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 Himalaya Vaas & Itspossible Club Tommorrow’s Holidays at yesterday prices Second Home and Vacation Ownership Soft Launch Info Pack An Initiative of Itspossible.

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1  Himalaya Vaas & Itspossible Club Tommorrow’s Holidays at yesterday prices Second Home and Vacation Ownership Soft Launch Info Pack An Initiative of Itspossible Hotels and Resorts Private Limited

2 About Us  Itspossible Hotels and Resorts Private Limited (IHRPL) is a part of the Itspossible Group of Companies.  Itspossible Group has its hands in varied verticals like import, manufacturing, retail, incentives, digital marketing, privilege card, health care and real estate  With IHRPL, the group is venturing into the Real Estate Development and Hospitality Industry with most unique offerings.

3 Himalaya Vaas - Second Home Concept of IHRPL  Every one has a dream, to have a cottage overlooking the majestic Himalayas which one can enjoy in with his/her family.  A home away from home where one can relax, rejuvenate and revitalize oneself and feel truly in connect with Mother Nature is what is envisaged by Itspossible Group in its latest offering.  Itspossible Group has strived to reinvent the concept of Second Home by launching a unique concept which will not only give you the land of your dreams but also offer you family holidays for a lifetime* across the world.

4 Himalaya Vaas  100 sq. yds. of land right next to the Chamba-Uttarkashi- Gangotri highway with a view to die for.  Build your cottage or use our services (to be available soon) to build the second home of your dreams.  Enjoy in your second home or else with our unique Itspossible Club enjoy holidays for the next 30 years at more than 4500+ resorts across the world

5 Himalaya Vaas – Common Facilities  Modern Club House with Swimming Pool, Restaurant and other facilities.  Common parking areas and ramps  Walkways and jogging tracks  Kids Areas  Common lighting and landscaping etc.

6 Actual view from site

7 Himalaya Vaas – Major attractions nearby  The plot of land being offered sits in the lap of Himalayas with a beautiful view of the snow capped mountain range.  It is very near the upcoming major tourist attractions at Tehri Dam. The major attractions planned there are :  International water sports center featuring 12 major sporting activities.  Cruise ship with 10 rooms.  Melas for tourist attraction to be held on a regular basis.

8 Himalaya Vaas – Major attractions nearby  Being located next to the main Gangotri/Yamnotri highway adds to its value.  New road being developed on site will make it easily accessible from Dehradun, Mussorie and Dhanaulti apart from being accessible from Chamba and Rishikesh.

9 Life time of Holidays* Itspossible Club Vacation Ownership  Free with your second home IHRPL offers the most unique vacation ownership concept with varied benefits like  luxury holidays,  business travel,  fabulous discounts,  health care discounts * Lifetime is 30 years in the context of this membership.

10 Itspossible Club Vacation Ownership in Detail – Types  Itspossible Club Vacation Ownership can be defined by 2 parameters  Size  Season  The sizes available are  Studio – For 2 adults and 1 child  1 Bedroom – For 4 adults and 2 children (Privacy for 2)  2 Bedroom – For 6 adults and 2 children (Privacy for 4)

11 Itspossible Club Vacation Ownership in Detail – Types

12 7 Nights/8 Days Holidays  The first and foremost part of the Vacation Ownership concept is 7 Nights and 8 Days Holidays in our upcoming resorts and an option to holiday worldwide in more than 4500 resorts for the next 30 years with your entire family i.e. 4 adults and 2 children.  This vacation ownership locks in your yearly holiday costs at yesterday’s rates to let you enjoy with your family without worrying about heavy accommodation costs in the years to come.

13 7 Nights/8 Days Holidays  Our upcoming resorts are at Dhanaulti and Gehrakhaal (Near Satyu), Uttarakhand.  Both these properties and almost all the properties with whom we have tieups have the following amenities  Health Club  Restaurant  Bar  Live Entertainment  Games Room  Swimming Pool  Child Care, Grocery store, Reading Lounge and much more

14 7 Nights/8 Days Holidays  A typical apartment in our upcoming resort and tie-up resorts have the following features :  Fully furnished Studio/1 Bedroom/2 Bedroom  Airconditioned  Television  Telephone  Kitchen often with dishwasher and microwave  Kitchen utensils  Bed linen, towels etc. Disclaimer – The specifications of the resort and the apartments are indicative only. They may change from resort to resort.

15 7 Nights/8 Days Holidays  All in all Itspossible Club vacation ownership will make your holidays memorable for a lifetime and that too at a fraction of the cost which you would have spent.  To book your holiday, simply go online on and select the resort of your choice and book it online (will be available very soon, till then just call us or drop us an email and we will confirm your booking)

16 7 Nights/8 Days Holidays  As a special gesture during the first 3 years of your vacation ownership we offer you the option to exchange your week for a holiday in any of our tied-up 6000+ resorts without paying any exchange fees.  Gift your week : You can also gift your week to your nears and dears if you don’t wish to utilize the same in any year  Will your membership : You can also will your vacation ownership to your family.  Carry forward your week : If you are unable to utilize your week in any year, just bank the same with us and utilize it any time afterwards upto 2 years from the year of banking.

17 7 Nights/8 Days Holidays  Keep enjoying holidays every year for the next 30 years without worrying about hefty costs. Just maintain your membership by paying a nominal Maintenance Fees every year.  Bonus weeks : If you are a holiday freak and one week’s holiday just doesn’t cut it, buy bonus weeks from us for as low as 15000 for Indian resorts and 30000 for international destinations.

18 Special Offers* During the soft launch / pre launch phase of our vacation ownership, we have a plethora of offers lined up for our valued customers : 1. Itspossible Privilege Card membership for 5 years : WHY PAY FULL PRICE? Our punch line says it all. Save truckloads of money by flashing your Itspossible Privilege Card at thousands of outlets across India. Be it dining, partying or shopping or for that matter personal grooming, we have discounts on everything. Just log on to and start saving. 2. Indian Health Card membership for 5 years : Health Care costs have gone up phenomenally in the last few years. But with Indian Health Card, you can save here too. Save on everything from doctor visits to preventive health check ups with Indian Health Card in your pocket. Visit

19 Special Offers* 3. Preventive Health Care voucher : Prevention is better than cure. Know the health of your body with our 64 tests preventive health voucher and stay healthy. * All the special offers have their terms and conditions to avail. Please read them carefully to avail of the same. The offers are subject to change at the discretion of the management.

20 Value of the offer  Although it is difficult to quantify and value priceless things as a family’s joy, but money matters. So let’s see what is the value of this membership.

21 Value of the offer PARTICULARSAMOUNT Plot for your dream cottage in the lap of the himalayas YOU DECIDE 7N/8 DAYS HOLIDAY WITH YOUR FAMILY EVERY YEAR FOR THE NEXT 30 YEARS RS. 50000 (what you would spend in a resort on accomodation today) x 30 years (without inflation) = Rs. 15,00,000/- Itspossible Privilege Card membership Rs. 7500/- Potential savings = Unlimited Indian Health Card membership Rs. 9500/- Potential savings = Unlimited Preventive Health Care voucher with 64 tests 3500/-

22 Our Offer for today  FOR A LIMITED PERIOD WE ARE OFFERING YOU THIS CHANCE TO OWN ALL THE ABOVE AT RS. 5,00,000/- Other Charges : EDC – Rs. 20000/- PLC (Road or Corner) – Rs. 20000/- Club Charges – Rs. 25000/- (Optional)

23 Location Map

24 Our Offer for today  Also the first 1000 vacation owners to sign up with us stand a chance to win big with our Launch day lucky draw. PRIZENOS.DETAILS 1 ST PRIZE1AUDI A3 2 ND PRIZE2FORD ECO SPORT 3 RD PRIZE5HYUNDAI EON 4 TH PRIZE25IPHONE 6 5 TH PRIZE100CROMA LED 32” 6 TH PRIZE250DIGITAL CAMERA CONSOLA TION 617SHOPPERS STOP VOUCHER OF RS. 1000 The Company reserves the right to change/alter the reward offered. The cars offered are the lowest models and on ex-showroom basis.


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