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Buskerud County Library: New in Buskerud – a library model for newcomers.

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1 Buskerud County Library: New in Buskerud – a library model for newcomers

2 Newcomers – who? definition of a newcomer: a person who come to our county - - from another place in Norway or from another country a newcomer may be 1) a resident 2) a cottage owner, a tourist, a student, a temporary worker or a refugee

3 What we do Make a newcomer’s zone in public libraries Make a newcomers’ website The zone/website content pointers to other places in the community and to other places in the library. Two governing questions: - How can the library strengthen your sense of belonging? - What can bring you to participate in local activities?

4 What we offer Zone: A selection of relevant content, services and activities - local/multilingual literature, DVDs, music, newspapers, magazines - brochures/digital information about the community - reading circles/language courses/presentations/meetings - exhibitions Web site ( and A collection of relevant links to - municipal information pages - language courses (online and in the library) - clubs, associations and the various activities going on in the community

5 Who we cooperate with Public libraries Volunteer center Refugee guides (Red Cross) Schools Adult education Health institutions Culture institutions The Norwegian Mountaineering Associtation The Hunter and Fishermen’s Association The Garden Society A local school music band A yoga trainer…

6 Why this project? Population growth (labor immigration) Social inclusion is a part of local development, and a way to make the community attractive for people in general. Many immigrants don´t read and write Norwegian well enough to get by in daily life and work. The Norwegian Public Library Act § 1: Public libraries are tasked to promote information, education and other cultural activities through active presentation and by making books and other media free of charge to all who live in the country.

7 24th October 2013 Newcomer’s zone and website opened in two libraries Drammen Library: Speech by the mayor of the municipality and the library director

8 Øvre Eiker Library Speech by the

9 What the newcomers say This is perfect for us (...) an awesome offer that we certainly are going to take advantage of. I have lived in the community for a while, but I still do not know the trails. Now I can find it here. It is thus a great offer from the library. I think it's great, because then I can also borrow and read books in my own language. The zone is extremely useful. And especially the website. It is an excellent site, and it is also very good for language courses. When I came here, I didn’t know Norwegian. I found courses on an American website, but this is much better.

10 What the library directors say We know that there is a great need for information to our new inhabitants coming from other countries. But also a surprisingly large number of people who are grown up here don’t know the offers from the municipality. We have less money for staff, less for implementing activities and less for buying books. So cooperating in projects as the NEW! Zone is gold!

11 What the mayor says The NEW! Zone has given the municipality a better and more targeted library service (... ) The library is an active arena for integration, whether you come from Sudan or Stavanger. Tore Opdal Hansen, mayor of Drammen


13 Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and co-financed by the Polish funds.

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