AAA Tier 1) Game #10 – Winner Game #4 vs. Winner Game #5 (playing for AAA Tier 1) Game #11 – Loser Game #3 vs. Loser Game # 6 ( playing for AAA Tier 2 ) Game #12 – Loser Game #4 vs. Loser Game #5 ( playing for AAA Tier 2 )

13 Grade 8 - Playoff Structure, continued AA Playoff Championship Game (Time, Location TBA) Game #13 – Winner of Game #7 vs Winner of Game #8 AAA Tier 1 and Tier 2 Championship Games: Date, Time and Locations TBA AAA Tier 2 Championship Game: Game #14 – Winner of Gm. #11 vs. Winner of Gm. #12 AAA Tier 1 Championship Game Game #15 – Winner of Gm. #9 vs. Winner of Gm. #10

14 Overtime Procedure An overtime period is untimed play after a regulation game has ended with the score tied. During an overtime period each team has an opportunity for an offensive series of downs. However, an overtime period may include only one offensive series of downs if the defensive team scores a safety.

15 Overtime Procedure, Continued When the score is tied at the end of the fourth period, the referee will instruct both teams to return to their respective team boxes. There will be a three-minute intermission during which both teams may confer with their coaches. All game officials will assemble at the 50-yard line, review the overtime procedure, and discuss how penalties, if any, including any carry-over penalties from the regulation contest will be assessed to start the overtime procedure. At the end of the intermission, the linesman will go to the team on the side of the field where the line to gain equipment is located and the line judge will go to the other team. They will bring the Head Coach and Speaking Captain to the center of the field for the coin toss and explanation.

16 Overtime Procedure, Continued SIDE OF FIELD: The WEST END will be used for all overtime periods at BC Place and Burnaby Lakes. At other venues the referee will select a side based on the location of the scoreboard and field conditions. COIN TOSS: At the coin toss in the center of the field the referee will explain the overtime procedures and any carryover fouls. The visiting-teams captain shall be given the privilege of choosing heads or tails before the coin is tossed. The winner of the toss shall be given his choice of defense or offense first.

17 Overtime Procedure, Continued The referee will indicate the winner of the toss by placing a hand on his shoulder. To indicate which team will go on offense, the referee will have that captain face the goal toward which his team will advance and indicate this with the first-down signal. The other team captain will face the offensive captain with his back toward the goal he will defend.

18 Overtime Procedure, Continued TIMEOUT: Each team shall be permitted one time-out during each overtime period (a series for A and a series for B). Timeouts cannot be carried over. The team scoring the greater number of points in the overtime shall be declared the winner. The final score shall be determined by totaling all points scored by each team during both regulation time and overtime periods. START: To start the overtime, the offensive team shall put the ball in play, first and goal, on the defensive teams 10-yard line or succeeding spot if carry-over penalty has been administered, anywhere between the hash marks. The first offensive team shall have a series of four downs.

19 Overtime Procedure, Continued That series shall be terminated by any score by the offensive team or if the defensive team has possession of the ball. If the team on offense scores a touchdown, it is entitled to the opportunity for a try. A field-goal attempt is permitted during any down. If the defensive team gains possession, the ball becomes dead immediately and the offensive teams series of downs is ended. After the first team on offense has completed its series of downs, the first team on defense will become the offensive team with the ball in its possession at the same 10-yard line anywhere between the hash marks.

20 Overtime Procedure, Continued The same end of the field will be used for possessions by both teams during the two sets of downs to ensure equal game conditions and to conserve time. If the score remains tied after each team has been given one series of downs in an overtime period, then the procedure shall be repeated with other overtime periods until a game winner is determined. In this case, there shall be an intermission of two minutes. If additional overtime periods are required, then first options will be alternated with no coin toss. After the second overtime period all convert tries must be 2 point tries.

21 Overtime Procedure, Continued When the defensive team gains possession of the ball, the down and series immediately end for the offensive team. NEW SERIES OF DOWNS: The offensive team shall be awarded a new series of downs when any one of the following occurs: a. Penalty for defensive pass interference is accepted. b. Offensive team recovers a scrimmage kick (field-goal attempt) between the goal lines after it has been touched first by the defensive team beyond the neutral zone. c. Defensive team is guilty of roughing the kicker, place-kick holder, snapper or passer.

22 Overtime Procedure, Continued The line to gain is always the goal line regardless of whether or not the penalty enforcement places the ball more than 10 yards from the goal line to start a new series. If the defensive team scores a safety the game is ended.

23 BCFOA Annual General Meeting is slated for Saturday December 15 th at 11:30 A.M. Venue will be Holy Cross Secondary.

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