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Content Magazine concept Homes Overseas in Russia Headings of the magazine Special Projects Audience Distribution Distribution Scheme Alternative distribution.

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2 Content Magazine concept Homes Overseas in Russia Headings of the magazine Special Projects Audience Distribution Distribution Scheme Alternative distribution Homes Overseas Advantages Price-list of Homes Overseas Schedule of Publications Homes Overseas web-site Homes Overseas Russian Awards Contacts

3 Magazine Concept Homes Overseas is the leader of the Russian market of Foreign Real Estate editions. The magazine familiarizes readers with a wide spectrum of issues related to real estate acquisition abroad, and is the recognized expert in this area. The catalogue of offers from leaders of developer and real estate companies allows the reader to orient themselves on the market. The magazine is distributed on a paid basis, and the network of its distribution develops constantly. Homes Overseas in Great Britain In Great Britain where Homes Overseas is published from 1965, the magazine has faultless reputation of a source of the checked up, competent information. Now it is issued by Globespan Media Company which is a part of Trinity Mirror media-giant. From September 2009 Homes Overseas has passed to distribution in electronic format first among British thematic editions.

4 Homes Overseas in Russia Homes Overseas in Russia is issued under a British license from December 2005. Together with the market of foreign real estate the magazine was developing rapidly in 2006-2008, and its periodicity increased from 6 issues in 2006 to 10 issues in 2009. In 2008 the magazine Homes Overseas became a part of Independent Media Sanoma Magazines, one of the largest publishing houses of the country, a recognized leader on the market of glamour magazines. Homes Overseas took a worthy place among more than 40 IMSM editions, among which such magazines, as Cosmopolitan, "Good House", Harper's Bazaar, Men's Health, Robb Report, Esquire, and also newspapers "Vedomosti" and The Moscow Times. Working within the framework of IMSM, the magazine has even more strengthened its leading positions. There has essentially extended the network of magazine distribution which besides Moscow and St.-Petersburg covers now as well regions of Russia. We have new opportunities for promotion of the magazine through Holding friendly editions and Internet-portals. In 2009 Homes Overseas kept up with active development. In spring a new Internet-site of the magazine began its work, in September an Expert Council has been created, and in the end of November it was declared about nomination of the first in Russia Award in the field of foreign real estate Homes Overseas Russian Awards 2010.

5 Headings of the Magazine From 2010 Homes Overseas has introduced a new, expanded subject heading list meeting more precisely interests of audience and allowing to reveal all aspects related to purchase of foreign real estate in more detail. News - digest of most important market events under materials of personal correspondents and foreign press Тоp-10 - priority heading, best project reviews Interview - conversations with heads of foreign diplomatic missions Investments - advices and guides to actions for those who purchase real estate abroad for profit- making purposes. Leisure - narration about opportunities for leisure which are offered by purchase of real estate in different countries and regions Life - helpful information on daily life of real property owners abroad Business - recommendations on starting of your own business abroad Country - reviews of real estate markets of various countries in its entirety Region- reviews of real estate markets of various regions Law - applied legal information for buyers of real estate Exotics - countries, unusual from the point of view of real estate purchasing

6 Special Projects In each of edition of Homes Overseas editors issue a special block of articles devoted to a particular country or topic. With their help readers may obtain maximum of information on topics that are of interest for them. Special projects in 2010: #32 March, Bulgaria #33 April, Turkey #34 May, France #35 June, Spain #36 July, Cyprus and Greece #37 September, Luxury Real Estate #38 October, Finland #39 November, Winter leisure #40 December, Beach-related rest in Wintertime #41 January, Montenegro and Croatia

7 Magazine Audience Readers of Homes Overseas are represented by young, active part of society with incomes above average and high. The basic part of the audience (75%) is aged up to 40 years of age, and 59% of the audience is holders of business, top and average managers. 38% of the audience expressed readiness for purchasing of foreign real estate during the year. 25-40 40-45 55-70 Under 25 Top & middle manager Business Owner Expert Employee House wife, young mother Other During 3 years During the year In far-off perspective Audience age portraitAudience social status Purchasing stand-by

8 Magazine Distribution The basic part of Homes Overseas circulated on a paid basis in network supermarkets and press shops in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and large cities of Russia, and also on subscription. An average price of copy for sale is 150 roubles. The smaller part of circulation, and also not sold copies of previous editions are used for alternative, free distribution. Basic distribution networks in Moscow Supermarkets: Azbuka Vkusa, Ashan, Metro, Perekrestok, Seventh Continent, Stokmann, Globe Gurme, Alie Parusas (from March 2010) Press Shops Good news, R-Kiosk, Republic, Sales, Sprint (from March 2010), Inmedio Basic networks of distribution in St.-Petersburg Supermarkets: OKEY, Perekrestok, Paterson, Globe-Gurme Shops of press Front page (from March 2010)

9 Distribution Scheme

10 Alternative distribution Airports, including business-halls, business-jets, Transaero business class Exhibitions, conferences and other business events Elite apartment houses, cottage settlements of Rublevskoe and Novorizhskoe directions VIP-dispatch (chiefs and top-managers of profile companies and advertising agencies, embassies).

11 Homes Overseas Advantages AUDIENCE CHOICE QUALITY. Due to paid system of distribution, the magazine falls exclusively into the hands of people really interested in purchasing of real estate abroad. LOYALTY OF THE AUDIENCE TO THE EDITION. Competent editorial concept, high quality of materials and illustrations, and also cooperation of editors with leading experts arouse trust to the magazine and its advertisers in readers. COOPERATION WITH STRONG BRAND. Thanks to high reputation, both of the edition in itself, and Independent Media Sanoma Magazines Publishing House as a whole, the cooperation with Homes Overseas influences positively the image of the company-advertiser. CREATIVE CLIENT DECISIONS. Homes Overseas is distinguished by individual, creative approach to each of advertisers. The magazine has a wide spectrum of already developed special projects, and is always open to development of new ideas.

12 Price-list of Homes Overseas in 2010 RoublesEuro* STANDARTS POSITIONS 1/1 page220 0006200 Double spread page380 00010000 1/2 page154 0004700 1/3 page100 000.2350 SPECIAL POSITIONS AND PROJECTS First DSP600 00014800 Second DSP560 00013200 Third DSP520 00012500 Inside back cover340 0008800 Back cover600 00014800 1/1 page next to "Contents", "Letter of the editor", "News"260 0007000 1/1 page in "Expert Answers", "New projects"220 0006200 Insert 2/1 (250 g/m) Insert 4/1(115 g/m) (Project “newspaper in the magazine“) 800 000 480 000 19750 12000 2/1 PROMO190 0005000 4/2 PROMO380 00010000 1/1 Buyer Directory110 0003100

13 Price-list of Homes Overseas in 2010 All prices are given VAT not included (18%) * The price list is in Euros applied only to advertisers-non-residents ** Booklet RoublesEuro* CATALOGUE OF OBJECTS VIP Catalogue (1/2 page)79 0002300 Catalogue (1/9 page)17 000460 DISTRIBUTION WITH THE MAGAZINE Inserted ad material, insertion into a specified place 130 0003050 Inserted ad material into the cover (under 10 000 copies) 500 00011600 Inserted ad material into the cover (under 10 000 copies) with production ** 900 00020000 Inserted ad material with the edition "At Rublevka" (1000 copies) 56 0001300

14 Schedule of Publication Booking advertisingSubmission of promotional materials Beginning of distribution #32 March 2010January 29, Fr.February 1, Mon.February 23, Tue. #33 April, 2010March 5, Fri.March 8, Mon.March 30, Tue. #34 May, 2010April 2, Fri.April 5, Mon.April 27, Tue. #35 June, 2010April 30, Fri.May 4, Tue.May 25, Tue. #36 July, 2010June 11, Fri.June 14, Mon.July 6, Tue. #37 September, 2010July 30, Fri.August 2, Mon.August 24, Tue. #38 October 2010September 3rd, Fri.September 6th, Mon.September 28, Tue. #39 November, 2010October 1, Fri.October 4, Mon.October 26, Tue. #40 December, 2010October 29, Fri.November 1, Mon.November 23, Tue. #41 January, 2011December 3, Fri.December 6, Mon.December 28, Tue.

15 Homes Overseas web-site Internet-project is completely advanced in 2009 and, at present, it is a multipurpose portal, devoted to purchasing of real estate abroad. Constantly developing, the site represents an effective advertising platform for promotion of sites and services related to foreign real estate. Basic site headings: Fresh and archival materials of the magazine Daily updated news line. Directory of the buyer of foreign real estate Database of foreign real estate offers Interactive services: forums, expert advices

16 Homes Overseas Russian Awards 2010 Homes Overseas magazine became a founder of the first in Russia award in the field of foreign real estate called Homes Overseas Russian Awards 2010. The task of the award is to determine best projects presented on the Russian market, and create "quality symbol" which can serve as a reference point for consumers. The award idea and aspiration to achievement of maximum objectivity received recognition and support of the professional community. Leading profile companies have acted as sponsors of the Premium. Solemn ceremony of Homes Overseas Russian Awards 2010 award nomination will take place on April 8, 2010 at Marriott Grand Hotel.

17 Contacts Independent Media Sanoma Magazines LLC «LUX MEDIA»,127018, Moscow, Polkovaya st, bld 3/1 Tel/fax: +7 (495) 232-32-00 Publisher /Editor-in-chief Homes Overseas Sergey Rymov Advertising Director Homes Overseas Anna Semeniouk Advertising sales managers Irina Ovchinnikova Veronika Karelina Marketing Director Inna Snizhko

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