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“Pay it Forward” Lesson 2

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1 “Pay it Forward” Lesson 2
Learning Objectives: To be able to: Explore the idea of ‘Pay it Forward’ Evaluate the role of the different characters in the pay it forward process

2 What words would we use to describe Jerry?
Tramp Hobo Druggie Waster Smelly Unemployed Loser Poor Stupid Good looking Son Brother Friend Neighbour

3 When you first see the different characters, what were your first impressions? Were these ideas accurate? Do first impressions tell us the whole story about a person? How has your opinion been changing as the film has progressed?

4 Play the film- start at scene 9 Pause after Trevor has explained ‘Pay it Forward’ to his classmates

5 Discuss in pairs: what is our reaction to the “Pay it Forward” idea?
Could this idea work if put in place in our community? How might it fail? Share responses as a class- discuss for 5 minutes

6 Pause film at 1 hour as Arlene and Eugene meet.

7 Character Profiles Task
Complete the profile sheets for each character explaining their role in the process of paying it forward and how they are treated by other characters. Key Words: Prejudice – pre-judging someone before you know them (a thought) Discrimination – treating someone differently (an action)

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